Five arrested in connection with rape case of 17 year-old girl in Milandhoo Island

Police have arrested four men and one minor in connection with the gang rape of a 17 year-old girl on the island of Milandhoo in Shaviyani Atoll.

In a statement police said that five arrested were aged between 17 and 21.

Police did not provide further details of the case but stated that the victim was 17 years-old and the incident occurred on Monday night at around 10:00pm.

Island Council President Mohamed Yasir told Minivan News he received information about the incident shortly after it occurred.

‘’Upon hearing the news I went to the girl’s house and she was with her mother sitting down and crying, her clothes were torn and there were lots of signs she’d been attacked on her body and clothes,’’ he said.

‘’She told us that the group of people appeared from nowhere and snatched her while she was walking home from tuition class last night,’’ he said. ‘’She said all the men in the group were covering their faces but she could identify some of them by their height, voice and other characteristics.’’

Yasir said the victim had scratches and bruises on her body and said ‘’the group not only sexually assaulted her, she was physically abused. She told us it was a huge group and almost everyone there took photos and videoed her and threatened to leak it on Facebook if she told anyone about it.’’

Yasir said the girl was taken to the island’s beach where the group tore off her clothes and gang-raped her.

According to Yasir, the girl said she had recently received threats from several people in the group.

A local islander alleged a group of men grabbed the victim and covered her face using a T-shirt before abducting her: “There were scratches on her face,” he said.

“She knew some of the people in the group that snatched her and she the police their names. They have been arrested,’’ he said.

The girl was admitted to the island health centre after the incident.


11 thoughts on “Five arrested in connection with rape case of 17 year-old girl in Milandhoo Island”

  1. Were there 4 male witnesses to this 'rape'? Otherwise, this girl is lying, and should be flogged immediately. If you disagree, you are disagreeing with Allah!

  2. Were there four independent muslim witnesses to the rape?
    If not the five arrested scum bags should be let off.
    Aren't your laws dumb?

  3. Oh my! Again?

    Imran : What has the lady-from-hell done? Luring poor young men into committing unspeakable crime, tarnishing their images? Flog her! Flog her again! and Again!

    BMW : But thats against humanity!

    Imran : No buts! Its what God has asked me to do! Do it! Do it now!!

  4. Lying harlot. If the men deny it (and they will) this fornicatress should be flogged for the hadd crime of qazf (accusing chaste men of illegal intercourse). If she is pregnant out of wedlock she should be flogged for the hadd crime of zina (fornication). Those poor innocent heterosexual men should be financially compensated for this. This is the result of not marrying off women at first blood. They turn into wild nymphomaniacs spreading faahishah in the land. The sin of woman is mighty indeed.

  5. "Behold! It is a snare of you women! truly, mighty is your snare!
    "O Joseph, pass this over! (O wife), ask forgiveness for thy sin, for truly thou hast been at fault!"
    Ladies said in the City: "The wife of the (great) ´Aziz is seeking to seduce her slave from his (true) self: Truly hath he inspired her with violent love: we see she is evidently going astray."

  6. Blame the nearest Bangladeshis or claim there's not enough evidence to charge Maldivians with a crime. Same old story, looking forward to seeing nothing done... again. When was the last time a man was convicted of rape in Maldives?

  7. Speaking from past experience: it is unlikely for the girl to get justice. This is one young kid against several sick men. This is the Maldives and I speak from past experience. When my girlfriend at the time (we were hoping to get married) got gang raped with the tacit acknowledgement of Isthafa Ibrahim Manik then in charge of prisons division I was the one who had to spend 3 months in jail. The incident took a while to build up and I was keeping Isthafa briefed of developments. He refused me permission to marry. Not because he was my father but because I was a prisoner serving a 13 year sentence for banishment.
    My prayers are with the girl.

  8. What will happen if this case goes to court?
    First not enough evidence to convict the accused. No witnesses
    Secondly, the men arrested will be described as good guys who would never do such a crime if not provoked.
    Thirdly the girl will be guilty of being outside so late and leaving these defenceless men no choice than to satisfy their desires.
    Finally the men will be released and the woman punished.
    Shameful justice.

  9. A 17 year old was gang raped on Monday night at around 10:00pm in the Maldives and five people arrested. On the news today and tomorrow what? Forgotten. That these rapists will be set free is as predictable as the sun rises and sets everyday. For lack of evidence the courts will let these rapists go free. And while this happens again and again the Parliament Committee responsible for the Penal Code Reform Bill and the Evidence Bill will sit on it as they have for the last two years and more and the Judiciary Services Commission will not question the judges who release these criminals and the Parliament Oversight Committee responsible for the conduct of the Judiciary Committee will not hold the JSC accountable for not taking action against judges who do not deliver justice.
    Who is accountable for what happened to this girl and all the other women who have been raped, violated and abused and the damage to their lives, their suffering and the suffering of their families ? No one. Every girl and woman who has been violated has been failed by these institutions and yet those who can make a difference to deliver justice put on their fresh shirts and flash ties and suits and go to work everyday, carrying their smart phones looking important , feeling important, taking their salaries, disconnected from the realities of lives ruined and lives taken while they do… nothing.
    What is so ironical about all this is that the person who sent these bills to parliament, who have campaigned tirelessly for social reform and judicial reform our elected President Nasheed was forced to resign from his elected position as President of the Maldives by a group of rogue police officers and army for taking an action deemed unconstitutional for taking into custody the judge who is responsible for the state of lawlessness in the country! Why I wonder did these officers so “dedicated” to the constitution not take action against those who have violated the constitutional right of our people to safety and justice and continue to violate these rights by obstructing judicial reform and neglecting to uphold the integrity of the judiciary?

  10. maybe there shd be not the statistic how many girls have been raped...maybe rather how many have NOT been raped...? would make more sense these days.

    Is there some kind of trendy porn or movie going around showing younger men that rape is the way to have sexual pleassure these days?


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