High Court extends house arrest of opposition leaders charged with bribery and treason

In response to an appeal by police regarding People’s Alliance party leader MP Yameen Adul Gayoom and Jumhooree Party leader MP Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim, the High Court of Maldives has extended their house arrest to 15 days.

The Criminal Court had earlier ruled their house arrest was to be for three days.

The High Court judge said they were charged with treason and bribery, and 15 days was not a lengthy period to investigate those sort of crimes.

Police were concerned that if the men were kept in house arrest they could potentially disrupt the investigation and the gathering of information from witnesses.

However, High Court judge said that the police did not mention that they wanted the men to be in house arrest or in police custodial either.

Yameen and Gasim have said that they were not happy with the High Court ruling and would appeal to the Supreme Court.

Police arrested Yameen and Gasim on June 29, charging them with treason and bribery. Hours after the arrests, the Criminal Court ordered that Yameen and Gasim be brought to the court within one hour.

Police did not obey the order and claimed it was unlawful, and appealed to the High Court, which ruled that the Criminal Court’s order was lawful.

When Yameen and Gasim were presented at the Criminal Court, they were placed under house arrest for three days, and allowed to attend Majlis and committee meetings.


9 thoughts on “High Court extends house arrest of opposition leaders charged with bribery and treason”

  1. Give Voters the Right to Recall Majlis Members
    In the light of current political chaos and other ongoing outrages committed by Majlis Members, we demand the right for voters to be given the power to sack MPs by signing a petition to "recall" them. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/give-voters-the-right-to-recall-majlis-members.html

  2. oh wow..y didnt they extend it till the end of this dictorship???????

  3. Maldives is not facing any trouble against anything and the MP's are right.... dictator Nasheed doesnt want us to live a peaceful life..!!

  4. I’ve ‘eaten’ the counrty’s budget, so what? Nothing can be done. hahaha. All the judges are g@y ones I’ve appointed. They’re all mine. hahaha. And in 2013 Yamin my bro will be president. haha. Or else the foolish ppl will elect one of my agents like: Gasim, Tasmin, HassanSaeed, Kitti Nasheed. hahaha. After that I will squeez you guys all again. haha. I am above the law. So is my agents and my family. No court can touch us. Even if we’re accused of and investigated of terrorism we will be kept in the house for investigation so that we can bribe the wisnesses and twist the facts. hahaha.

  5. Even if Yamin or Gasim was investigated to terrorism these judges will keep them in there beloved homes under arrest. So that they can buy out the witnesses & destroy the evidence.

  6. The judges has just hit a gold pot. If they play their cards right, They'll all come out rich .... Theres enough (borrowed money)to feed the whole justice system.
    Villa Law, Villa Justice, Villa Court, Villa High, Villa Supreme, Villa Criminal, Villa Madhdanee, Villa Hadhdhu, .......

  7. MP’s are right…. dictator Nasheed doesnt know how to run the govt. he did not have management experice too. When he did not win, always he criticise other people. When he did not win Majlis, now he attacking MP's. What democracy is this ? In the Religion of Islam. Multi Party democratic system is 'HARAAM". Alah hates party system. coz democracy is fight, that could kills inicent poeple and properties, and will fasadha comunity.

  8. The court issued a search warrant after transferring them to house arrest and giving enough time to Gasim and Yamin to get rid of any evidence that might link them to the accusation.

    What a corrupt judiciary we have!

  9. Shouldnt we get the judges to take a reasonable persons test?


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