New footage of Feb 7 shows Yameen, Gasim inciting demonstrators, police

Private broadcaster Raajje TV on Friday aired previously unseen footage from February 7, 2012, before the controversial resignation of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Nasheed claimed that he resigned “under duress” after elements of the police and army joined opposition protesters and attacked the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) headquarters following a police mutiny in Republic Square.

The new footage shows government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Abdulla Yameen and Jumhooree Party (JP) MP Gasim Ibrahim – both presidential hopefuls – address the protesting police, army officers and opposition supporters.

“The Indian government is with the Maldivian people,” Yameen announced to the assembled police and anti-government demonstrators. He was however cut short by police appealing for cooperation from the crowd.

After MNDF officers were pegged back and forced inside military headquarters following a confrontation with the mutinying police, the Republic Square – or the “green zone” where gatherings are prohibited – was overrun by opposition supporters and police officers.

The PPM parliamentary group leader reportedly arrived at the Republic Square after a meeting at the Indian High Commission.

Business tycoon and JP presidential candidate Gasim meanwhile praised mutinying police and army officers for their “sacrifice” and “jihad for the nation.”

In March 2012, Raajje TV aired video footage of political party leaders inside police headquarters before the resignation of President Nasheed. Upon receiving news of President Nasheed’s decision to resign, Gasim is heard to say that it was “fortunate that this ended without going to military rule.”

Gasim is a member of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), which has appointed the three-member panel of judges overhearing Nasheed’s trial in the Hulhumale Magistrate Court.

Meanwhile, in the more recent footage televised by Raajje TV, a police officer announces that “ [state broadcaster] MNBC has been brought under control” and that the security forces were in the process of “arresting those we have to take into custody.”

Defence Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim and Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz are also seen active in the area outside military headquarters, with one of the clips showing the latter carrying President Nasheed’s resignation letter.

Both ex-servicemen under former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom were civilians at the time of the transfer of power.

In other videos that emerged at the time, Nazim is seen announcing to the mutinying police and army officers that President Nasheed had been told to resign “unconditionally”.

Nazim also announced that he was “in charge of the army” and would soon appoint senior officers.

One of the previously unseen videos aired by Raajje TV further showed President Nasheed exiting the military headquarters in a car surrounded by MNDF officers and being driven the short distance to the President’s Office.

Following Nazim’s appeal to those gathered to refrain from violence, former Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohamed Rishwan is also seen addressing the crowd atop a military vehicle and appealing for cooperation and nonviolence.

Rishwan had reportedly denied any involvement in the events of February 7, 2012.

Meanwhile, in an interview with government-aligned radio station DhiFM on February 8 this year, Defence Minister Nazim claimed that President Nasheed would have been mobbed and killed if he was not escorted to the President’s Office under military protection.

“I would say in truth, given the level of hatred from the public, President Nasheed would not be in this world today if we had not taken him out and to the President’s Office under our protection. [Former President] Mohamed Ameen comes to mind. The people would have mobbed [Nasheed] just like that,” Nazim was quoted as saying in local media.

He added that video clips from the day would show “the extreme level of hatred from the public”.

Similar remarks were made by PPM Deputy Leader Umar Naseer days after the transfer of power. Naseer claimed at a PPM rally that Nasheed’s only options were to either “resign after bloodshed or resign peacefully”.

On August 30, 2012, the Commonwealth-backed Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) formed by President Dr Mohamed Waheed however concluded that there was “no coup, no mutiny and no duress” in President Nasheed’s resignation.

February 8

Raajje TV has also aired a video clip from the day after the transfer of presidential power following a brutal police crackdown on a walk across Male’ by supporters of the formerly ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

In the wake of the crackdown near the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) building near Republic Square, President Nasheed along with MPs Mariya Ahmed Didi and ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik took refuge in a shop and were dragged out by riot police.

The new footage shows President Nasheed surrounded and manhandled by the Specialist Operations (SO) officers before he manages to wriggle free and run. According to media reports on February 8, Nasheed rejoined supporters at the area and was taken to safety.

MP Yameen addressing crowd

MP Gasim addressing crowd

“MNBC has been taken under control”

President Nasheed exits MNDF headquarters

President Nasheed walks to Muleeage after resignation

Riyaz carrying resignation letter

Mutinying police and army officers calling for president’s resignation

Nasheed escapes SO officers on February 8, 2012

Nasheed rejoins supporters

Nazim demands “unconditional resignation” of President Nasheed


17 thoughts on “New footage of Feb 7 shows Yameen, Gasim inciting demonstrators, police”

  1. Disgusting. Watching these videos makes my blood boil. As to think the Commonwealth Sec Gen and that odious little baaghee McKinnon whitewashed the report. The Commonwealth should hang its head in shame.

  2. You state it as though they never should do that.

    Yes they would. No doubt about that!

    So would every one else. MDP activists rake the hell out of our neighborhood. PPM and Gasim factions did the same a year ago. If a 3 month old baby Maldivian can wail his head off supporting a party, he would. Its the way we were brought up.

    Realize this. Acknowledge this. Don't make it sound foul.

  3. what other evidence do we need to decide that there was a coup on 7th februaary 2012 and President Nasheed was forced to resign at gun point?

  4. Watching these footage, can anyone in his right mind would ever hope to be treated by this police and the people who are against Anni. It is so disgusting; looks like some blood thirsty animals are on the loose. My respect for Anni has gone up for his courage to face such uncivilized inhuman uneducated bunch who follow the most savage religion in the world.
    I don’t think these monkeys would not even chase a rapist of their baby girls the way they were chasing Anni. The behavior of the police and those who were after Anni were definitely of psychopaths, If I was Anni I would never ever think to be a president of such people and would never ever think deploy such mad force to protect people. Anni has escaped by chance on that day probably because he was smart.

  5. India can affect to us lot tourist decline just show. Our inflation go up to 25% if india snatches hands. We fully depend for medical services. Think we can't go against india

  6. This is moments of a revolution captured on film, this shows that a president who came to power through a coalition (MDP ithihaad) can ditch their support and rule as MDP(24% votes in round 1 presidential elections 2008), and then govern as they see fit without concensus, tring to twist Maldivian ideals to the point of nonrecognition, this is what happens,this is democracy at play, countries can only be governed justly through concensus.

    Although I condemn the behaviour of some elements on Feb 8th, thats what happens when a minority of the population confronts a new legal government of the majority on the streets through violent protests and terrorism. I say Nasheed is to blame for misleading his supporters on his crusade to return to power and rule as he sees fit without concensus, democracy hijacked, he nearly killed the dreams of MDP and others in our society who belives in democratic ideals through cotradictions and incompetence, sad really!!!

  7. @hamid I am sorry but you don't need to go with or against India. You need to deal with keeping alive a democratic government in your country. Relations with India comes much later. Unfortunately, your media and leaders have made this government change in their country as slanging match against India and Indian.

  8. The key thing is this:

    The Maldivian penal code has explicit words to say about those who take action that would jeopardise the security of an elected Executive. Some sections of the army and police (and some civilians including Nazim), clearly did that and directly threatened the Executive. That clearly flouts existing civil legislation as well as military regulations.

    It's ironic that those who took up arms against the then elected government, are now sitting in their arm chairs and threatening peaceful demonstrators on the streets today. Meanwhile, the laws have not changed, the penal code is still the same, the Constitution remains exactly as it was.

    My point is that the rule of law was broken on 7th and 8th of Feb 2012 and none of the perpetrators have faced justice. What we see is the classic example of the "winner takes it all". The "victor" in that "war" is making all the rules, and are hell bent on framing one guy: Nasheed.

    Clearly, that ain't gonna wash over; not in the Maldives of today. Putting Nasheed on trial is not the issue. The issue is the lack of impartiality. Along with Nasheed, there's a large number of Police and military personnel who should be in the docks for their action on 7th, 8th Feb against an elected government. Treason is a harsh word, but that's what it was.

  9. @Fathimath on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 2:37 PM

    "The Commonwealth should hang its head in shame."

    Indeed. By the narrowest of technicalities, the overthrow of Nasheed's government escaped the definition of a full blown "military coup". That was only because, in a clearly pre-arranged settlement with Waheed, the military and the police agreed to concede power to him, after overthrowing the government.

    How in the world did the Commonwealth escape the fact that the military are in charge, when the first cabinet post went to Nazim who seemed to have had a leading role in the coup? Clearly, the military acceded to having a civilian President, only with their man fully embedded at the highest cabinet level.

    There is absolutely nothing democratic about the present Maldivian regime.

  10. It was a coup, pure and simple. Now we need to bring the perpetrators to justice. Nasheed's trial should come after that, if he neesds to be tried. The PG has got his priorities all wrong. Don't tell me about CONI...

  11. I blame Commonwealth for accepting the CONI Report which lead to this unrest. Now they are silent after sending a message calling for party talks. MacKinon comes to Male has a hearty talk with Waheed . He is seeing laughing with Waheed maybe they are laughing at the Maldivians for being fools to be mislead by the CONI Report. Commonwealth should send someone more honest to deal with this issue. We Maldivians are suffering due to CONI Report

  12. That most high-heeled Kutti had said twice that the coup was necessitated due to so ans so reasons. What more proof do we need?
    It was definitely a coup and nothing else.

  13. There is nothing wrong with asking to forgive from the coalition and they are saying that all brutality that tehy ahve shown was teh direct order from Nasheed and was not because they like to do it but tehy were forced to use excessive force against the coalition.

    on 8th Feb. Nasheed, less than 24hrs after his resignation, he came with his thugs and put the fire on assets and created a havoc on the raods and brought riots and started to make a lawless state .

    We see in the video that Nasheed was given full security by MNDF officers when the people of Maldives were calling " Ganjaa Bo " drugist and they were angry about him. Should MNDF had not given him the protection, then Nasheed would have been in big problem and might have been in the same status as amin Didi.

    Since Majority of people were so fed-up with the guy and they have known what kind of dictator was him and crowd was furious with him and they for sure would have done unbelievable thing to him. Knowing how furious the crowd were, MNDF had given him teh full security and they were telling the crowd to clam down and forced the people not to get close to Nasheed.

    yaameen went to Indian Embassy at the request of Nasheed and after Nasheed decision to resign and this speech yameen was given after his meeting with Indian Embassy and even after Nasheed resignation.

    No matter Rajje TV and Minivan tries to twist the story, we have seen with our own eyes what Nasheed had done.

    Everyone know that Yameen had addressed the crowd after Nasheed resignation. Since india was teh first coutry to recognize the current government, they asked all political leaders to maintain the harmony .

  14. yes we all were happy after Nasheed resignation and majority of Maldivian celebrated his resignation and were relieved from his dictatorship .

    So in this videos it is showing that large crowd of people celebrating the Nasheed departure and consider the resignation as a victory for the nation.

    There are people who had even gone prayed to allah almighty for getting him resigned .

  15. Poor guy Nasheed, his own force against him! Serves him right for being an egghead!!can't Maldivians produce better leaders than these types of nutcases!!??we have people like dumb Gasim and the stuff???!!


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