Thasmeen to run for DRP’s leadership

Vice president of the Dhivehi Rahyithunge Party (DRP) Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has announced that he will be running for the DRP’s leadership, to be decided during the party’s congress in February.

“From the advice I got from many people to serve the DRP, I decided to take part in the election,” he said.

He thanked former president Gayoom for encouraging him to run for the leadership, and said that even though Gayoom had resigned, “the DRP still will be the same.”

He said he expected to face many challenges, “and it will be very difficult to be the leader of the largest opposition party.”

He condemned a statement released yesterday by the president’s office noting the “stories of cruelty”, “allegations of corruption” and “nepotism” of Gayoom’s administration, and said “it is very sad that such a statement was released by the president following the resignation of a respected person like Gayoom.”