Rilwan’s family call on police to follow up on issues highlighted by private investigation

The mother of missing Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan has responded to a private investigation into her son’s disappearance by calling upon police to pursue all lines of inquiry.

“Since the report publicized on September 22, 2014 is independent without the family or any others’ involvement, I call on the Maldives Police Services to investigate the issues highlighted on the report without delay,” said Aminath Easa on behalf of her family.

“I urge the police to ascertain if the individuals named in the report are involved in Rilwan’s disappearance and clear their names. If they are not involved, I urge the police to find those responsible and take immediate action,” read a statement released by the family today.

The report – commissioned by the Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) – speculated on multiple theories behind the disappearance 47 days ago, concluding a “gang related” abduction to be a “strong possibility”.

Evidence of possible “hostile surveillance” by two known affiliates of Malé based Kuda Henveiru gang was noted in the report, compiled by UK-based private security firm Athena Intelligence and Security.

Police have since condemned the report as “irresponsible” and “politically motivated”, suggesting that the safety and security of individuals named in the report has been compromised .

Police media officials has reported a number of complaints from those implicated in the report since its release, while the MDN’s Shahindha Ismail and the lawyer Mushfique Mohamed have also been subject to online intimidation.

Shahindha defended the report earlier today, noting that the information contained was already in the public domain.

“We have simply acknowledged the elephant in the room. It is questionable now whether the police are too afraid to address it themselves,” said Shahindha.

Rilwan’s mother today expressed gratitude for all organisation and members of the public who have offered assistance in helping find Rilwan.

Easa – aged 67 – has been at the forefront of efforts to publicise the disappearance of her 28-year-old son, leading a march around the capital last Friday (September 19) aimed at publicising a number of questions left outstanding by the police’s investigation

Similar questions were previously raised earlier this month in a petition to the People’s Majlis signed by around 5000 people. The family has yet to receive a response from the Majlis in relation to the petition.


8 thoughts on “Rilwan’s family call on police to follow up on issues highlighted by private investigation”

  1. But the report was "politically motivated" according to police. Anything anybody does to help find Rilwan seems to be politically motivated. But what about his abduction? Was that not politically motivated?

    Oh that's right, police is still pretending they don't know whether he was abducted or not. Sorry about that! All these politically motivated attempts to find Rilwan is confusing me

  2. why are the police looking for excuses to not do their job? "politically motivated" or not they have a responsibility to find a missing person, prove that it was an abduction like most of the evidence indicates, and catch the criminals! And why is it that they are so quick to defend known criminals roaming around the country when they can't offer the same level of assurance of safety & protection by the law for the rest of us?

  3. With a motto 'To Protect and Serve', it is hard to believe Police labelling these findings as 'politically motivated'!
    With whatever relatedness, a citizen is lost after all!

  4. "why are the police looking for excuses to not do their job?"

    Because if they did their job, it'd expose the fact that police, colluding with local heroin peddlers, are behind the abduction - and more.

    They don't want an angry mob out to lynch them, so this is what they can do. To delay the inevitable.

  5. "We have simply acknowledged the elephant in the room." Haha! In the words of Sherlock Holmes, when he found the clue to a crime, he said, "Elementary, Watson!" The solution to the murder of Rilwan is so simple that a child can see it. Maldivian journalists are always receive death threats from islamic terrorists - "islamists" to use Rilwan's own word. Therefore it is obvious that islamists murdered him. They did it under cover of the police. This explains why they have been slow and unwilling to bring this case to justice. What happens to cockroaches in a dark room when the light is turned on? They hide! Jesus says, "Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." God knows Rilwan's murderers, and he is bringing them to light. Police coverups are not new in Dhivehistan. They abounded in the Gayoom dictatorship. Anybody that denies that, is blind and in danger of being crushed by "the elephant in the room".

  6. Dear Rilwan's family.

    The gang I used to run with isn't so happy with the way you're slowly cornering them.

    So, with the blessing of the police, this is the followup on the issues released by MDN's investigators.


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