PPM leaves “national movement”

The government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has decided to part ways with the self-titled “National Movement” led by the religious conservative Adhaalath Party and senior government officials.

Speaking at today’s sitting of parliament, PPM MP Ahmed Mahloof revealed that the party’s council decided last night (December 24) to leave the movement out of concern that it was “moving in another direction”.

“I question today whether this campaign under the name of national movement is sincere or not,” Mahloof said. “I’m saying this because during the GMR issue, we said repeatedly that after that we should raise the issue of Nexbis [border control project]. But after that we saw them raise the issue of the People’s Majlis.”

Mahloof added that a speaker at a national movement rally on Sunday night “used obscene language” to attack PPM parliamentary group leader MP Abdulla Yameen.

The speaker in question accused MP Yameen of “threatening” the Adhaalath Party, during a rally held Sunday (December 23) to celebrate the first anniversary of the December 23 “mega-protest.”

Local media reported that the remarks led to heated exchanges between the speaker and PPM supporters, a number of whom left the area in protest.

In his speech following the incident, Islamic Minister Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, a senior leader of the Adhaalath Party, spoke in defence of MP Yameen and urged speakers to respect political leaders.

Meanwhile, in an appearance on private broadcaster DhiTV last week, Yameen suggested that intemperate rhetoric from senior government officials at rallies organised by the movement was responsible for strained ties with India.

Yameen further contended that the campaign by the national movement was not the reason behind the government’s decision to terminate the concession agreement with the GMR-led consortium.

The decision was backed by the political parties in the ruling coalition, Yameen noted, and questioned the wisdom and necessity of street protests led by senior government officials.

The “national movement” was born out of the unofficial December 23 coalition of eight political parties and an alliance of NGOs that rallied to “defend Islam” in late 2011 from the allegedly liberal policies and “securalisation agenda” of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Following the transfer of presidential power on February 7, the “civil alliance” led a campaign dubbed “Maldivians’ Airport to Maldivians” calling on the government to terminate the concession agreement with Indian infrastructure giant GMR to manage and modernise Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA).

However, the largest party in the ruling coalition, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), announced that it would not participate in the street protests. Moreover, senior leaders of other pro-government parties were noticeably absent from the anti-GMR protests and activities at the time.

Following the termination of the concession agreement, the national movement turned its attention to “reforming” the parliament and has organised poorly-attended rallies at the artificial beach in recent days.

At a rally last week, State Minister for Finance Abbas Adil Riza threatened to dissolve parliament. Riza criticised Speaker Abdulla Shahid for tabling a no-confidence motion in defiance of a Supreme Court injunction ordering parliament to halt secret voting pending a ruling on its constitutionality.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference today to announce PPM’s decision to leave the movement, MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla reportedly warned that the “national movement” could cause divisions in the ruling coalition and weaken the government.

The PPM interim deputy leader revealed that the decision was made after the party’s concerns were not addressed following discussions with the movement’s leaders.

PPM has appealed to the party’s members not to participate in the movement’s rallies and events.


8 thoughts on “PPM leaves “national movement””

  1. Is this news? This was as predictable as night follows day. Gayyoom and Yameen "used" the likes of Imran and other half-baked potatoes to overthrow the legally elected government and oust the Indian company GMR.

    With those objectives firmly achieved, there's no longer a need for the rhetoric from what PPM may consider as a lower class. Imran's five seconds of fame is over.

    There's more to come. Waheed the pawn sitting on the throne is next.

  2. Boy, now is the time the Sheikhs really feel like prostitutes.

    Used, abused and dumped!!!

    It smells like...

  3. 1. PPM is not immune from stupidity and dumbness as his moves reveals. First of all, "National Movement' is not a formal set up. Nothing is written.

    2. PPM is very scared that the NM will grow too popular and swallow Maumoon and marginalize PPM.

    3. There was really NO NEED WHAT SO EVER for PPM to be harsh about the NM. But if one looks deeply, this is a text book example of 'divide and rule' that had kept one guy as president for 30 years.

    4. If NM is smart, they can out popular PPM and sideline those backstabbers. All you need to do is to keep your momentum.

    Hope NM give PPM a taste of their poison.

  4. @PPM the Parasite on Tue, 25th Dec 2012 11:12 PM

    "If NM is smart, they can out popular PPM and sideline those backstabbers. All you need to do is to keep your momentum."

    You're forgetting that PPM and their backers were fuelling this so-called national movement. It was the perfect cloak for PPM to cover themselves whilst carrying out anything "unpleasant".

    Being smart is not something that this movement ever heard about. Their back is against the wall, and they know it which is why they've come out today proclaiming that Nexbiz should get out of the country.

    Of course, PPM has always used their divide and rule policy. They used the Ablo Gazee case to stir up a movement, whilst they masterminded the overthrow of the government from behind the scenes. They stoked the fire using Islamic rhetoric. Remember the calls to save Islam? Saving Islam from what? How's Islam in the Maldives different today, compared to a year ago?

    We do notice the fervour that PPM is bringing in councillors into their party. This is a modern manifestation of the old trick the Dictator used to hang onto power for 30 years. The councillors are the modern day equivalent of the old atoll chiefs and katheebs. Gayyoom's brother was kept in charge of keeping that lot under tabs and that served the Dictator pretty well.

    Those councillors aren't joining out of the goodness of their heart to serve their communities. They are being bribed left, right and centre with the promise of much fortune in the future. Same old tactics... the snake is weaving its way through the community.

  5. PPM and MDP inner circle like Jangiya and Rekko works together like in the 30 years!! Jesus Afeef, Zaki, Jabir, Mariya, Sarange is all from the same old boys! All of these criminals have total grip over Anni! And more over they got girls and boys for 'happy hour' around them of different colors! Enjoy the show! Imran and Shaheem thinks these people are different? Or Waheed is different?? Wake up!! Its all part of a big family rule!!

  6. How wonderful it is to see the enemy at each others' throats! As they fight each other, they will be left bleeding and unable to fight back when the people begin their fight for freedom!

  7. @PPM now you can blame the coup on leaders of National movement and Adalath. That would be the icing on the cake for PPM and get freed of these National Movement terrorists.

  8. This is no news; as already commented!

    MAG has a perpetual desire for the presidency! And also have the same habit of using disposable napkins.

    Dec 23 and NM brand, though he knew were smelly, he used them anyway!

    He cannot see any use in them! Especially when they smell s**t!


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