Police seek public assistance to locate expatriate accused of raping 19 year-old girl on Hulhumale

Police have asked for public assistance in locating an expat suspected of abducting and raping a 19 year-old girl on Hulhumale while she was on her way to an office.

Police said the incident occurred on Saturday morning at about 9:30am. The man allegedly snatched the girl from the street and raped her in some bushes near Reethi Gas Magu Road.

Police said the suspect’s identity remained unknown. The statement did not reveal his nationality, but said he was 5 feet 7 inches in height with shortly trimmed hair, and had last been seen on the 10:00am ferry to Male.

On the ferry he was observed to be wearing a grey shirt and grey pair of trousers, and had a badly injured index finger, police said.

Police said many people who travelled on the 10:00am ferry would have seen the suspect, and asked for anybody with more information to contact either the main police line (332 2111) or the serious and organised crime department on 991 1099.

Police have meanwhile arrested two more suspects in connection with the gang rape of a 17 year-old girl on the island of Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll last week.

The 17 year-old girl was abducted, gang raped and filmed by a ‘large group’ of men, after she was abducted while walking home after attending a tuition class.


10 thoughts on “Police seek public assistance to locate expatriate accused of raping 19 year-old girl on Hulhumale”

  1. A very sad news.. Expats involvement in these kind of heinous crimes has increased recently..

    Now these people also knows that they can easily escape Justice in this pitiable country and walk freely after committing such crimes..

    Police are too busy with the new flats.. Government is too busy with their own dirty politics, Judiciary is fu**** up as always! What a pity..

  2. Does the girl still get flogged even if she's raped by an expat??

  3. The haveeru article mentions that she was wearing the head scarf aka buruga, which the rapist tore off. I thought the buruga prevented rape...

    Well, I guess it's time for the girl to look for 4 witnesses to the rape. Otherwise, the happy happy judge would order her flogging!

  4. Dhivehistani men don't rape (which is why only girls are flogged). As Ann Coulter says, it is only those sick foreigners who attack our women. She may have been wearing an Islamic anti-rape helmet, but the helmet is only an accesory. Without the body bag she'll still meat ready to be eaten by lions. That's what must have happened. And for that she'll be flogged. Also accusing the man of raping her is a hadd crime (qazf). That requires a flogging. If pregnant that requires a flogging too. Looks like our local flogger Abdul Khaliq will be busy. #TeamKhaliq

  5. Of course she would get flogged.

    She would get punished for luring men, with perfumes, nice clothes, sexy walk... Etc.

    Imran, Abdulla, Ali rameez, would be salivating now.

  6. In Islamic countries 'modest' is the dress code. Women are usually allowed outside chaperoned by a male relative.

    Rape is so common here because 'men can get away with the crime easily' and the victims are reluctant to talk of the future stigma that will follow her & the certainty that she will not be protected by the police or get justice.

    The problem here is not Islam but a society filled with a lot of sick people.

    Even the women here are not exactly innocent. For a 1000 bucks I was told I could get an Aminiyya grade 10 girl 'even if the intention is a buffet.'

    When people are poor n can no longer afford daily necessities, necessity takes precedence over morality.

    Blame those who live the lives of millionaires with scant regard to their Muslim brothers n sisters. People have long forgotten that Islam promotes equality n kind gentle towards each other.

  7. This is a result of the closure of brothels. You see, these bored, sex deprived labourers were the major clients of those seedy "beauty clinics".

    This is just pure animal behaviour. Deprive them of easy prey, and they'll venture into other avenues.

  8. Rape is legal in mordiss. See?


    The rapist gets released, the victim gets punished for life under their so-called 'devine law'.


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