Police continue investigation of opposition leaders; criminal court denies arrest warrant

Youth Minister Hassan Latheef has said that police have commenced another investigation into the activities of People’s Alliance (PA) party leader Abdulla Yameen and Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim.

Latheef said police had requested the criminal court issue a warrant for the arrest warrant of the pair, but this was denied.

”The criminal court declined to issue the warrant saying there were no grounds to issue an arrest warrant for the second time,’’ said Latheef. ”But this is a whole different case.’’

Latheef said that when police requested the criminal court issue the arrest warrant, the court referred to the recent case and issued a statement signed by the chief judge of the criminal court denying the police request.

”The case concerns the influence of independent commissions,’’ Latheef said. ”We do not accept the criminal court’s denial of the police request.’’

He said that attempts by police to investigate allegation of corruption and bribery were not intended to threaten and intimidate political figures.

”We are currently monitoring to see if there are any judges involved in corruption and bribery,’’ Latheef said, adding that ”we are not saying that judges have been involved in such activity.’’

He declined to reveal the names of the judges being observed and the courts they belonged to, claiming it would obstruct the observation.

”If there are fair and independent judges in courts, we will succeed in this case,’’ Latheef claimed.

Under Secretary for the President’s Office, Ibrahim Rasheed, promised the government would listen to the voice of people.

”We will investigate any act of aggression,’’ he said. ”The government will not cease its effort to eliminate corruption and bribery.”


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  1. Ummm! Since his one week break from Cabinet, has Seaweed Hassanko's portfolio changed to Home Minister? If not, why is he speaking on behalf of the Maldives Police Service? Not doing too good a job with PR, are you Anni? Tsk tsk. All those Colombo-based diplomats who you wish to woo are wondering what on Earth has come over their darling from South Asia! Showing all the symptoms of a good old-fashioned despot, arent we?

  2. To:Saleem on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 8:32 PM
    You can't blackmail the Police and Executive power of this nation with the words you have written.

    They don't need to prove anything to the "corrupt"and "old fashioned despots" of this country and their supporters. You can't intimidate them by calling them same as the previous regime which by far not even close to same.

    We didn't had our simple basic rights, such as to open our mouth to say anything at all. Zero-tolerance was the policy of Government then.

    I will just refresh your and others mind on just one pathetic event with our dear late "Naifaru DohokkoBe". On a "Heyanbo" Show he was asked.What would be the day he would like to see in near future? Out of his innocence and desire to get to see another "Verikan" as he had seen past Leaderships, he gave his answer.
    Everyone knows that direct from studio he was taken for questioning.

    This is just one event. Just One! If I had to write about FPID, MIFCO, STO, AIR MALDIVES, STELCO Building, & various others on the topic of Corruption, then there will never be an end.

    Stop pretending that we don't know the facts.

  3. If government really wants to get rid of corruption, then the following people needs to be investigated first.

    1. Ibrahim Hussain Zaki
    2. Nazaki Zaki
    3. Ahmed Zareer (Southern Utilities)
    4. Soarey of STO
    5. Shahid - MD of STO
    6. DhiTV massood
    7. TVM Khaleel
    8. Kuda Sappey
    9. Ilyas Labeeb
    10. Jabir - Lolly
    11. Monaza Naeem
    12. Shafeeg (Airports Finance Head)
    13. Stelco CEO
    14. Who ever paid Alhan Fahumy for the BMW
    15. And who ever is holding on to MDP Haruge when the place has already been awarded to someone else.

    Then we should start to investigate

    1. Gayoom
    2. Abdulla Shahid
    3. Faiz
    4. Yameen
    5. Nazim - Captain Underpants
    6. Gasim
    7. Saleem - Redwave
    8. Hussein Sobir
    9. Iyas Ibrahim
    10. Abbas Ibrahim
    11. Abdualla Hameed
    12. Umar Zahir
    13. Zahir Hussain

  4. Hassan latheef if you are sound minded you would not be a partof this bogus attmept by nasheed to politicize and be a contril freak. What investigation? If anythign needs investigation start investigating MDP's abuse of power and money laudering by MDP people.

  5. To:Saleem on Wed,14th. Jul 2010
    Ummm!Get the facts right before you write or say things about issues as grave as we have at hand. Did you bother to find out in what capacity "Seaweed Hassanko" as you call him had spoken about this matter? Or are you also in need of some cash as well? What a pity? Make good use of cognition Allah bestowed upon you Saleem. This country needs salvation.

  6. The system is to blame for the devolution of the democratic experiment in this country. To be fair to critics of the government, those who are fair critics themselves, the MDP administration does indeed seem to have regressed to resorting to terror tactics such as intrusive policing and outright intimidation.

    HOWEVER, it must also be conceded that the opposition in parliament hardly allowed for a steady transition to a liberal democracy by hijacking the powers of the executive, liberal use of intimidation and producing legislation which blatantly flouts the separation of powers in a tripartite system of democratic governance. Meanwhile, the courts mostly remained silent or lent their support to the opposition in a bid to lengthen their tenure in positions which are made lucrative by rampant bribe-taking.

    So now we see an enraged MDP administration throwing caution to the winds in a bid to put things right as they see it. No matter how well-intentioned, the measures to which the current government has now put in place will have damaging consequences in the future. Some foreseeable challenges in the near future might be:

    - Restoring respect for a judiciary which has been discredited in large part by their own actions and partly by the MDP administration's reaction to their intransigence.

    - Bridging divisions in society created by the prosecution of influential figures such as Yamin and Qasim. Regardless of their alleged corruption, they will surely have a devoted following among the general public due to the very "corruption" they are accused of.

    - Creating a culture of respect for the rule of law among a public which has been encouraged by politicians across the spectrum to take matters into their own hands by the dispensation of vigilante justice.

    President Nasheed truly is a visionary and an astute politician. But the degree of control any one man or political party can exert on complex social systems to which they have contributed themselves (i.e.- mob rule, gang violence etc.) surely cannot be absolute.

  7. There are people who are corrupt in MDP but surprise to hear about Nazaki Zaki,

    Since I know him well, I had help him when I was studying in Malaysia, since his family was Jailed false case given by Maldives Government as a terrorist to the Nation, his son and family had suffered a lot.

    I don't think he have lot of money since I am working in Bank I know how they run the business, if you know about the truth about that person who write about Nazaki Zaki wouldn't say that..

    People who do Business does not means corrupt, people who eat money and who keep in account is consider corrupt.

  8. i salute the judiciary for not bowing to pressure and intimidation. but i seriously doubt how long you can hold on.in no democratic country can judges decide based on sentiments.they have to decide based on evidence. that's what i have learnt ,read all my life. otherwise tomorrow i can say anni gave me 2 million to spread fear deceit, cause public havoc and i write a letter. will anni be taken by MNDF to investigate for corruption and terrorism... that will be the day. tgis is the case thats there in the courts now... MDP memebrs allegeing ppl offered them money.. what a joke

  9. My dear Bismuth. Have a chat with comedian Yoosey about the 'then' and 'now' on tolerance! I recall, when we were kids, of him making satirical dramas mocking one and all, including the previous president! I dont recall him being beaten up by thugs and intimidated by government and ruling party agents(on more than one occasion), as was the case after he produced a similarly humourous drama mocking the current president! So much for democracy and human rights! Anyway, my sole intention was to point out that the right person to speak on behalf of the executive on this issue would have been Mohamed Shihab and NOT Hassanko! I do believe that Anni has lost the plot and with it his moral authority to govern! Early elections I say!

  10. No questions - the first one on your list should have been Anni! As for the person who gave Alhan Fahmy, that would be "all of the above", as its a blood expensive car! Hehehe.


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