Hudhuranfushi unaware of alleged food poisoning incident

Director of Adhaaran company that operates Hudhuranfushi resort, Mohamed Mahdy, has said he was unaware of allegations that a tourist couples’ ‘dream holiday’ was ruined by ‘food poisoning’ in March 2008.

The Liverpool Daily Post reported that the holiday of a couple that went to Hudhuranfushi to celebrate the husband’s 50th birthday was ”ruined by food poisoning.”

The paper reported that the couple were now suing their tour operator Thomson.

It quoted the husband as saying “We were served undercooked food, as well as food that was recycled and served up two days running. The pool and the toilets were filthy. We were so excited about the holiday. But, instead of enjoying it, I spent most of our time being violently ill.”

Mrs Wears was so ill with severe diarrhea that a doctor had to be flown in from another resort to treat her, said Liverpool Daily Post.

”I am very sure that such an incident did not take place in the hotel in March,” Mahdy said. ”I really do not think that is true.”

He said that customers sometimes complained about issues, “but there was no major issue like that.”

Liverpool Daily Post reported a Thomson spokeswoman as saying that “Thomson can confirm that five customers reported illness while staying at the Hudhuranfushi Island Resort, Maldives, in March, 2008. We are currently in talks with the no win, no fee law firm that is representing these customers.

“Hudhuranfushi Island Resort continues to be extremely popular with our customers, and we are confident that guests due to travel to the resort in the future will experience the high levels of quality and standards they expect from a Thomson property,” said the spokeswoman, according to Liverpool Daily Post.


3 thoughts on “Hudhuranfushi unaware of alleged food poisoning incident”

  1. It seems very unlikely that these guests would completely make up the whole story.

    But some viruses that go around Male' seem to give you the effects of mild food poisoning. If this is the case here then of course the resort cannot be at fault.

    I suppose it can come down to expectations too - selling the Maldives as the ultimate luxury tourist destination means that all guests expect the very best. For some guests, if there's a bug in the room or their favorite beer brand has run out, then they will be phoning their lawyers !

    Best thing is to deal with all complaints quickly & with full understanding of the guest point of view.

  2. I have worked in Adaaran resorts and I very well know their such policies. It's a Sri lankan management and they are very strict on cost controll. When I was in one of their resort such a incident happened and many guests got sick. They used some expired pasta on that particular day and execetive chef returned it to stores but were asking foreign guides to check their kitchens. Mahdy may not know that because he is working in Male' and from Male office there no system to check such things in all their resorts

  3. its no big deal...keep up the cost controlling irrespective of how much money you get from the clients...i am sure you can take those bundles of money when you die with your grave hahahaha meowww


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