Supreme Court hears Gasim’s appeal

The Supreme Court of the Maldives has concluded  the hearing of Jumhoory Party (JP) leader and MP Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim’s appeal to the High Court’s ruling that his house arrest be extended.

On July 3 the High Court, in response to an appeal filed by police concerning Gasim and People’s Alliance party leader MP Yameen Abdul Gayoom, extended their house arrest to 15 days.

The Criminal Court had earlier ruled their house arrest was to be for three days.

Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed was the Chief Judge at today’s hearing at the Supreme Court. Gasim’s legal team included former Attorney General Aishath Azima Shukoor, Leader of Dhivehi Qaumy Party and former Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed and former Justice Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel.

Senior Assistant Public Prosecutor Dheebaanaz Fahmy, Assistant Public Prosecutor, Police Inspector Ahmed Jinah were among the eight members of the police legal team.

When judge asked police who reported the case, police Inspector Ahmed Jinah replied “the president’s office.”

Shukoor said that Gasim was misled and arrested illegally in an abuse of his rights, and that therefore extension of detention would also be unlawful.

“The Criminal Court judge ruled that to keep him under house arrest for three days and that police violated many articles of the consitution,” Shukoor claimed.

“As the case has now come this far, the police have not even once denied that they abused the right on arrest given under article 48(b),” Shukoor said. “Gasim Ibrahim was taken to the police station to clarify something and then police arrested him.”

Police in their defence said that they had the power to investigate crime, conserve evidence and prepare cases for disposition by the court under article 244(C) of the constitution.

“And under circumstances police can arrest someone without a court warrant,” said the lawyer. “Police have the right to arrest someone if the arresting officer observes the offence being committed, or has reasonable and probable grounds or evidence to believe the person has committed an offence or is about to commit an offence.”

He claimed that the constitution did not preclude police from arresting a MP who is charged on a criminal offence.

“If Gasim Ibrahim was under house arrest and could attend parliament it could potentially disrupt the evidence,” he said. “We request the Chief of Justice to transfer Gasim from house arrest to police custody.”

Chief of Justice Abdulla Saeed queried the lawyer as to the seriousness of the case.

“Gasim is accused of bribery, and we need time to investigate the case in order prove it,” the police lawyer answered. “He is also accused of treason, and that affects the whole of society.”

When judge queried whether the lawyer was concerned that Gasim might flee, and he replied that it was “difficult to say.”

Meanwhile, Dr Hassan Saeed presented a list of unanswered questions by the police, and police requested the judge to give them time to research the case.

Saeed also observed that the criminal court judge had ruled that police violated many articles of the constitution in arresting Gasim.


8 thoughts on “Supreme Court hears Gasim’s appeal”

  1. This is a very crucial time in the history of the country.

    Everything depends on the impartiality of the Supreme Court.

    The Chief Justice's interest in maintain his position is already evident from his letter to the President saying that the supreme court judges will remain in their position after the transitional period ends on 7th August.

    On the other hand, it is the parliament controlled by the opposition that is going to approve names for various positions.

    Already, there are several instances that suggest that the judiciary is corrupt to its core.

    And who knows what the next audio is going to reveal!

  2. Lets see the integrity of the judge when it comes to fighting corruption. It either gives him a chance to improve the country or take the whole country down with him if the judge supports corruption.

  3. remember the letter that the Supreme Court sent the president stating the legal grounds that the court is already permanent?

    lets see how this plays out...

  4. I hear that the Security Services Committee of the Parliament has summoned the Police Commissioner and Chief of MNDF Major General Moosa Jaleel regarding the allegations on bribing MPs. The committee include Yamin and Gasim - the two MPs involved in the allegations of bribing. Investigating their own case by themselves. Can they do that?

  5. The suspects are not ordinary citizen; these are the people under oath and the elected representatives of the people to protect the rights of people. Now the whole country know who these people are and they are not worth of anything, leave them behind the bars. They have committed treason, and they don’t come under any law. The Police should not involve any civil justice to trial them this case should be investigated by police under special tribunal.

  6. Its very clear who and who are not worthy of anything. The president himself the and the whole MDP cabinet. These selfish and self entred hooligans are playing games with the general public. The police has been manouvered by the president. Its feels like Gayoom days are back. The actions of Nasheed are a mirror image of Gayoom's desparate days. Nasheed need to resign.

  7. It is no fault of foul play, if the public’s is mislead, for those who believe others are playing game. This is indirectly implicating that the people are zombies in this country who have no brain to judge what is good and what is bad for them. So let the party who has power do what they think is correct. This will be good for those who do not know what is good for them.

  8. A land mass like a 15 cm scale and everything in it , parliament, judge, suprermecourt , police, army.........burma gasim.......... what is this ......seems like a big joke.........maldivians are like frogs in a well


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