Opposition Parliamentary Group to reject appointment of ministers Didi and Tholhath

The opposition parliamentary group has announced that it will reject the appointment of Dr Ibrahim Didi as Fisheries Minister and Tholhath Ibrahim as Defense Minister.

Spokesperson for the group, MP Ahmed Mahlouf  of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)’s Z-faction, has confirmed the decision.

DRP MP Abdulla Mausoon said the faction of the party loyal to leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali had decided to accept Tholhath but reject Dr Didi.

“Our parliamentary group found that it does not make much sense appointing someone who has been already dismissed by us,” Dr Mausoom said. “Our leader MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali met with the press when they both were appointed by the President and revealed our stand.”

Dr Mausoom insisted that the same procedure had to be applied for everyone, recalling that when President Mohamed Nasheed reappointed Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad as the Attorney General after the parliament rejected him once, he was rejected a second time.

DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf and DRP MP Ahmed Nihan did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Dr Didi is currently the President of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), but was reappointed as Fisheries Minister by President Nasheed on July 19.

Dr Didi resigned from his position as the Fisheries Minister along with the other cabinet members in protest to the opposition parliamentarians alleged obstruction of executive power in June last year. His subsequent reappointment was dismissed by the opposition-majority parliament, along with seven other ministers.


11 thoughts on “Opposition Parliamentary Group to reject appointment of ministers Didi and Tholhath”

  1. "MP Ahmed Mahlouf of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)’s Z-faction...DRP MP Abdulla Mausoon said the faction of the party loyal to leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali..." VERY INTERESTING.

    So what did Riyaz Rasheed of Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP)'s Z faction and Jameel of DPQ loyal to Hassan saeedh's faction say?

  2. This shows how dedicated the oppositions are! Their mandate is to disrupt with what so ever the government proposes. We can only blame the public who has elected such rascals to represent them in parliament chambers.

  3. Do not know much about Tholhath to form an opinion.

    Kudos to the opposition for their decision on Didi. He is not just incapable but has proven himself to be;
    (a) a megalomaniac
    (b) prone to insubordination
    (c) hot-headed and flighty
    (d) a terrible flip-flopper
    (e) lost credibility in front of the public
    (f) and easily bought.

  4. tsk tsk, tholhath is very experienced military officer who was well respected by colleaques and junior officers as a knowledgable instructor. But thats the limit of his work, he never worked at the very senior level of military, has very little exposure to staff officers/general level operatings, no strategic experience.

  5. Worthless!

    We know that he has been sidelined even within MDP. He had the effrontery to run against Zaki, who had the blessings of Anni.

    So, his appointment as president of MDP, is not worth anything, as the job itself is no longer a requirement!

  6. Didi indicated he will not take another top Govt. job while serving as MDP President.But with Reeko Moosa as the defacto MDP leader Didi has no work,no space, no staff at MDP office.So, he might as well do Fisheries minister job. So, really he was forced to go back on his word!

  7. @tsk tsk.

    After retiring from military Tholath went into construction business with the savings left over from selling some lands that belong to his DAD, DIK kaleyfaanu.

    But right now the company is in debt of more than RF 10 million and tholaths partner, who is also an ex military man ran away, that tells his capability.

  8. Thanks Ismail & MA. Shall we say that the court of public opinion can then rest easy with the opposition's decision?

    Also, I have had a long-standing bone to pick with the military budget issue. We are not the type of country that can justify spending the inordinate amount we do on our military. Look at the figures if you do not understand what I am saying.

  9. Since when did it become imperative that a Minister is an expert in his appointed Ministry? No where is the World is this the case.
    The Civil Service is there for this exact reason. They are supposed to have a Permanent Secretary who is the professional in this capacity.
    The Minister is the political appointee and he/she would be advised by the professionals, in this case the Permanent Secretary.
    I see no reason why Tholhath cannot run the Ministry of Defence if people like Anbaree who has no education or military knowledge or experience or people like Ilyas can run the Ministry.

  10. True, Manik, if everything is to be tit-for-tat then why not?

    However, aren't we trying to change things for the better? Not mirror the past years as close as possible?

    One more thing, I do not know about Anbaree, but Ilyas had a LOT of experience handling high posts at the level of this nation even before President Qayyoom came to power.

  11. tsk,tsk, I agree with your point about Ilyas. He is in fact a very good administrator but now we have "democracy". The problem is in the current version, it is the civil service who provides the expertise not the politicians. The Ministers are all political appointees who know nothing about the Ministry they are running. Then they employ advisers to help them.
    I think Tholhath is not a bad appointment but of course there is always someone better.
    The same with the Finance Ministry. There is one person who can solve all this financial problems if given the Ministry and the authority. That is Arif Hilmy but MDP would not give him the post because he would not accept whatever they tell him.


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