Opposition joint coalition will deliver “shocking message” to government

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has announced it will hold a “special protest” this evening together with coalition partners, to deliver “a shocking message” to the government.

Ali Solih, DRP Media Coordinator, said that the protest would be held at the Artificial Beach tonight and that the leaders of the four opposition parties will be present at the protest.

”Leader of People’s Alliance (PA) , leader of Dhivehi Qaumy Party (DQP), leader of Jumhooree Party (JP) and leader of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) will address the people at tonight’s protest,” said Solih, ”and they will deliver a shocking message to the government.”

JP leader Gasim Ibrahim and PA leader Abdulla Yameen, both high-profile businessmen, were recently accused by the government of vote buying and treason. However Supreme Court has since ruled that their arrest was unconstitutional, after a panel of five judges decided that there was not enough evidence to keep them under house arrest.

Solih claimed the protest would show the government “the unity of the opposition coalition.”

”Due to the weather, not many islanders will be able to participate in this protest,” he said, ”but it will be a mass protest.”

Solih said that the party had requested the municipality council provide a ground for it to hold meetings, but that the council had not given an appropriate answer.

Deputy Leader of the DRP, Umar Naseer, said tonight’s gathering would not be a protest “but a rally where the leaders of four parties will address to the people.”

”It will start at 8:45pm,” he said. ”This rally is to let the government know that they have failed and that they should resign now.”

He said that the rally was “not scheduled to turn into a protest.”

On May 13, DRP held a protest against hiked electricity tariffs, titled ‘Red Notice’. The protest was dispersed by riot police outside the State Electricity Company (STELCO) building, and several DRP MPs, protesters and police were injured in the scuffle.


34 thoughts on “Opposition joint coalition will deliver “shocking message” to government”

  1. these guys all are desperate to become president. But mind you, by sabotaging the Majilis and lying to people your guys are on wild goose chase. dream it on. None of you have the charisma and quality of a president. But we know your just selfish businessmen with a hidden agenda to rip us off.

  2. The executive will obviously find it extremely hard to deliver its promises, if and while the parliament and the judiciary is hell bent on making sure that it doesn't.
    The opposition is making it clear, for the ordinary people who couldn't make it out before that its not failing of the government. But the oppositions unethical and unjust disruption of the governments every attempt to better the lives of the people of this country, thats makes life harder for us everyday.
    For example we have all heard their plans to stop the tax reform bill.

    And aside from this I have no doubt that they will turn this into a riot. Who is Umar Naseer trying to fool, the man is a thug. Theres free booze too...if you know where to look, will be handing out.

  3. Yameen the Gang leader, Dr.Hassan the wann be president, Jangiya Naazim the puppet master of Gang leader Yameen and Gasim the only rich man! Lets see your mass!!!

  4. Yamin used to curse Gasim as being, I quote, 'just a servant boy and therefore a nothing" and Gasim is trusting Yamin now, sitting next to him as though they were best of friends. Gasim you are one hell of a stupid fool trusting an alliance with Yamin, he despises and detests you and is racist towards you because you are an islander, he looks down his nose at you and always will, he will use you, chew you up and spit you out and if you are too stupid to know that then you deerve what is coming...

  5. @ ibrahim Mohamed on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 3:54 PM .. do you thing nasheed has the qualities of a president when he is sellling the property of the people to the rest of the world??? saying civil service is too big and cutting down jobs are you aware that for every single low rank staff he cuts hes appointing a poilitical staff of his party?? i wonder how much he is paying you that you seem to love him so much???? i dont blame you... typical maldivians.. Every ones after MONEY... MONEY... MONEY!!!

  6. the current situation is very similar to the below described

    when all maldivian politicians put in a not so deep dug pit armed only with a single ladder to climb up within 30 minutes..
    30 minutes pass and non is able to climb halfway through..

    it so happens that when one climbs on the 1st step the one behind pushed him off and process repeats.. therefore non is able to climb..

    so the likes of mr umar naseem should be at it constantly..and the rest of the mr and mrs ,or miss of opposition should be at it .. let this cycle of opposition be at it ..no matter what the consequences be for the people of maldives

  7. Can anyone explain what’s wrong with these moron are, no one knows what these guys want. Are they going to do miracles to do anything better than Anni?. Whom these guy are fooling?. Gasim, Yamin, Hassan Saeed, dreaming to be presidents, probably these guys are feeling that they should be the president just because who they are. Guys you can fool the gullible Maldivian, but how long? You think you are chosen leaders and you should be called president. If you are truly interested to do something for the people of Maldives, you should help the government to make its policies to let them do their job and if they fail, let the people decide on ballot boxes

  8. There may be no love lost between Thasmeen, Yaameen, Gasim and Hassan. But now it is as if they are up against a common enemy: President Nasheed!

  9. I will give 120 days for your government Sir. I can offer you a job at Villa Hotels should you need one after that or how about a lecturer in Villa College?

  10. @hameed

    There may be no love lost between Thasmeen, Yaameen, Gasim and Hassan. But now it is as if they are up against a common enemy: President Nasheed!

    I agree. But a common enemy is just not enough - compared to a common interest. We have already seen Gasim and Hassan jump ship. The remaining two a fighting it out to be the presidential nominee from DRPA.

    So I see it as all smoke (yes probably acrylic and intoxicating), but no fire.

    History shows that a common enemy might just be brought down. Unfortunately there is just isn't space for such large egos for such a coalition to hold together. It will wither. It will die.

  11. Anni, your end has come. Get ready ready for the dooms day of MDP.

  12. this government is in high alert after the opposition get coalition.this all the dramas are a fact.

  13. doesn't anyone find all this political drama a bit hilarious and cheap as it gets. just two years ago everyone was together maligning maumoon,calling i donno what not! anni was the elected boss at that time. all these people thought they'd have immense power when anni come to power. people did not change although they disguised under the "change" slogan and rhetoric. everyone wanted power. when anni squeezed all the power, they knew its not going to happen for them in this govt. be it, because Anni is more power hungry or anni knew exactly what they are after..

    And now we see these hassan saeed party and qasim party (btw why ppl call DQP and JP? its hassan party and qasimparty) is not with maumoon (not thasmeen this time, still maumoon) party doing the same thing they did two years ago, but they just change the sides.
    Do they really think they can fool all the people all the time?

    don't misunderstand me, not supporting anni party, they are just the same..

    im getting tired of watching these people now,.,.

  14. @Royal Class: President Nasheed has been losing friends across the political spectrum which is bad for his government. What I believed is that he needs a more pragmatic approach to convince the opposition. Display of bravado and Gung-ho policies can never win friends.President need to understand that some firebrands like Reeko Moosa are causing more damage than helping the situation.

  15. This so called DRP Spokes person Ali Solih (the brother of Gundaa Hussain Solih of Addu Atoll Hithadhoo DRP council), is nothing but a rotten egg.

    He knows nothing apart from being a thunfuhi for Golhaa's support team.

  16. anni will be forced to resign before his term ends unless otherwise he sits down with the opposition and try to work with them, immediately.

  17. AIT on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 4:58 PM : Anni surely does not have the qualities of a president but he's damn better than a previous zatan Mr Gey-yoom. By the way theres only one person who needs a big CONGRATS for our situation today and that is his Ex-Celes Cee Mr Ma Un Mun Geyyoom....Bravo.

  18. @hameed

    I agree with you 100%.

    ANNI is a confused man, today.

    Two years back I respected and loved MDP. Today I frown when I see MDP garbage pick-up on the streets of Male'.

    There are no finches and butterflies sucking nectar from newly bloomed flowers! ANNI has turned the "GULZAARU" into a JUNK YARD!

  19. who the HECK is this guy.
    There is no way that 04 power hungry guys can move along together. Its a matter of time. Can we believe that 04 guys who want to marry the same girl can be buddies and that girl is married to Anni. So naturally these guys will be jealous. Bafaabe or Maidhaitha can shout but only teh husband can divorce. The judge also can request but cannot force DHOA ??? he he

  20. hassan saeed waka waka.. gasim waka waka..yamin waka waka..thasmeen waka waka..nazim waka waka..shahid waka waka..miulhe izzaiy theri mathiveri ihulaastheri hinheyofulhu.oahgaatheri rayyithunattakai rayyithunge parliament memberun waka waka

  21. What is this? i waited all night for the shocking news. Wasted precious hours listening to all those blabbering, and all they talked about was some jelly fish, some sack and what they would like to do to the democratically elected president.They all got up there and spewed nonesense, and didn't deliver any shocking news.
    Apart from the fact that one guy hinted that President Nasheed had somehow managed to get a special freindship going between Yameen and Gasim by putting them both in one room while in detention.
    Astonishing really that they want to announce that sharing a room has lead to Gasim and Yameen becomming special freinds.

  22. Typical 3rd world politics; just like another Banana Republic. Let's see who rises to lead the Banana boat now...

  23. re your comment thun_bibee

    Why Oh why are we still speaking as though the opppsition is interested in talking things through? The opposition is not even remotely interested in listening to the government. The opposition wants to be in power NOW not in the next term. Its pretty obvious isnt it,calling for Annis resignation they way they do.

    President Nasheed was elected by the people so if the opposition wants this government out, it should work according to the rule of law and the constitution that they so speak so much about. I am referring to the parliament, the peoples majlis.

    It is hilarious that these MPs need to hold protests when they have the whole floor of the parliament to speak to the people they represent. Just as the day Hon Waheed and company protested outside the Office of the President when the deputy Speaker would not table a motion the DRRP presented. Apparently he forgot that we have a new constitution which separates the three powers, he thought the Executive still controlled the Speaker!! What a joke.

    If these MPs are so impotent in the parliament it is they who should resign so we can have people in parliament willing to work with our elected President.

  24. I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna be President NOW NOW NOW gimme gimme gimme government treasury NOW NOW I neeeeeeed cash Please please please give me the keys of the Treasury I am so short of cash I am so broke. And I dont want to pay taxes. Please can we get rid of this Anni who is promising to tax us so our people can live better?

  25. The Dhivehi Raiyyithunge Party doesn't want to pay tax. Time to change the name of the party. How about The Milionaires Club?

  26. Ooh, I have a nasty grudge against these DRP punks. In fact, there is not one "poor" family in Maldives that has not suffered the injustice of these gangsters.

    Let them try and stop our great nation's march to freedom - we'll be there to stop them.

  27. Interesting blog:
    Read the inside story of the CMR stunt of President Nasheed.

  28. "Shocking Message" from these three stooges was a Joke. I was hoping for something seriously constructive. What a F up.

  29. Thasneem - Prsident.
    Gasim - Minister of Science and Technology,
    Jameela - Minister in charge of Space Dicovery
    H.Saeeda - Gender Minister.
    Yamin - Minister of Village Idiots.

    Above bunch has no clue what they are capable of they will accept any position and then realise, oh man what have I got into?????? !!!!!!

    You lot are just Laughable, another solid coalition in the making.

  30. Very Funny! I don't why my comment is being denied?

    Your same comment has already been approved for the article: "Police arrest deputy speaker after 12 hour siege"


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