Releasing of convicted criminals will not increase crime rate, says Zuhair

The impending release of close to 400 convicts will not result in a spike of crime rates in Male’, Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair insisted today, citing research conducted over the past few years.

Zuhair explained that based on the screening process the 400 prisoners to be pardoned were unlikely to become repeat offenders.

“Our statistics show that there will be nearly 400 convicted criminals that have been granted a second chance,” Zuhair said. “Out of the 119 people released on a previous occasion only two people had to be taken back to prison for committing an offence.”

Zuhair added that the inmates will be released on the condition that they would be returned to prison to complete the rest of their sentences if they committed any sort of offence in the next three years.

Apart from being hired for government jobs, the released inmates would be required to participate in rehabilitation programmes as well as national service programmes over the next two years.

In his address to the nation on Independence Day, President Mohamed Nasheed announced that close to 400 youth currently serving sentences would be offered “a second chance” and released from prison.

He explained that in classifying the 400 convicts to be freed, priority was given to inmates with serious illnesses and those who could pursue higher education or be trained to acquire new skills.

400 inmates represent almost half the Maafushi prison population in 2009.

“A rehabilitation programme will be established for those who meet the conditions and will be rejoining society under the second chance,” Nasheed said. “The basic purpose of this programme is to train them, find job opportunities for them and to ensure that they become people who are beneficial to their families.”

Speaking to press at the President’s Office today, Zuhair said that the government was grateful for the efforts of minority opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) to undermine the support President Nasheed has from the international community.

“They have said they will try and lessen the support President has in the international community and we are very grateful for that because the DQP has been working very hard as the opposition,” Zuhair said. “However the President has many invitations from other countries but he does not attend unless it is so important that it could not be dismissed.”

Zuhair said that the President had been scheduled to visit Seychelles, France, America and the UK this year on official trips which would be funded by the inviting nation.

On the allegations made by opposition parties that the government’s policies risked undue influence of foreign powers in the Maldives, Zuhair suggested that such claims sprang from the government’s decision to sign a concession agreement to hand over management of Male’ International Airport to Indian infrastructure giant GMR.

“Those who opposed to the agreement should have rather filed a lawsuit in court rather than protesting on the streets,” he said.


17 thoughts on “Releasing of convicted criminals will not increase crime rate, says Zuhair”

  1. This mad dog from Fuahmulaku Jameel rants baseless untruthful things. Most of us are of that this dog Jameel is on payroll of shortburu Champa and Buruma. This loony does not talk of any constructive things. Be assured loony Foahmulaku Jameel no Maldivian will support you in any kind of election. Go home and cultivate yam in your island.

  2. President's PR claims that he has not, cannot and will not do any wrong. So what? That's his job. His statements are not news if not properly analyzed.

    The statement regarding the DQP is just infantile strutting. What is this? A schoolyard?

    The youth vote truly is important. We shall have to wait and see what effect this ill-thought-through popularity-seeking project will have.

  3. Well Mr Zuhair, if you guys are that sure of all these Pateys you all are releasing from prison, why dont you all MDP members keep them all in your houses with your families? You will all see how safe they are in few days. If they really stay good and don't commit any crime, then let them come into our society or else send them back to the prison from where they came from. This absolutely a crazy thing you guys are doing, releasing a bunch of criminals back into society just because they say they will be good. How much can you trust people like them, high profile criminals and drug addicts. These people are going to create havoc in our society if released like this. They should have undergone an intense rehab and various therapy sessions before been allowed to even think of coming back or allowed entry back into the society.

  4. It is with pleasure I heard the news of 400 of our brothers and sister are being released from Jail, I truly hope they will join the society as reformed people and strive to make their friends and relations proud of them and live amongst us, as good citizens of Maldives.

    This is a good opportunity for them to show the skeptics that they are wrong, however, if those release go back to bad old ways and make mischief in the society it would be such a sad day,for the good citizens of this country.

    Oh Allah, Please help them to live like good Muslims amongst us. Amen.

  5. Time will tell what will happen to the crime rate.
    When the country's newspapers and their websites (except Miivan News) will become filled with crime news, we don't need a rocket scientist to tell us that crime rates have increased.

  6. So you are the culprit behind all these criminal activities in Maldives. If u manage to control them.

  7. Press Secretary Zuhair was himself a drug addict (locally know was Paatey's) for a longtime. Still not sure if he is out of it!! Mr.Zuhair is a wild cannon! and have no brain and does more damage to the exisiting regime when he cough, breath, sneez and talks!! God bless us all and protect us from these funny characters!

  8. What they are trying hard is to take us to other Maldives.In there the citizens will suffer like hell in earth.This is the outcome of good governance.This is dream that we are waiting for and the changes we brought.

    When we are entering to holy month of ramazan these idiots wants to suffer us more.JUST WAIT N SEE.They are are welcoming us to street crimes,robery,drug deals,rapes, name it we gonna face it.
    They should be not talking but taking action to bring down the inflation in this counry to help all the citizen to enjoy the holy month of Ramazan.
    Sooner they will sign more MOU's with multi companies to brain wash the citizens of Maldives.But to be honest we had enough.No one will litsen the current government and their false promises.
    We all know that more promoses will start and even they will phisically start different mega projects before we enter 2013.But the reality is no second chance will be given to MDP.MDP has failed and they have proved it to all citizen of Maldives and international community.No matter what MDP does and how hard they try.They are corrupted and failed.
    This is the feelings of MDP members and the supporters.
    MDP has queezed the whole population and swallowed all the liquids in it.
    Allah may bless our nation and it citizen and protect us from all these evils and shaitans.GOODBYE MDP AND ITS LEADERSHIP.THE MOMENT OF THRUTH IS NOT FAR AWAY FROM US.IT AS CLOSE AS 2013.

  9. Gajaa ge verikan, thee gayoom ves revenge nagee, nasheedu vess. zuhairu faru faharu mathin Ammalu ge oriyaan fhoto ge mas alehga jalah leem, kalay wes badal hifanee.

  10. Zuhair is a drug addict created by the His Excellency Maouoon Abdul Gayoom's Brother in Law His Highness Illiyas Ibrahim at that time who was the defense
    screw up minister. Why? its so simple, Zuhair was better in bed and the competent minister leaks as you look at wet paradise.

  11. Well Zuhair , what are you on?? Any sane person will know and understand that you are talking out of your arse! what a load of pure shite! Why don't you just go right ahead and give convicted repeat criminals a huge slap on their hand and tell to go sit on the nauty seat too while you are at it. I mean why build jails at all! we can use the jails to grow fresh organic produce or use them for day rentals for camping. Why don't we just do that Zuhair you eejit !

  12. I wish one of these thugs will attack Zuhair or someone 'big' in the government. They have no regard for what the people want. All they desire is to stay in power and grab as much share of the countries wealth into their own pockets. Bastards. Now I regret voting for them.

  13. Do what you all feel like doing !!! Well done !!

    Now there is a little calm... You all just want to take that away ... Keep people in fear so that our minds will be off from the mess you create ... Shame on this nazi government and it's alcolohic a***holes ..

    Previous dictator gave every family an addict and kept their minds occupied and now you turned them into MOBs and let them make havock ... Well done !!! I think it will be good idea to import some more ....

  14. For Ramazan normally the devils and jinnies are kept away from normal people. But our president are bringing them into the society. He is one hell of a person. Long live the President

  15. seriously, this guy talk way too much crap !! within the next two years all of them will be back in jail..they won't be any programs to reintegrate them back into the eventually they all will end up in jail again..he's just bluffing !

  16. please released my father syed athar hussain he struck in drugs case he live in 3 year muafashi jail plz released foreign my father age 68 year old he belong pakistan my humbly reqquest malidivain president noshan plz send me father syed athar hussain


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