Kuredhu quad-bike unregistered and unauthorised for use, MDP MPs claim

A quad-bike that crashed into a tree in Kuredhu Resort killing two British tourists last week was neither registered nor authorised for use, MPs of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) claimed during debate on a motion without notice today.

The emergency motion proposed by MDP Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik noted that the King Quad 700 model bike was not legally registered at the Maldives Transport Authority while its driver Filip Eugen Petre – a Swedish national and son of a resort shareholder – did not have a license to operate the vehicle.

“Two kinds of vehicles are commonly used in Maldivian resorts,” Moosa said in his opening remarks of the debate. “That is vehicles used for lifting goods and golf carts or buggies for transporting guests.”

Moosa alleged in parliament that attempts were made to “to hide the boy [Petre] and put the blame [for the accident] on a Maldivian employee in the resort.”

The former MDP parliamentary group leader called on the government to investigate the accident “even if it involves bringing officials from the British government to uncover how this really happened.”

Other MDP MPs expressed concern about the impact of such incidents on the tourism industry and repeated calls for a thorough investigation.

“I don’t know for what reason such a vehicle used in big mountains or at high speeds should be used in resorts,” observed MP Ahmed Sameer, deputy parliamentary group leader of the ruling party.

Several opposition MPs however strongly objected to the motion, arguing that it should not have been tabled in the agenda as it represented “a personal attack” by Moosa.

Opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ali Azim claimed that Moosa was motivated to submit the motion by DhiTV’s continuing coverage of alcohol bottles found in his car – a network owned by Champa ‘Uchoo’ Mohamed Moosa, who also owns the Kuredhu resort.

The motion was however approved for debate in a 29-7 vote.

“Some people who have resorts in this country are using private media to defame others and hide their crimes,” Moosa said, referring to DhiTV.

“It is noteworthy that some media connected to this resort has not covered any news of [the Kuredu accident].”

Moosa also strongly criticised resort owners for “mortgaging state property” and propping up an autocratic regime to enrich themselves.

MP Riyaz Rasheed of minority opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) meanwhile accused the MDP chairperson of corruption – in a US$21 million deal to reclaim land in Thilafushi – and suggested that Moosa should be evaluated to “see if he is even fasting today.”

Independent MP Ahmed Amir cautioned against speculation regarding the accident as foreign media could report “MPs implying in parliament that this was done by Maldivians.”

In his turn, Jumhooree Party (JP) MP Ibrahim Muttalib alleged that police destroyed or hid evidence in some criminal cases “probably on orders from the government.”

DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali meanwhile contended that the incident should not be debated at parliament as a police investigation was ongoing.


26 thoughts on “Kuredhu quad-bike unregistered and unauthorised for use, MDP MPs claim”

  1. Parliament.. what a farce.. There are other accidents happening on a regular basis in Maldives with young Maldivians dying. The recent accident in Hulhumale had one man dead and other in serious condition. Why is nobody 'debating' about that. Is it because they are "Maldivians" and not worth your time. Why dont you guys in the paliament with fat pay cheques do some constructive discussion and impliment ways to reduce such accidents happenning. for instance make wearing helmets compulsory. imagine with just this how many lives could have been saved.

  2. Regardless of motivations, Moosa is right this time. We expect MPs to discuss issues based on substance and process.

    If quad bikes are unregistered, MPs have to address any shortcoming in the the relevant transport regulation

  3. Shorts buri Champa is above the Low, he will buy up the government and judicial officials who are involved in this unfortunate incident!

  4. reeko moosa - you are are a joke. we should perhaps investigate all the laws that he has broken before accusing others. disgusting

  5. yes moosa please bring in the british government and let them see the hypocrisy that is running through your talk. i hope you have evidence to prove what you are accusing of. why is it that we continue to let this idiot have a voice in our government.

  6. Well, well! I agree to the point that all vehicles need to be registered under the laws. However, what about all "other" "unregistered" "un-authorized" things, people and activities going on on our tiny coral community? For instance, unregistered bottles found in some truncs, un-authorized boats fishing from our seas, un-registered labourers roaming around here? We need sensible parliamentarians and sensible leaders!

  7. @moosa i cant agree with you more. We have appointed clowns as mps and created a circus that is the parliament. What we should also include under the same circus tent is irresponsible media such as dhitv, haveeru and sunfm. They just live feeding on the frenzie as if it was entertainment.

    Shame on you all for making a profit by degrading society! Be bit more mature and be responsible citizens, mps, jourmalists and all. This country deserves better than all your bickering and personal vendettas.

    amidst all this, i am so disappointed that the leader we appointed to lead us, turned out to be more an idiological activist than anything else. All i see is reactive strategies without a long term plan! This is NOT presidential. Its ad hoc. N dont blame this mess on democracy or the road to it being like this! God sakes We are not in Rome where everyone was supposed to participate in running a democratic state. Wake up and smell the realities of 21st century n evolve!

    Maldives and maldivians need a reality check. We are thrust inside a growing bubble that will eventually burst.

  8. another day at the circus eh? minivan should stop reporting about this circus. the freaks in there...we can't take them anymore....

  9. Yes it is sad that Anni's failings and inability to govern has led to this.

    We seriously need to change him come 2013. The immaturity and vendetta-fueled politics might decrease a bit then.

  10. For a better parliament in 2013 these people should go regardless of the party they are in.
    Reeko Moosa, Musthafabe, Riyaz Rasheed, Amir, Kubey, Ali Arif, Red wave Saleem.

  11. Please ask to police will arrest to Kuredhu owner Champa Mohamed Moosa because the bike was not legally registered at the Maldives Transport Authority.

  12. Regardless of what some Maldivians may feel about Moosa Manik, he has asked relevant questions, which require answers from the resort management and owners!

  13. Do you all know there are 3 types of human beings?

    Type 1 is people belong to developed countries

    Type 2 is people belong to other countries

    Type 3 is the poor Maldivians. You might have heard our MPs mentioned in a discussion that the Maldivians do not need fruits & vegetables. See how unique we are!

  14. What does a quad in one resort? it's unnecessary. People who has been in Maldives know that it's a foolishness

  15. Moosa never fasting. he was drunk beer in Nakachafushi infront of me. When I was working there few years back.

  16. When I was in Kuredu the management director was very prepotent and the rules are for be respected for all people, included they.

    In any case the accident was an imprudence of the three persons. In a quad only can go 1 person, not 3. Lamentable and a tragic history.

  17. Almost all the vehicles used in resorts are not registered because the vehicles are used within the hotel grounds and not on public roads.

  18. To all you who saying that the owner should be prosecuted because the vehicle is not registered and the owner has no license, please look at the Maldivian Transport regulations or for that matter any regulations.
    Kuredhu is not a public area as it is a hotel and there is no requirement to have any land vehicle that is being used there to be registered and no driver using a land vehicle needs to have a license.
    Now I accept that this may have been dangerous driving and depending on the investigations, the driver could be charged for manslaughter.
    But it is people like Reeko and of course other idiots in other parties who may us Maldivians look like idiots in front of the World.
    I wonder what is people like Maria, who has the knowledge and experience in law doing by letting Reeko sprout his idiotic ramblings in The Majlis.

  19. I'm wondering if they were even actually on the quad bike or were they ran over by this guy who was drunk on the quad bike?? It seems they have been trying to cover this up by blaming a poor innocent Maldivian employee, so whats to stop them lying about what actually happened, I don;t think the truth will ever come out

  20. Reeko Moosa Manik. You are a disgusting individual. Trying to cause maximum distress on these families who have been going through this tragic accident for personal problems with Dhi Tv owner is inhumane, unprofessional, and utterly disgusting. How a man like you is worthy of a voice in any parliament is insane. You should think of the results of what you speak. These lies you ve been shouting in the majlis should be know world wide. Get a job were you have no influence on important matters. Such as fishing since your clearly a public embarrassment for the Maldives.
    I wish for the day you take guilt for what you ve said and done. From that day on you will feel something terrible within you if you have a heart. Just like this accident. From that day on you have problems sleeping at night.

  21. Would like to add 3 points aswell.
    This website is also moderating all the comments and is owned by the Government.

    2.)Reeko Moosa also mentioned several other comments that day which i think he should be held accountable for.

    3.) How did anyone from the parliament get this classified information from the investigation?


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