”President will not hold mid-term elections”: Zuhair

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair has said that President Mohamed Nasheed will not hold mid-term elections, as pledged.

This was for two reasons, Zuhair told Minivan News: “Firstly it is not in the constitution, and secondly, when one makes a pledge to someone, and if recipient of the pledge did not repay the sincerity of the person making the pledge, he does would not have to fulfill it.”

Leader of the Dhivehi Qaumy Party(DQP) and former advisor to the President Dr Hassan Saeed claimed yesterday during an appearance on VTV’s ‘Hot Seat’ programme that the reason why MDP won the presidential election was the party’s promise of a mid-term election.

Zuhair claimed that the people who was trying to make the president hold mid-term elections were trying to gain fame in the political field.

”It is a pledge the president and vice president made during the campaign,” he acknowledged. ‘But after the recipient betrayed the person who made the pledge, it’s not wise to turn back and say ‘What about your promise?’.”

Zuhair claimed that when Dr Saeed was given a position as the president’s advisor, he acted in opposition to the government.

”He refused to come out for work,” Zuhair said, ”and then he started to act like an opposition leader.”

Vice President of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Umar Naseer said it was “a must” for the government to hold mid-term elections.

Umar said that the people voted President Nasheed to power for “only two and a half years.”

”People voted Nasheed because he said he would hold mid-term elections,” Umar said. ”The President said that to increase the number of his constituents, and people elected him because of [the pledge].”,”

He said that it was constitutional to hold the mid-term elections.

”President and Vice President can resign in a letter according to the constitution article 121 [a] and [b],” Umar explained.

He said the president was afraid to hold the mid-term election because he was confident that he would not get elected.

Leader of DQP Hassan Saeed and the party’s Secretary General Abdulla Ameen did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


9 thoughts on “”President will not hold mid-term elections”: Zuhair”

  1. It proves that the deputy leader (Umaru) of DRP is not aware of the current constitution. It says that the president will have a five(5) year term and one can have a maximum of 2 five year terms. Umar better act within the constitution of the republic of Maldives.

  2. Umaru should only speak for himself.How could he say people only voted Nasheed for two and half years? I certainly voted the pair for a full electoral term.

  3. maybe our president didnt know whats in the constitution then..he was too desperate n now hes too greedy to leave the office...verikamuge 'shehen shaahuga jehifa innavaa raees ah salaam..

  4. hey hey he said "alhugandu dhauru ge medhuthereyn THIYA EMME BEYFULHUNNAH mid term election eh bavva dheynan"..he promised citizens of Maldives not to Hassan Saeed..i voted him cos i blved in him then.,bahaa amalu dhimaakurey..

  5. Hey Nazeer, no body is interest with that story. It's already been circulated in the media, and everyone know that there id no mid-term election. What's news in that story. I suggest you go for fishing and bla bla blaaaaaa.

  6. i campaigned for a mid term elections. but since the countries budget doesnt not give ground and also the political parties has proved to be too immature for this...
    right now anni is doing a great job. he paid the old, universal health care is on the corner, schools are getting better, less drugs are on the road, people are free to speak out without fear, foreign aid is at record high, crimes rates falling, are reacting better in emergencies,
    basically there is no reason to hold a vote right now, other than the fact that some are loosing the cosmetic surgery they put on for the last elections and the actual colors are coming out...

  7. A mid-term election would have been ideal, but after a treacherous 30 year dictatorship, could it be possible?
    The curse of it unfortunately has not lifted off from our midst!
    It is possible that a mid-term election could have or may have been held if we had real "statesmen" or even healthy "politicians" who genuinely would bring in a good governance system.
    But what we see are an opposition crazy to come back to power so that they could bury the dirty work they have done in the past which could be raveled any time if the current government desire but are restraining for positive reasons if I may not be wrong!
    Sounding big for sake of fame is not sufficient to over ride facts of life!

  8. yes umaru u are most popular politician. dont think even ur entire family voted for u. HAAAR HAAAARR 🙂


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