Two suspects linked to police officer stabbing

Police have said an officer working at the Maafannu Ward Police Station in Male’ was hospitalised on Saturday (July 14) after being stabbed in the shoulder with a sharp object at around 3:30am.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef today told Minivan News that the injured officer, who was admitted to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), was released later the same morning.

‘’The investigation is still going on and no arrests have been made,’’ Haneef said.

A statement issued by the Maldives Police Service stated that the officer had been left with a four inch wound in his shoulder following the incident.

According to police, two figures riding a Honda Airblade motorbike are suspected of having involvement in the attack.  No motive has as yet been identified.

Other attacks

Haneef added that another attack on a police officer was recorded in the capital on Thursday (July 12). The officer involved in the incident has since been taken to Sri Lanka for medical treatment.

‘’The police officer was attacked while he was on a Dhilbahaaru Magu [Road] near the Mahchangolhi Cemetery,’’ Haneef said.  “The officer was knocked on the head using a pavement brick and suffered injuries to his skull, face and neck and there were bruises all over him, ” Haneef said.

Haneef said the police officer was on duty patrolling the streets when he was attacked.

‘’Although a second police officer was present at the time of attack, the assailants were too fast and fled before he could do anything,’’ he said. ‘’The CT scan of the injured officer’s head shows that he had received injuries to the skull. Doctors said he was suffering from amnesia.’’

The police website states that the officer was attacked by individuals believed to have been involved in ongoing anti-government protests that have taken place in Male’ this week.


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  1. what about the brutal attacks by police on women and other protesters! What about the attacks on their fellow officers on 7th Feb. You cant expect to have peace while criminal offenses of police are swept under carpet!


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