Winners of flats under Veshi Fahi Male’ programme announced

The government has published in the government gazette a list of winners of flats in Male’ and Hulhumale’ under category B of the first phase of the Veshi Fahi Male’ housing programme.

Following evaluation of 7,000 application forms, 471 applicants were chosen under category B, reports Haveeru.

According to the Veshi Fahi Male’ office, the list would be finalised after processing complaints. The deadline for submitting complaints is November 29, the office said.

On Sunday, President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik attended a ceremony to mark the completion of 1,000 housing units in Hulhumale’ constructed with a preferential loan from China.

President Waheed expressed gratitude to the Chinese government and the China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC).

The Veshi Fahi Male’ de-congestion programme was a flagship project of the formerly ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) under its manifesto pledge to provide affordable housing.

The project was launched on November 10, 2010 to ease congestion in the capital and develop the Greater Male’ Region, composed of Hulhumale’, Vili-Male’, Thilafushi industrial island and Gulhifalhu.

Approximately 125,000 people are believed to reside in about 16,000 households in Male’; the total number of households in the Maldives is estimated to be 46,000.


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  1. we need to know the rent off these flat and want to y this the rate has change.

  2. kon irakun tho mi male' in dhookuraa flat thah dhookoh dhenee.. adhi mi falta ah kuli dhahkan jehenee kihaa vareh tho?


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