President appeals to MPs for “cooperation and support”

The president has appealed to opposition parties not to jeopardise the country’s nascent democratic system and put aside partisan politics, in his second presidential address on the opening of parliament.

He warned of the “consequences” should the government be forced to take to safeguard the country’s democratic system against “unlawful actions based on unrealistic hopes”, stating they would be borne “not only by this system of governance, but also by the opposition and we ourselves.”

“I don’t believe that any of us would want for that to happen. The sensible way would be to avoid falling into such personal rivalry and to build essential national foundations,” he said, calling on “the cooperation and support of the honourable Members of the People’s Majlis to transcend political turmoil and differences of thought and ideology.”


The president also spoke about addressing problems with the judicial system, promising that “this government will work tirelessly to solve the problems of delayed justice when people who are arrested and investigated are not prosecuted.”

He noted that the number of people who were sentenced and had their sentences enforced increased by 69.7 per cent last year compared to 2008, while the percentage of people involved in cases sent for prosecution increased by 88.2 per cent.

He also said the government would “redouble efforts to save generations of youth from strong addiction to
different kinds of hard drugs and free countless Maldivian families from this plague that has caused them so much grief and sorrow.”

He noted that the government had established branches of the prosecutor general’s office in the atolls.


The president asked that “beloved citizens who might harbour what might be considered extremist ideas and opinions to be moderate and soften their ways of thinking.”

“I call on all citizens to prioritise friendship and understanding for the harmony and progress of society,” he said.


The president appealed to MPs for “consideration and support” when he resubmitted amended legislation on decentralisation.

“This nation is in great need of the cooperation of this esteemed Majlis,” he said. “The Government desires to advance the principle of resolving matters through dialogue and deliberation with all political parties. At the moment, we must embark on many endeavours for this nation.

He said the government would also decentralise the country’s sports centres in the country and seek to organise a sea sport festival before 2012.

“In the coming two to four months, several projects are due to be started. I believe that if a framework to resolve issues through dialogue among the different political parties could be constituted, it would provide many benefits for the people.”

Nasheed appealed to the MPs to “talk to the Government so that the bills submitted by the government are speedily passed, even if it should be with amendments.”


Nasheed described the country’s outlook as “very clear, very joyous, as the Maldives passes the stages of consolidating democracy.

“With the grace of God, the government’s continued efforts to provide even more fulfilment and prosperity for the people will result in easing and enriching their lives further this year,” he said.


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  1. Pointing out each and every detail of what his government has achieved within the past one year or so, the president has given his presidential address at the opening of the parliament today. And what is lacking in his speech, is no big a secret. In a Muslim society, and even the government coalition, still using the religion as a tool, the MDP government has no promises for the Islam or the Muslims.

    The president has shown once again that he has nothing to do with the Islamic faith of his country. Or should I say, he is afraid of it. It has a similarity with the case where President Obama tried to hide the "Hussein" in his name.

    "What is the use of "Ministry of Islamic affairs" then?" asked one of my friends? Even though the government tries to implant the secularism they want, they are still incapable of doing so.
    But let us not forget what ALLAH has promised us. "Their intention is to extinguish Allah's light (by blowing) with their mouths: but Allah will complete (the Revelation of) His light, Even though the unbelievers may detest (it)."(Al Quran, Assff: 61:8)

  2. I find President Nasheed's words are still in retaliation and show the power.In his words as a common man I don't find any signs of nation building , compromise and reconciliation. To grab the power he has divided this nation and he is responsible for it now.He himself and his associates like Dhivehi Observer and Minivan news had done lot work to character assassination of many people in this country.

  3. RI, The President gave his last radio address on the history of Maldivian Islamic Jurisprudence. Of course he's afraid of Islam!

    The President did a wonderful job attempting to promote moderate political growth and to offer a conciliatory hand towards opposition groups. If he is willing to compromise, and if DRP is as well, then legislation can be brought to benefit the people of Maldives.

    Otherwise, the blame for lack of progress will fall on DRP as well.

  4. well said by 'Ekaloa'

    The nascent democracy of Maldives is crying for Nation building, conciliation and compromise. If that is not done, democracy would be lost for ever.

    Retaliation and vengeance are not qualities of good leaders. Revenge is the preoccupation of small minds. Its a cheap political tactic.

  5. R.I, I agree with you that President Nasheed has nothing to do with the Islamic faith of his country. However, thats where our agreement ends, because I believe the President or anybody for that matter should have nothing to do with the faith of the people. Faith is something between the individual and whatever deity he or she chooses to believe in. There is no role for a thrid party in faith.

  6. History has shown that even those who rose to power with good intentions soon became corrupt. They took advantage of their position to enrich themselves and their family and friends. Then in order to protect their wealth and power, they silenced those who threatened their authority. As one injustice led to another, and as their friends became fewer,they grew increasingly paranoid and oppressive

  7. I do not see why the president has to talk about 'Islam' in his presidential address anymore than he needs to talk about 'Dhivehin'.

    I would rather a Ministry for Islamic Affairs than an Independent council for Islam even though both are unnecessary.

  8. Written speeches are always inspiring. but...The fact remains, after almost a year in the seat, the president, his office and his cabinet still has no clear outline of how to manage the country.

    PPP regime is a big mismanaged, amateur poorly thought through process!

    1-international parties expressed interest for airport/no one showed up to bid on submission date.
    2-many education institutions proposed for PPPs and only 2 ad hoc parties were awarded contracts
    3- transportation network given to locals and political allies - they operate nothing more than a dingy ferry no different than those we take to go to male international airport from male. but well hey, guess what, for operating the atoll ferry, the bid winners are given an exclusive resort island. airport ferry operators should protest.
    4- housing, MOUs and more MOUs. ad hoc approaches no clear strategy again typical of this govt.
    5 - tourism - making a huge mess out of it. resorts being given straight from President office without tourism min being involved! alcohol license approved for guest houses and then again revoked. all this uncertainty by the govt is repelling investors
    6- communication - ofcourse the president is getting alot of woos for his article in times and his international stand on global warming and maldives going under. but have we received any money from all this to help build this govt - nothing even close to significant. but in the process, has raised insurance premiums almost by double when it comes to insuring investment as all believe maldives will go down under and charge higher to secure the risk.

    i think to say the least, this govt is going towards a massive brick wall, after another 24 months or so, theyll hit it and realize the outcome of the poorly structured work theyve done and panic to rework their mistakes by the time of the next presidential election.

  9. @ salim fili waheed: sine when do muslims get afraid of islam?? maybe its a condition atheists/secularists like you suffer from.

  10. The President is trying to build a nation where there was none. And only a man of great perseverence and regard for the good of Dhivehin can even attempt nation building. Everyone else? Well...

  11. who cares if pres nasheed talk about islam or not? religion is between u & God. its nothing to do with the president. stupid maldivians

  12. The speech was SCARY. President Nasheed openly announced that he would take undemocratic measures if necessary to snuff out any hopes or dreams by the opposition to weaken the government through unconstitutional means. He went on to describe how individuals will get hurt and the country's democratic system will get destroyed when his government "raises its hoofs" to protect against any attempts to obstruct the work of the government in the run up to the elections.

    We have a dictator in the making.

  13. Sorry... My bad. I was typing fast. I meant to say:

    RI, The President gave his last radio address on the history of Maldivian Islamic Jurisprudence. Of course he’s NOT afraid of Islam!

    And "Jef-Fagoty"
    Sorry bro, I like girls. I have no fear of Islam. I love my faith and have confidence in my destiny. I know my place in this world. Do you?

    As for the "Fili" - Do you see me running? Do you see my father running? My father might be above calling your this crap, but I'm not. I have no problem telling it how it is. Does that scare you?

    The President did a wonderful job with his opening address.

  14. Mr President , no matter how forceful you call to the "deaf" ears of opposition they won't stop playing devils advocate.Jealousy and envy is what drives them and it seems to be an inseperable part of their ideology, born out of Egypt's pyramids...:-D

  15. We all know the state has 3 functions. Executive (government), Legislative (parliament), Judiciary (Courts).

    The function of the government is to provide/facilitate basic services. Basic services include food, water, housing, health, education, employment, security for people and their belongings, etc.

    Where Islam is concerned the government allocates land and money to build mosques. Islam is included in the National Curriculum of the country and is taught accordingly.

    I don't see any reason why President Nasheed has to even mention the word "Islam" in his speech.

    I don't think the President should say in the Presidential Address "Oh people, In the past year, x% people has started praying, x% mosques become full at x prayer times, x% sermons have been delivered, x% Islamic workshops and Dharus have been held. So the Islamic faiths of Maldivians are now strengthened by x% percent. And as a result x% people would go to heaven and I’m so sorry to say x% would go to hell...".

    After all, isn’t the vision of all Muslims is living in heaven?

    I wonder what exactly do we want President Nasheed to do in relation to Islam? Go to the mosque and pray for the people? Give sermons and preach? Give religious lectures? And recite prayers every morning and night over the State TV and radio?

    We had a President before who is the sole authority of Islam and who used it as a tool to maintain his power.

    President Nasheed's job is to lead the function of the government. And given the situation of the country when he took over and under the current political climate I would say he has performed quite well.

    As a Head of State President Nasheed has responsibilities outside the government too.

    That is written as Article 115 (page 55) of the Constitution.

    As the Head of State, it is the President's responsibility to make the Parliament responsible to implement the constitution.

    Look at the 3rd Chapter (Page 27) of the Constitution.

    The Dhivehi word for “legislature” is called "Gaanoon hedhumuge Baaru" It is not called "Sarukaaru Zimmaadhaaru Kurumuge Baaru" or “making the government responsible”

    Look at Article 70, its name and what's written under "Haa" and "Shaviyani"

    When I make a critical analysis of the following points, what President Nasheed said in his Presidential Address regarding the Parliament is well justified.

    1.What are the bills required to implement the Constitution?

    2.What was included in the agenda for each parliamentary session since 28th May 2009?

    3.How much time did the MPs spent on bills on the Parliament floor?

    4.How much time did the MPs spent on Motions and Petitions and other things (excluding bills)?

    5.What are the issues/circumstances surrounding these Motions and Petitions?

    6.How closely connected are the issues/circumstances of these Motion and Petitions with bills directly linked to government's 5 promises?

    7.How many bills discussed in the Majilis since 28th May 2009 is related to government's 5 promises and is this relationship strong or weak?

    8.What were the outcomes of these Motions and Petitions? Did it help solve any problems for any Maldivian or a community

    9.What problems would arise if the decision made by MPs on the Motions and Petitions were implemented?

    10.What's the total amount of time the Parliament spend on the floor since 28 March 2009?

    11.Among the 77 MPs, who attended the Parliament sessions and committee meetings?

    12.What's the total number of hours each MP sat in the Parliament sessions?

    13.How much money was spent on each MP as salary, allowance, remuneration, travel, etc?

    14.What was said by each MP during the debate? How objective and productive are they? How closely linked is what they said to the topic under discussion?

    15.How well did the speaker follow the standing orders of the Parliament?

    I'm sure what I have written is something that most of the people who read this site already know.


  16. I'll never understand the insecurity of some Muslims.

    They can't sit easy just because the President didn't mention it twice in every sentence.

    Relax people, nobody is taking away your religion.

  17. Just shut your mouths and enjoy the beautiful presidency........... love Anni


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