PG sends Lale case to criminal court as principal resigns

The Prosecutor General’s Office will file a case against the Principal of Lale Youth International School, Serkan Akar, at the Criminal Court tomorrow morning.

Police confiscated Akar’s passport last Thursday after he attempted to flee the country, pending a police investigation into allegations of child abuse.

Deputy Principal Suleyman Atayev told Minivan News last week that Akar had a return ticket and was trying to escort two children to an Information Communications Technology (ICT) Olympiad when immigration stopped him at the airport, although staff at the school questioned why the principal had packed up his apartment.

Atayev said he was confident any allegations against the Principal would be proven false.

Deputy Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem said the PG’s office intended to prosecute Akar on charges of assault and battery, ensuring he remained in the country while police and the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) completed their investigations into other allegations.

“The case is proceeding and his passport is held, but we need to prosecute if want to hold it any longer,” Shameem explained. “We are still awaiting some documents relating to his passport,” he added.

The PG’s office had attempted to file the case today, he said, “but the criminal court has this odd thing where they only take the submission of cases between 10am to 11am. We will submit the case tomorrow.”

Deputy Minister for Education Dr Abdulla Nazeer told Minivan News today that Akar had resigned as principal of Lale, and Atayev had been appointed acting principal in his stead.

“The replacement principal has arrived but he is on a tourist visa and cannot start work until immigration issues him a work permit,” Dr Nazeer noted, adding that the company behind the school, Biz Atoll, “only has the quota for one principal.”

“My understanding is that Akar’s resignation automatically means the principal’s [quota] is vacant,” he said.

Nazeer said allegations against the principal were of an individual nature and not necessarily a reflection on Biz Atoll, although the agency is responsible for the agreement between the privately-run school and the Education Ministry.

Earlier this month the Minstry said it had amended the contract with Biz Atoll to require the departure of Akar and the appointment of an appropriately-qualified principal within a three month window, and inserted a termination clause.

“We are waiting for the HRCM report, and based on that evidence we may review the Biz Atoll contract,” Dr Nazeer said.

HRCM said the commission’s report on the school will be released next week.


6 thoughts on “PG sends Lale case to criminal court as principal resigns”

  1. Hey Mr Suleyman can't hold that post for a single minuet, as he has no qualification to be acting principal. it is better to put one of those Bangladhesi people who work there, At least they respect others and care for the kids at the school.

    ...The replacement principal has arrived???? dose it mean the one can not speak.. who have introduce as chemical engineer to some parents an observer for others and a visitor foe the teachers as Mr.Sulaiman Atayeh himself agreed in front of us ... Is that Mr. Akif who roam around the school without a smile and switching of the a/c units .. he he he h when he has no work permit what the hell he move around as lose molecule... where is Immigrations are they sleeping? where is labor ministry they too sleeping. Mr Jameel and Mrs Nadhuwa the directors of the the grate company's directors why don't yourself,as Maldivians and as well as parents go and check the qualifications of those at Lale school. Oh mr. Jameel may not what is quality and qualification means as he told "scecond hand rented people live in Hulhumale" at an official meeting. Nadhuwa you as mother and your working at Education Ministry in EDC ... don't you undesrtand the meanig of DEVELOPMENT is this the way of development only you people benefiting a lump some of money and importing of humans to the country ??? hay come on Nadhuwa wake up get your self to the school with Jameel and speak to the parents

  2. The racist Biz atoll company can never serve to the expectations of third or fouth hand people as they call it let alone "second hand rented people who live in hulumale"

    Biz atoll please move to the dump!

  3. Awesome! Serkan appears to suffer from the delusion that he is above everyone else; attempting to flee and being held back once wasn't enough for him, he had to try it again a couple hours ago. And, yes of course, he was detained yet again! Anyone with half a brain would not attempt such a stupid act again, but Serkan has less than half..he would still scream out filth and try to escape in secret.
    Give up, Serkan! You're caught. Now you'll understand what a 'mere woman' and a 'mere Maldivian' can do to you. Whooo hooooo!

  4. Maybe Serkan can use the catamaran he got a teacher at the school to build, to flee Maldives.....heeeheeeeheeeee

  5. @ Faaraveriyeh: it seems Sulaimaan is holding the post longer than you thought 🙂


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