Releasing PIC findings ahead of CNI report “of utmost importance”: PIC President

The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) has stated its intention to release findings from ongoing investigations into alleged breach of laws and regulations by police officers during the lead up to and in the direct aftermath of February’s controversial transfer of power.

Speaking to Minivan News today, PIC President Shahinda Ismail said the institution would be releasing three separate reports. These reports will focus on the events of February 6 and 7, the events in Male’ on February 8 and the events in Addu Atoll on February 8 and 9. She also stated that these reports would be available to public upon release.

“I feel that it is of utmost importance to release the reports before the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) report comes out. If not, there is a chance that the PIC investigations are not given the importance it merits. We’re working to get this done,” Shahindha added.

Meanwhile, local news website Haveeru quoted PIC Vice President Dr Abdulla Waheed as saying that the commission has gathered information from a variety of sources and its reporting was now almost complete.

Asked if PIC had so far taken action against any police officers found at fault through the investigations, Waheed refused to comment on it before the release of the said reports.

With reference to the HRCM reports released last Saturday, Waheed said that the commission had not yet discussed the findings concerning police conduct. He added that the commission would be able to respond to them once government offices resumed work after the holiday period.


4 thoughts on “Releasing PIC findings ahead of CNI report “of utmost importance”: PIC President”

  1. If its a coup, all reports by HRCM & PIC will be trashed by international media and freedom groups!!

    HRCM, you have few days to speak the truth or face serious questions by the same panel that grilled Jameel in Geneva!!

    tick tick,,,,,,,

  2. The big question today is. Is PIC credible enough to do an unbiased report at all.
    Or are they also bought out by the Regime and Buruma

  3. Go on, issue another report, you know how to whitewash to perfection. If you aren't credible (and you aren't) you might as well issue paper napkins. Far more useful perhaps and certainly more effective. The sooner this government and PIC realize that their target audience is more informed and discerning than they think, the better - because at least they will have to work a little harder. It would be foolish to keep pulling the same strategy without end, our eyes can spot that wool a mile off. So they will keep playing the same old tune, that's for sure.Maybe the plan is to bore us all into submission.


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