Maldivian man arrested for rape of 13-year-old girl

A 53-year-old man suspected of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl in Addu Atoll Hithadhoo was arrested today.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that the suspect was taken into custody after the case was reported to the police.

Shiyam declined to divulge further information regarding the case.

Local daily Haveeru reported today that the girl had a mental disorder.

Ahmed Mohamed, head of Hithadhoo Regional Hospital, also confirmed the incident occurred, ”but we do not have further information on the case,” he said.

Both the health ministry’s child and family protection unit and the Hithadhoo councillor also declined to provide any information.

Meanwhile, an employee at the hospital confirmed that the girl was brought to the hospital to get a medical report.

The hospital staff member claimed the suspect was an employee at the hospital.

”He is a man from Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll,” he said. ”It happened in another district so we also do not know much about the case.”


16 thoughts on “Maldivian man arrested for rape of 13-year-old girl”

  1. What we need is more of Bilal Philips telling large audiences that girls are 'ready for marriage' once they reach puberty. Thats exactly what we need in this country.

  2. And yet they say keeping islam and dhivehi as compulsory subjects for A'Levels will rid of these evil acts. which has been for the last 10 years.

  3. Pis, pis, read again. It says rape not marriage!

    I am sure that's your real name but no need to type it twice.

  4. or zakir naik confirming during his sermons in maldives. The asia's biggest con man among muslims.

  5. @heck
    Whats the difference when under age sexual molestation is involved?

  6. religion can't solve all of our problems, if any. we need strong ethics classes in this country. now that should be made mandatory, not Islam classes that outright tell us not to think critically. bah

  7. whether it is marriage or rape is what these fundos can't distinguish between. it all means a physical desire fulfilled does it not? yes, bring on another fleet of 'religious experts', preach around the stadiums and streets and bedrooms alike. this nation has not objectified girls and women enough. let all the bilaal phillips and zakir naiks rule us. everything will be HEAVENLY then.

  8. @heck on Thu, it says sexually abused. Sexual abuse doesn't automatically mean rape. Inappropriate touching is sexual abuse and I think grooming a 13 year old for marriage is sexual abuse or by the very least exploitation. I agree with pis pis, the last thing we need in this country is people like Bilal Phillips coming in and validating the 'grooming' of young girls.

  9. Time we allowed prostitution.

    On a more serious note, most probably we will not have laws, or laws won't be enough, or he will be excused after serving a day in jail.
    Rinse and Repeat.

  10. If we Maldivians have matured to reject the good old kaabafainge sagaafaiy and give up the respect for the karaamaiy to our culture ......... well we could ask Obama to let USA take custody of our child abuser and offer US citizenship. Hoping that we Maldivians could teach the Americans what they know not. (If the Gaumee salaamathaa behey committee has no objection to such citizen exchange). I beleive that this guy still could be cleansed and forgiven under special circumstances, ref. Kithabul Thoharath Page 155, Para 3, Sentence 14, Phrase 3, letter 5. --- Dr.Shakir Puma

  11. What is wrong with molestation? that is not against our religion. The Goverment only needs to find out if this 53 year old man will marry this 13 year old...its done finish. Simple. Dont try make mountains out of mole hill

  12. Thabbu, that may not be against your religion, because your religion is really BAAAD!

    In your atheist world when someone commits rape, he is most kindly given a scholarship behind bars with full boarding and lodging charges at the expense of the state, and the crimes never stop!

    But OUR faith has DETERRENTS for all these molestation and rape. LASHING and even STONING to death!


  13. Maldives is an accidental mistake on earth. Now it's has become a human problem to all the Maldivians (idiots) living in a sunken volcano (dead).

    Maldives thrives underwater - its real resting place.

    Time to move. This place is full of idiots (mostly)

  14. @Thabbu on Thu,
    What is wrong with molestation??? you ask what is wrong with it? You will know whats wrong when someone does it to you.


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