Criminal Court suspends two senior police from appearing “on ethical grounds”

The Criminal Court has suspended two officers who spoke in court on behalf of the police during hearings concerning two opposition leaders.

Jumhoree Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim and People’s Alliance (PA) leader Abdulla Yameen, both also high-profile businessmen, were detained last week on charges of treason and bribery.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam identified the two officers as Inspector Mohamed Riyaz of Special Investigations and Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, Head of Drug Enforcement. Both officers have been suspended from appearing in court on behalf of police until December 2010.

When Minivan News contacted Jinah seeking to clarify the matter, he requested Minivan News contact Shiyam for information.

Shiyam claimed that police have been unable to determine the specific reason for the suspension of the two officers.

”The Criminal Court sent a letter signed by the Chief Judge of the court to Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh,” said Shiyam. ”The letter did not mention any specific reason [for the suspensions], only ‘ethical grounds’.”

Spokesperson of the Criminal Court Ahmed Riffath said that as police was not revealing details of the matter, the Criminal Court also did not wish to do so.

”There is a code of conduct that people representing in court should follow,” said Riffath. ”They were suspended due to a case relating to this code of ethics. It is for more than one reason.”

”This is the only information we can provide and I believe that it would be enough for co-operating with the media,” he added.


16 thoughts on “Criminal Court suspends two senior police from appearing “on ethical grounds””

  1. this is preposterous. does that mean the courts can do anything under the banner of "ethical grounds" or "in contempt of court"?

    the least they need to do is let the relevant stakeholders know the real reason for the suspension.

  2. If the masses are not outraged enough by this to work together to bring down the inneficiency in the judiciary, then I do not believe that there will ever be justice in the Maldives. The growing number of desparate souls will more and more turn to Islamic extremism, which gives religious direction and meaning to the anger. Religious extremism enhances and feeds the anger, intensifies the hatred and then channels it into destructive areas rather than into constructive areas. It pushes the anger and then offers death through violence as a way out of the darkness, as the only way to have justice. All worldly ways of getting justice are seen to be a failure, like - democracy, liberty and even a form of "liberal Islam" (such as Maumoon offered), many have already lost hope in being able to achieve justice in this world through worldy means and institutions. If the judiciary continues to fail, more will continue to lose hope in the capacity of institutions to deliver justice, and more will continue to turn to the extremist way out. Sad... But true. The future of maldives is DARK!!!

    UNLESS!!! Unless ALLL the people work together NOW in non-violent resistance to disobey the judiciary!

  3. This is outrageous, I mortified by the actions of what we call the pillars of our society.
    Have these people no shame, first of all our Chief of Justice Abdulla Saeed, who should have stepped away from the case as he was affiliated with Gasim (who sponsored Saeeds education), made the biased and partial judgement to release the two accused MP's. Then to deter anyone else from making any further effort to rid this country of corruption, suspend the two officers who spoke against them.
    I ask the truly honorable MP's to call for a no confidence vote of the Chief of Justice.
    That man alone has brought the hope of this nation come crashing down.

  4. tsk time to take this to the streets...the system has failed to we do this, mob style!

  5. Anni has failed, why did it take 30 years plus another 2 years to realise that the real culprits are the judiciary. i guess Mr Anni did not see this meteo, coz he is only worried about his status in the international community and m .. u .. ff diving with the cabinet.

  6. Supreme Court is supreme and above all. They have decided that the sitting judges are permanent as well for LIFE. Hell Yeh ?

  7. I think Anni should call in troops from India and Sri Lanka and arrest all the corrupt judges and MPs. Do a Maumoon stunt. Be a proper dictator

  8. what do you expect? Police investigations were mainly based on confessions, so please somebody tell me how these so called police stupitendents gonna catch masterminds politicians who are bribing MPs? The Stupitendent who couldn't arrest 6 drug dealers after 2 years with in this 1 mile radius .. what do you expect?

  9. We all know who looted our country for dacades. It is sad and outragious that something called a LAW (something that is meant to protect society from criminals) is doing the exact opposite. Protecting ciminals from society. Impact of trying to impose sophisticated systems in a rather primitive society.

  10. The system has completely failed. The government is desperate to hold on. This drama orchestrated by HEP has backfired. Opporsition will now take most advantage on this situation. Rule of anarchism,dictatorship or civil unrest is emminent.
    This goverment fails to have open dialogue and use media and their party members to give messages to opporsition. We dont need foreign head of states to mediate our internal issues. All we need is a responsible and positive aproach with open dialogue specially with the opporsition. Quit this rebelliouse attitue.It will never work.

    There is still hope to get things under control.
    I call on the 3 powers to hold a 3 day conference and get a resolution passed.

  11. Tinkle, just a gentle reminder that there is separation of the three powers, the excutive, judiciary and legislative and the executive does not control the judiciary.

  12. There is no better words to express this situation other than simply, "The government has failed" True. It's failed. This is the first test for Democracy, Justice and Rule of Law. We have prevailed. We passed.
    Reading through these comments it is very apparent that most of those comments that are simpathetic to Mr. Anni are expressing ridiculous and shamefull comments.
    Good luck Mr. President I hope to see you on the streets one day soon.

  13. @Khadeeja If you are refering to my coment,I am not confused about the independant of these 3 powers but i feel dialogue is necessary insted throwing words of war at each other.

  14. To Radhun. No, my comment was to Tinkle above.

    As for your comments, I agree with most of what you have said except for your suggestion for the three powers to have a conference and bring out a resolution. All we have heard from the DRPPA and the DQP has been.... we will topple this government resign Anni....right from the beginning and the actions of the judiciary speak for itself. So I don't really see the executive being supported by the other two bodies.

    I believe that Anni has had a very rough ride from the time he took office, and in the circumstances he has done well (would do still better if he took on your comments Radhun). Lets look at what the scenario was when he took office. Anni inherited an empty treasury, a bankrupted economy, and an archaic legal system where some of the basic legal structures for governance were not put in place in 30 years of power by Gayoom. Every effort he has made to balance the sheets and bring justice to our people is being mocked hijacked and rubbished.

    If anyone has failed our people and to honour our constitution, it is the opposition in the legislative body that has failed, and the Judiciary which has failed, not the executive. The opposition is getting so rabid because the executive is doing well. Have you not noticed that every minister they decide to vote out is a minister who is doing well, very well.

    We have come to a tipping point in our young democracy. It is game point time now. This is a process we have to go through, in fact it is a necessary step that we must all follow if we are to to bring order to our nation.

    We can move forward and forge a powerful path to create a nation we can truly be proud of or we can hand this country back to the Gayoom wallahs. We voted Gayoom out but we voted his leaders into parliament. And we have all those he appointed to positions of power, in the civil service, judiciary and other "independent" institutions. So what changed?

    If we are to create a path for all maldivians to enjoy peace and abundance we have to start speaking the truth. For it is truth and only truth that can bring power to our people and integrity to our nation. Without integrity we are nothing.


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