President condemns weekend wave of gang violence

A spate of recent stabbings has prompted President Mohamed Nasheed to condemn rising violence in Male’.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said confirmed that yesterday afternoon a man was stabbed and injured in his chest and back, while two other men were stabbed on Saturday night.

Newspaper Haveeru reported simultaneous outbursts of violence near Athama Palace and Maafaanu Stadium on Saturday evening while the third victim was stabbed just outside Galolhu police station on Sunday. A 14 year old boy was also stabbed eight times on Friday evening, the newspaper reported, after he was reportedly mistaken by a gang for somebody else.

Haveeru reported police as saying the incidents were linked and involved the same gangs. Approximately 40 people were arrested for violent behaviour, police told Haveeru, expressing concern that they could only effectively combat such violence if severe punishment was imposed on those found guilty.

President Mohamed Nasheed condemned today string of violent attacks, saying he was “shocked and appalled”, and instructed Minister of Home Affairs Mohamed Shihab to make the matter “a high priority.”


25 thoughts on “President condemns weekend wave of gang violence”

  1. You must arrest the gang leaders first and such others who finance these gangs.

  2. why is the present concerned about the people who incited violence and attcked nazim and police officers after zakir nikes show. aswell the enormous amounts of internet media calling for violence and blood shed for religion. and why not condemns zakir nike for justifying terrorism and glorifying osma bin ladins acts

  3. Hahahaha.. Condemn... Keep Condemning... Take no action... Just keep condemning...

  4. Mr.President, I also condemn these horrendous acts and lawlessness. But the difference of me and you is, you need not condemn this only, you are elected to take immediate bold actions. But you seems busy only involving more PR issues like parading retired old people in public gatherings to show that you help them. Mr.President please don't try to fool us every time, do something to bring law and order in this country.

  5. Wonder how all secularist will solve this matter of gang violence. Please do tell us all the great secular options to punish criminals for crimes such as this.

    As a Muslim, I look towards Islam for answer as I should. If you have shariah law which is properly implemented, it will wipe out these crimes the day after it is declared or after the first dumb person tries to actually test Islamic Law in action. Ofcourse the government must start to actually act like men. For the past year they have been only talking tough and just as Western politicians are great in talking tough, they are the worst in actually solving social problems since western democracy does nothing to solve issues permanently. It only stops something temporarily. However, Islam can make sure that crimes do not occur ever again.

    So lets see secularist come up with a reason why their ways have failed since the current government is a democratic government and the Home Minister is ruling under the policy of democracy and human rights. 😉

    Even though Anni is a great character and person in my opinion. He has been so patient with all these internal politics by MPs which is destroying the country. Yet, for the next election we all should vote for an Islamic party which will rule by Islamic Law, especially when there is overwhelming evidence. If Adhaalath can promise these things, I am sure many will support them and vote for them in the next election. But these promises must be made publicly. Insha Allah let us all be guided and let the wrongdoers in our society be punished and the victims be given justice.

  6. i feel its just lack of education over the past years that a huge % of our youth have chosen the path of drug and gang forming. it will be very difficult to stop this gang fights even if one tries unless authorities can really go blind and just don't follow any law. make who ever they catch disapear or put on jail. But in todays world and in our Law this is not possible. No one is guilty unless its proven .

    These gang fights and crime committing ppl are not just taking there action without thinking. They know very well the law and all there moves and the plan for the attack is well planned.

    just like in any other country these are serious organized crime. Where they know the law , and what there action is and how to escape within the law without being convicted.

    Present gov have been desperately trying to solve the problem and convict these criminals but as these criminals are not dumb its not a very easy task.

    Our beloved Nation is not only facing this social issue , we now have more serious issues developing in our community.

    In the Name of Islam Adhaalath party and many other have been disrupting and playing total mockery on this country for just benifit of there political stand . Why they are also power hungry.

    We are all muslims we need to be told and educated to an extend as we are normal public. But what i see right now is creating so much dividend in our country.

    Our country is on a self destructive path now. just like Pakistan , afganistan .. with ppl mentality growing on western vs islamic.

    i dont think this is right. we are following and we are writing the laws of the way the gov should rule the country .

    We dont have to put the whole islamic platform as 1000's years of back . as logically we will not survive or we cannot do so many things just in the name of islam . There are resources and ways to control and punish even though we dont just do exact same punishment or act as on islamic law. it doesn't mean we dont respect our religion or we have a doubt about it.

    We need to act with this socials issues soon. develop and plan some program to council all the gang fight teenagers even if they are not convicted , make some arrangement for them to make something out of themselves and see the opportunities around them , rather then wasting time and getting high on weeds and picking up fight just to make a mark.

    these are just small kids mostly , i know very well about these people who makes group and fighting.

    I hope Prez Nasheed will put some thoughts with his clever mind to produce a way to help these hopeless kids.

    And i hope Our country will stop this growing religious chaos and just be normal human being who embrace islam and be good muslims. not adopt taliban version of islam. I hope Adhaalath will not succeed ever with there dirty politics.

  7. Mr president condemning these violence wouldn't help the general public, if your commissioner of police is incompetent in dealing with drug lords and violence in this tiny country , please tell him to step aside .. in comparison to dictator's 30 years and your mr president 1 and half years,( the human rights defender anni) is 75% more, as we all agree freedom to live is more valuable to a human than the so called freedom of expression that your so proudly boast in international media.. so please don't fool the public, your presidential decree is enough to handle these situation, isolate these hooligans from the community, and take them somewhere that they can be kept with hard labour in an industrial zone until they behave in a manner which suit to live with humans, cause i remember when someone is stabbed in male the MDP activists gather near all hospitals calling the resignation of home minister and commissioner of police and the public believed that MDP was genuine to their course to eliminate the violence in this country, unfortunately we got an opposition that's more disoriented like a circus team which is no use in pressuring the government on our safety and security

  8. Here we go again.. Islam is the answer to everything, some people claim!! Yet, all them good muslim palestinians can't even secure their own land.. how do we expect islam to stop gang violence in Maldives, when Allah can't seem to even help the Palestinians??

  9. Mr President the time for condemnation is long gone. Instructing Home Minister to make top priority is gone past. We need hard action. Public has lost confidence on the police. All we see is the crimals who are caught are back on the street in a matter of days.Mr President what took you so long to condem while may of our loved ones have already lost their lives. Why is th Home Minister hiding from all these. Police Commissioner & Home Minister must take the full responsibilty and they have already proved incapable for their positions and is time to replace them.

    It appears until your condemnation today,the criminal activities on slaughtering innocent lives has never been a top priority of the Home Minister.

  10. To Hell with Adaalath.. They are just power hungry. Nothing more.. All in the name of Islam.. If they are genuine then why should Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari bid for an Alcohol and Pork selling resort..

    Hypocrites we are all.. If Sharia Law can solve anything then there will be no bullying and killings in north Pakistan. There nothing people unless they have the commitment to solve things.

    "It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required"

  11. Muad MZ: how do u the rest of the world solves it? check UK and japan for example. They are secular nations

  12. too late to condemn ..just take the 'jalukudhin' back to jail (hurage)..simple isnt it???..

  13. Mr President, Condemn? thats all you can do? Ask your Home Minister to step down, he has better thigs to do at home rather than chatting online in the office. He is a useless person...what did he do to improve the violece in Male'?

  14. "Wonder how all secularist will solve this matter of gang violence. Please do tell us all the great secular options to punish criminals for crimes such as this."

    The voice of ignorance seeks to look at crime through the lens of religious bigotry as well.

    Like many Maldivians know, the criminal gangs are well funded by the drugs business, and supported by powerful politicians.

    The 'secular' - or common sense - approach would be to allow the Police service to bust these politician-criminal nexus.

    Unfortunately, neither the current government, nor the previous government has any intention of doing it.

    Also, you DO realize that fundamentalists of all hues LOVE to blame everything on the lack of large scale adoption of their fanaticism.

    Even Christian fundies in the west openly declare Christianity as the 'soluation' to humanity's problems. After all the Ten Commandments include 'Thou Shalt not Kill', and anti-adultery messages,etc.

    So would adopting Christian fundamentalism solve all of the Maldives' problems?

    Absolutely not.

    Fundamentalist fanaticism is just another useful tool for politicians to get the violence they need.

    The 'peaceful' Muslims publicly calling out for butchery and murder of a brave Dhivehi man the other day is enough example.

  15. We don't need to be secular to solve those problems. What Muad is talking about is a complete disregard for the due process and human rights. He is talking about a regime of repression, torture, intolerance and violence. Except this will be violence by the state. Violence that will not always discriminate between who is guilty and who is innocent.

    I am not advocating a secular state, however, we do not need "conservative religious laws" in order to ensure order. We just need to enforce the laws we have in place and give the police greater investigative powers. Make sure that the evidence bill is actually comprehensive so that the laws in place are relevant to the issues that we are trying to deal with. Instead of neglecting the rule of law as Muad states, we embrace it. We protect it. and we promote the rule of law. We promote human rights and the rights of all individuals. So that women can walk down our streets without fear of harassment. So that a child can sleep in comfortably in his/her bed without fear of abuse. So that violence and intolerance is eradicated from our society. Insha'allah the next election will choose a party that is not religious fanatics. Insha'allah the next election will protect our culture and heritage. Insha'allah we will choose true safety instead of fear and repression.

  16. too late to condemn man,take action. if your home minister cant do it get someone else who can ...

  17. Dear MinivanNews

    Dig into your archives there will be an article about police reform in which a Scotland Yard consultant had advised Maldives police on steps to be taken to curb street crimes. This article was critical of the police chief for not implementing the measure that were suggested. Its almost 2 years since the change of government and knife crimes has gone up with no convictions in the previous 7 years.The statics are not available on the police website to show how helpless they are in dealing with gang violence. The home minister now Mohamed Shihab has almost the same approach as the previous regimes Abdulla kamaludeen. When the home minister has 4 body guards with him it shows how vulnerable common man is to these gangs.I walk on the street knowing that I might be mistaken for a gag member and attacked any moment. I cant send 4 bodyguards in a blacked out sedan to pick my kids or my spouse from work. I cant have a jeep tailing me every time I go for shopping or to the fish market. The talk has been talked for so long, just the president condemning is not enough. Use the forensics or whatever and convict the killers. Appeasement to the gangs is seen everywhere. For instance Henveiru park is occupied by these people as there own land with private electricity,gardens and game centers. Who said that democracy and free press means that you cant be critical of the goverment policies or there mismanagement.

  18. @Muad MZ, it is not senseless or useless to comment the way you see it. Also it is also not astonishing to see contradictions by them who believe in Human Rights that perhaps derives out of INHUMANE RIGHTS!

    Maldives have witnessed results when Sharia Law was implemented. The outcome was not at all palatable to the high ranking community.

    When laws of Islams were applied it was the BEYFULHU community that were getting exposed. The reality of these are too dirty to be written on paperback!

    Condemnation process have been ongoing ever since Maumoon saw a dim light of "him loosing power" and selected a "dirty dozen" who would at any given time will outdo the SS operation commanders or the Holocaust Terminators to put real fear into peoples!

    I totally agree with @Shah! Condemnation has to stop now!

    It is proven that ACTION speaks LOUDER than words!

    If nothing can be done by the elected and selected bodies, at the next occurrence, the people should come out to the street, gather somewhere, get organized and start implementing PEOPLE'S LAW!


  19. The insecurity is the main problem for the citizens. The numbers of homicides and personal injuries place us, at present, as one of the most dangerous country on our region. This situation is particularly felt in the popular sectors, where there are areas with "???" imposed by the antisocial. Against this, the government response has been inefficient in dealing with the situation, prioritizing the repressive policies that has been amply demonstrated, are as inadequate as counterproductive.

    Despite the magnitude and importance of citizen insecurity, a review of the available literature, as well as speeches by the various political actors, reveals another reality: the absolute incomprehension of the phenomenon. A strange consensus that efforts should be emphasized in resizing and re-educating the golhaa force. This orphan of vision and speech is particularly visible in the groups of so called street gangs, who reduced the edges of insecurity to the shirt of strength of the ideology. In contrast, the levels of violence experienced by the country lay bare and show our crisis as a society: the absence of a shared project and the absolute erosion of the economic and cultural model based on the tourism revenues. An understanding of the different dimensions of the problem would then pave the different ways to reverse it.
    Urban violence is a global problem first is structural in nature, dealing with macro social processes of long duration, being consider the one that houses the factors of the origin of the violence. At this high level , the rise of urban inequality of education and employment, as well as the increase of the social aspirations; the changes in the family structure and the loss of vigour of the religion as a factor of social control.

    The gap between rich and poor is the largest issue. Educational improvement has not been translated into better opportunities for their employment or to improve their living standards. The vague and inadequate integration into the society of this mass of school teenagers has been a major source of violence . The formal labour market have the same expectations . Unlike previous generations, Raffushu origin was transformed by the migration to Male, young people today-the main victims and protagonists of violence- grew up in Male where the mass culture imposed on them targets of consumption. Therefore, in different social strata, there are similar expectations but there are different possibilities to fulfil them. The families, meanwhile, has weakened in its function of social control by the transformations it has suffered in recent decades. Among the principals of these transformations are the increase of families with a single father or mother and the fact that both must meet a workday away from home. One consequence of this situation is that young people should grow up in the street, available to professional criminals. Finally, culture has ceased to be an inhibiting force to violence, and the decline of its influence has not been replaced by a human moral that discourages murderer behaviour.

    Model of violence is one of medium type in the body of society, with a less structural root than the previous one and where special situations contribute to increased violence by encouraging a kind of behaviour that exacerbates it. These situations are segregation and urban density, the market of drug traffic and the patriarchal culture of machismo, motivating conflict and attacks because of the lack of space for proper development of life and creating territories of tortuous architecture, setting the path to the growth of criminal gangs. The culture of masculinity prevalent in the continent has favoured the violent actions and exposure to violence. This macho culture takes a special dimension during adolescence, a period in which it builds the identity of those who do not want to be the subject of ridicule and disrespect because of show an "inappropriate" behaviour. Thus, the culture of "respect", the recognition of manhood from his peers, becomes relevant, so the characteristic of "being violent" is a way to grow and to have recognition in that context. Ultimately, the market for drugs-far more than their own consumption- has proven to be a great catalyst for violence. The territorial control of the selling spaces, by the sellers, is the source of hundreds of victims . Moreover, this market brings another dark side: the chain of institutional justice, which is corrupted and neutralized by politicians and promote impunity at all levels.

    that facilitate violent behaviours, making them more damaging and lethal, enable and empowering them. Excessive consumption of alcohol, which acts as a liberator of inhibition, reducing barriers and repressions that culture has internalized in the individual. the incapacity of verbal expression of the feelings. Those who can not express their discomfort with words express it with physical acts. In this way they implement to themselves a mechanism that substitutes their feelings and desires.

    the presidential speech has suggested justifications for certain crimes, such as drug Cartels ,homicides,gang violence by necessity, but counterpart's policies have prioritized the punitive aspect. To this picture we need to add the different steps, taken at various levels, to minimize the problem and disguise the statistics. Although they are not the only indicator to take in mind, they do represent a figure to control the totality. During the years 2007 to 2010 authorities did not disclose proper numbers of homicides occurred in the country, which is a violation of the right to information present in the Constitution, and hinders any work of social oversight of the public policies on citizen security.

    In a context of political violence -symbolic, verbal and real- and the social polarization, gang violence and police violence will tend to increase. However, the dismantling of it all, must pay attention to their social origins and understand that their main breeding ground is poverty and inequality of the population. To live in peace and end violence would require a real changes of judicial system, overhauling corrupted police and to implement law and order .

  20. @Muad MZ

    "Wonder how all secularist will solve this matter of gang violence. Please do tell us all the great secular options to punish criminals for crimes such as this."

    I live in Finland, which is practically a secularist society, and we don't have any problems with gangs or gang violence. Of course we do have violence here, but also a very effective system to combat it, and no religion is involved. (Except a lot of former criminals seem to become born-again Christians in prison. Funny, isn't it?)

    "As a Muslim, I look towards Islam for answer as I should. If you have shariah law which is properly implemented, it will wipe out these crimes the day after it is declared or after the first dumb person tries to actually test Islamic Law in action."

    You know, there are a lot of people in this world who need protection from Islamic law...

    "However, Islam can make sure that crimes do not occur ever again."

    I wish Islam could also make sure that young Muslim men in all corners of the world don't waste their lives by blowing themselves (and other people) up for silly religious and ideological reasons. I wish.

  21. ANNI, tell you something?

    Any layman could condemn these things. Are you also LAYMAN?

    "Blow the head off" of one of the convicted killers in full public view and let's see who gets to kill even a dirty rat? Oops! Sorry we need to kill all the dirty rats!

  22. We are greatful to President Nasheed for the kind concern he showed for us during his recent stopover in Maldives, by condemning the growing violency that we ordinary Maldivians face on a daily basis. It is so kind of him to give us a thought while he is so busy with his foreign travels on our money and while his family is protected (ofcourse with with our money).

  23. Its such an easy thing to criticize. I think its not just this past 2 years the majority of youth have choosed to get addicted with drugs and form gangs and all the under ground activities. All this happen over the past 30 years. even if one wants to desperately point finger and twist it all to Mr. President no one will believe on this.

    Its all so easy to criticize , why Mr.President cant controll why he only condems . why this that ... we all know its not an easy task and it cannot be controll instantly even if one geniunly wants to stop it .

    It requires a long term plan and to make lot of policies which will be out of the law even if one wants to control . ignore what NGO's and human rights or others talks . for eg. how Sri lanka President Acted in regard with LLTE. Ignoring so many issues which will come infront of President.

    But Our contries opposition will not let this method even work . they will be watching and waiting for such drastic actions to be taken for them to make it political issue.

    With just this point now we cant put the blame on our Present gov . unless oppositions are ready to support and go to any extend with the gov in order to stop gang violence.

    Maybe it will be a good thing all the opposition can suugest Mr. President to act in this manner and let him know they will back him on this matter

  24. @Salim Waheed

    ..and InshaAllah, we will not elect any birds landing in for a worm and their hypocritical offsrping whose name sticks on both sides of the fence!
    By the way..insha allah means God willing!


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