Over 60 resort workers on Randheli island rushed to hospital with severe food poisoning

Over 60 people working on construction of a resort on Randheli island have been rushed to hospital today after suffering from severe food poisoning.

According to an official from Noonu Atoll Regional Hospital on Manadhoo island, the resort workers currently receiving treatment at the hospital today mostly included expatriate workers from Bangladesh and India.  A few Maldivians were also said to be admitted, according to the hospital source.

The official said that they started receiving the sick resort workers with food poisoning at around 2pm.  A few workers were taken to health centres on nearby islands as the hospital was overwhelmed by the sudden surge of patients.

Extra beds and blankets were provided in order to hospitalise the sick resort workers after the 18-bed site found itself at maximum capacity, the hospital source added.

“All of them were diagnosed with food poisoning. They were vomiting, having severe headache and stomach pain and some were suffering loose motions as well,” the official explained.

It is unknown how the resort workers came down with food poisoning.  The resort, according to local media reports, is being developed for Louis Vuitton Moet et Chandon Hennessey (LVMH). The resort developer was not responding to calls from Minivan News at the time of press.

The hospital official said; “some patients are saying they got sick after eating a fish, possibly rotten.”

He added that none of the resort workers are now in serious condition, but were being kept under observation.

In a statement, the Maldives Police Service said it had assisted with transporting the affected workers to hospital for treatment.


16 thoughts on “Over 60 resort workers on Randheli island rushed to hospital with severe food poisoning”

  1. A factual error that may amount to defamation:

    The resort developer is Berthold & Kothoff.

    I think an apology is an order.

    Also you must correct the wrong impression given about LVMH Moet Hennessy which plans to operate the resort once development is complete.

  2. it was not a severe case as the report seems to suggest as most staff are now on the way back to Randheli.. and also only 60 out of the 1000 staff were affected by this.. facts which the journalists could have highlighted to make the story less dramatic and alarming.. unnecessarily.. and this happened just once in two years....

  3. Sometimes Minivan exposes stories other news media or authorities would prefer to keep quiet. Bravo MInivan.

  4. Serves them right for being part of a sinful industry that profits by gluttony, promiscuity, drunkardness and heresy.

    This is their punishment by the lord of Mankind and Jinn, who will not beget nor was begotten, and to whom all praise is due.

  5. @Dhivehi Hanguraama...very funny. Food poisoning is not confined to members of only one religion, so presumably ALL Gods use it as a punishment.

  6. @Charles Darwin - for a resort that uses these laborers to build rooms that cost $1 million per key, perhaps you should reconsider when you say only 6% of workers get food poisoning every two years.

    i open criticize this HR policy during construction period of Chavel Blanc - one of the most luxurious hotels to open in the Maldives by world's leading luxury company LVMH.

  7. I repeat, it is not LVMH which is carrying out the construction work but Berthold & Kothoff.

    I urge Minivan to make this correction.

    If they are planning to play a shame game at least correct the article to reflect that LVMH is to operate the report once construction work is complete.

    Also in all fairness, Minivan must then mention the name of the local party which holds the lease of the private island. However mentioning either LVMH or Cyprea is pointless given that the food poisoning is the direct effect of Berthold & Kothoff's negligence in catering to their workers.

    If Minivan does not make the correction as mentioned in my comment, it opens the path for people such as Ahmed A to engage in unfair criticism of an innocent party - in other words this amounts to defamation.

  8. This is rather disappointing that Minivan didn't fact check also making wrong references.

    Randheli is developed by Berthold & Kothoff, Not LVMH.

  9. Tsk Tsk,

    please read the article PROPERLY, nowhere dose it state that LVMH is constructing the resort.

    its states that 'The resort, according to local media reports, is being developed for Louis Vuitton Moet et Chandon Hennessey (LVMH). The resort developer was not responding to calls from Minivan News at the time of press.'

    the critical word there is FOR LVMH, meaning that they are not to blame or actually constructing the resort. they even go further to say that the developer was unable to comment. where they implying that it is LVMH it would read ' LVMH was not responding to calls' right?

    calm down and worry about the important things here which is that the people were taken to hospital and are recovering.

  10. as usual some .. tsk tsk included.... are trying to make something of nothing.. obviously he had not read the article correctly... perhaps after a few spoons of cough syrup.... and then he's hoping LVMH will be stupid enough to engage Kutti Nasheed, a.k.a. as their lawyer on a defamation case.. Man you Malaysian educated loser!

  11. TO TSK TSK...

    i think in the article it says "The resort, according to local media reports, is being DEVELOPED FOR Louis Vuitton Moet et Chandon Hennessey (LVMH)."....

    Although it doesnt mention anything about the developer "Berthold & Kothoff’s" .... i think you misread/misunderstood the wordings....


  12. unfortunately nobody gives much attention to cases like this in the Maldives. Some of the comments state that it wasn't severe, and ONLY 60 out of a 1000 were sick. This is an absolute joke. 60 people getting sick in terms of FOOD SAFETY IS SERIOUS. If this happened in the UK or in an EU nation, the management will be sued and probably jailed. This is no joke. We need to get these issues under control, need to develop better health & safety, food safety and workplace safety standards and educate people. Others did not raise much concern cause they were laborers and staff not guests. Which is very unfair. I have audited more than 20 resorts in the Maldives and things which you assume are not what you see and get in their Kitchens. We need strict laws ASAP and MFDA needs to ACTUALLY monitor instead of just chilling out.

  13. The food safety and things are only applicable for the guests .... one should see how these workers live and you would know immediately what is happening........

  14. What else can you expect when companies like louis vitton are involved .... profits profits profits .... that is it and the rest can go to helll........


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