Umar Naseer dismissed amidst stormy day for the DRP

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has dismissed its Deputy Leader, Umar Naseer after a disciplinary committee voted to remove the senior politician during a dramatic day that saw growing uncertainty over the party’s future as its Male’ headquarters were stormed by supporters.

Haveeru reported that a special DRP disciplinary committee voted four to one in favour of dismissing Naseer this afternoon, a decision that is alleged not to have the support of former president and party chief, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

The exit of Naseer, who has been at the centre of an acrimonious war of words with DRP leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, has led one party MP to claim a split may be imminent within the country’s opposition.

“There will be a split in the party for sure,” DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf told Minivan News following the disciplinary committee decision. “He is someone with a lot of support in the party, and to date he has done a lot of work for us. He is very loyal to the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.”

Mahlouf also claimed that the decision to remove Naseer due to disagreements with party leadership was against DRP policy and conventions that he said required a two-thirds majority at the party’s congress to remove a serving Deputy Leader.

Both Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Umar Naseer were unavailable for comment when contacted by Minivan News at the time of going to press about their respective political futures.

The day began with a group of opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) supporters said to be loyal to Naseer storming the movement’s headquarters and disrupting the disciplinary talks focusing on the former Deputy Leader.

DRP Secretary General Abdurasheed Nafiz told Minvan News that about a dozen or so people “burst into the head office” of the DRP during the morning to try and have a hearing of the party’s disciplinary committee against Naseer dismissed.

Nafiz said the meeting, originally scheduled for 9.00am, was eventually postponed until 11.45am as a result of the interruptions, with further meetings then taking place throughout the afternoon to outline what action was to be taken against Naseer.

The committee meetings followed months of animosity between Naseer and Thasmeen that yesterday led to a similar gathering of protestors outside the DRP’s headquarters.

About 30 people gathered near the DRP’s headquarters during Wednesday afternoon to call for the resignation of Thasmeen. Those gathered also held placards carrying messages in Dhivehi with statements such as “although Umar may be removed from his position he will be serving the nation and the people.”

Just last week, Umar Naseer vowed to take legal action against “government officials and opposition figures who accepted bribes from (Indian infrastructure giant) GMR”, following allegations that surfaced last month on the Dhivehi Post website.

Back in September, Naseer also accused Thasmeen supporters of attempting to dismiss him from the party after the DRP council voted narrowly to move ahead with a disciplinary hearing.

This animosity has led to claims and speculation that a split within the DRP may be imminent; reports that some party members have dismissed as “a media campaign conducted in the interests of” the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).


56 thoughts on “Umar Naseer dismissed amidst stormy day for the DRP”

  1. Dictatorship and democracy does not flourish within the same institution or State. If there is anything called a democracy, 80% is sufficient to pass any resolution. It is not Ijma (consensus, where a 100% is required). Even in company law, a 75% or above majority is sufficient to pass any resolutions.
    It is time for Umar to leave DRP and join Adhaalath Party, who might go with the principle of "Ijma" so that Umar can always veto whenever an attempt is made to remove him from AP.

  2. I'm hoping against all hope that Umar Naseer, Mahlouf, Ali Waheed and that Nihan dude all just split and form their own party - that the rest of us can then safely ignore.

    That would automatically lead DRP to be taken more seriously as an Opposition party, and hopefully allow its more erudite, civilized and gentle leaders to come forth.

    MDP could do likewise with Reeko Moosa. This country could use more statesmen, and less clowns.

  3. I wonder what the future now holds for Umar ?

    As much as I disagree with virtually every single thing this fellow has to say, at least he is highly entertaining!

  4. Haveeru reports Gayoom, 'Supreme Leader' does not agree with this decision. 'Supreme Leader' is a gorgeous title.

  5. Its high time Zaeem realises that he is not in control of DRP or any other party. He should also realises that Zaeem is a symbolic title. I wonder what would happen to Zaeem if DRP go against him in the parliament and public rallies. Would there be anyone to come and defend things done in the infamous 30 year rule?

  6. Today showed the beginning of the end of DRP. Rumors are around he is going to join PA. Gasim just called him asking him to join republican. Why not ask him to join MDP as a state minister.

  7. When will Thasmeen realize what actually is happening? Maumoon gave Thasmeen the post because he didnt have the heart to throw him out at that time because of the huge number of money Thasmeen has thrown at DRP to build it.The guy is almost broke because of the presidential campaign. Maumoon always wanted one of his family members to carry on after him, so still he wants that to happen. This is why, with the help of Yameen, using Umar has a pawn, Maumoon is plotting to discredit Thasmeen and decrease is popularity so that it would be easier to oust him before the 2013 elections. Thasmeen can do very little to fight back.

  8. so, what if a deputy leader creates havoc in DRP, leaving the party to divide into pieces? still a 2/3 majority is required to remove him? what kind of logic is that? i am starting to think (again) that the Gayoom supporters are just poor slobs who cant grasp the reality of the situation.

  9. Disgusting. Thasmeen following in the footsteps of Zaeem. Any sign of opposition and you are dismissed from the party. If Thasmeen becomes President us Maldivians will become refugees I think.

  10. Umar is a rebellion and therefore, will never be a loyal follower as he resembles more of a wannabe leader who is so eager to claim the throne by hook or crook. A necessary and wise move from DRP, though late.

    As Bogoas said, I fear for Thasmeens future in the party, since the day he seemingly self-marginalized from politics, the dear leader Zaeem has been cunningly planning a "savior to the rescue" comeback as the ultimate DRP candidate for the 2013 presidential elections to once again claim the lost confidence of the party members towards current leadership of Thasmeens.

    If one follow carefully the Maldives Politics this is quite discernible from the recent statements and events.

  11. Why does DRP's logo show a dhoani going to the moon? Does DRP have a lunar mission on its manifesto? A dhoani sailing to the moon? This picture signifies the lunacy of DRP. The Supreme Leader Golhaabore's fascination with astrology continues.

  12. Ablho, Ijmaa does not mean 100%. I do not know where you got this, maybe from Adawat Party Sakes, Sake Ilyas and Sake Shaheem?

  13. This has been long over due.

    Umar Naseer was creating havoc within DRP. He is probably a nuisance for everyone.

    He uses the slogan "making the government responsible" as a big excuse. Right from the beginning, he was there to split DRP. I will also agree with those who think he was deliberately placed there by someone else, to propagate a particualr agenda, not to promote or strengthen the party or anything of that sort.

    No one with the aim to serve the people will behave the way Umar Naseer does. He behaves like a child and his actions are nothing even close to a person with deputy leader caliber should have.

    I am happy that he is out. At least the government can deal with the opposition in a more civilised way now.

    That reminds me, MDP also have people that are like Umar Naseer.

    PS. Nicely written article, Neil.

  14. After reading the article on Haveeru, I am totally convinced that Umar Naseer is the puppet of Gayyoom.

    This is my opinion. You may call it the Puppet Theory:
    Gayyoom wants to get back in power. So he thought that he should get someone with a militant attitude to be his puppet. (President Nasheed's victory gave this impression to him. Naseed's victory surely tought the old man a lesson.)

    So he looked around for a possible puppet. Gayyom's children and relatives nominated Umar Nseer. (You can see this from the fact that in all cases of voting against Umar Naseer, Gayyom's children and relatives have voted FOR Umar Naseer.) So Gayyoom accepted the nomination and agreed that Umar Naseer is the best candidate to carry out his agenda. So he made Umar the deputy leader of DRP.

    This was applauded by all of Gayyom's relatives who had no clue of the original agenda.

    So, now that Umar Naseer is thrown out, Gayyoom cannot sleep, so he has to make statements to the media too. Not because he has any sympathy to Umar Naseer, but because he realised that his strategy to get back in power is an utter failure.

    Gayyoom still thinks he is the boss and he can do everything the way he wants.

  15. All comments in Minivan in every article is roughly the same.. and probably by same people.

    Analyze all and you find how uncreative and dumb the regular comments are..With such predictability, you wonder why Maumoon did not last more than 30 years ruling these idiots..

  16. Umar danced on the tunes of his master Gayoom. Whatever noise he made was on the behest of his master. Why Gayoom wants to retain Umar? To counter Thasmeen. Next likely step, merge PA in DRP. This may ultimately force Thasmeen to resign and will make way for Gayoom's return.

  17. you see my friends, you are about to see real Gay yoom. He was planning this last couple of years. Ultimately Gay yoom will support his brother Yeh meen. This was the strategy at the onset. Day by day, month by month and year by year Gay yoom was unfolding his intention. Ultimate goal would be to remove Thasmeen from DRP and make is son Gay saan to DRP leader.

  18. How typical can this be.
    Gayoom's son in law voted in favour of Umar in the Committee. Gayoom issues a press statement against the outcome. Gayoom's daughter (wife of the person who voted in favour of Umar) presents Gayoom's statement to the media.
    A typical family affair which reminds me of the past method of ruling the nation.

  19. My dearest country,

    I am coming back. All these days I've been waiting and watching as to what's been happening under the leadership of this little black man called Nasheed.

    I guess, Tasmeen would be able to outst this guy you all call global president. But I guess Tasmeen couldn't. Instead he started to take gifts from GMR and has tried to thro my loyal boy - Omar out of DRP.

    So, I guess I must come back and take control of situations. And when I come back I am going to put a new leade in DRP. Yes, my brother, Yamin. I've planned this long back. It began from the time when I told Yamin to change his name from Abdulla Yamin to Yamin Abdul Gayyoom. Yes, I told him that although people are afraid about Yamin, the only thing is to use my name suffixed.

    So, I want all you good people to vote for Yamin in 2013. For those who don't like Yamin, please vote for me as I will be contesting too.

    Or else, how about this. I will run for presidency with Yamin as my running mate? 🙂 YES, I shall do this.

    Then again, we will run the country for another 30 or more years. Of course, with much more than what we did in the old 30 years of my reign. 😉 No, no. Don't get me wrong. I will not tourtue or kill my opponents like people have accused me before. But maybe I will have to deal with a lot of terrorists. And you all should be aware of the horrible things that terrorists do, don't you? 🙂

    When we get back the power again, it will be an absolute POWER. Because all the courts, independent bodies, civil servants and wealthy bussinesses in the country are actually my loyalist. Becuase I created them. I send them either on scholarships or provided them opportunities to become wealthy.

    So VOTE for me VOTE for YAMIN in 2013.

  20. Gayyoom supporting Yameen as DRP leader and later as presidential candidate would be the stupidest decision ever, and would wipe out any possibility of a DRP leadership in next presidential term.

    Gayyoom needs to understand that people are sick of him and his family, and the reasons why he lost the election. DRP needs a fresh leader, not Gayyoom or any of his cronies.

    Thasmeen and Abdullah Shahid is a good combination, but Thasmeen needs to be more people friendly, connect with people, loose weight and practice speaking skills. Anni was not polished either, its just a bit of polishing and we have Thasmeen as president.

  21. Yamin as president? MACHAA NO WAY...! Gayyoom, if you want DRP to win, you better find someone else other than your brother Yamin.

  22. Yamin coming to DRP leadership is DRP loosing another election...very simple. Guy still doesnt believe that he instrumental in DRP loosing last election

  23. I have been a DRP supporter till now. DRP zaeem is acting very strange, i like him but not Yamin.

  24. Gayyoom, please leave your family aside and ask them not to get involved. You are loosing support...!!

  25. WOW...DRP meehun yameen dheke haadha rulhi aaadhe ey dhoo..Yameen dhen amilla ah nikunnan vee ennu.

  26. mathimas kumar ah verikan dheynveee??? NO WAY...ill leave DRP if he takes leadership.

  27. Maumoon should create his own party now. Since his political views are differ from the leadership of the current DRP. there cant be a opposition inside a opposition.

  28. Thas/Shahid vs Gayyoom's family. 2013 presidential campaign has already begun. Interesting!

  29. It seems that family has got together with a common goal. We want the government back in the family.

    For some reason, this family is finding very hard to see anyone else in the power. Too bad naive people like Umar is getting caught in between. Umar should be more independent than being used a pawn.

  30. This is the first face of Gayyoom family come back to the front line of DRP. Dunya and Nasreena really miss the VIP treatment in Theemuge Palace.Yameen miss the cut from every deal. May Allah save us from the tyranny.

  31. @ Masey

    "Maumoon should create his own party now. Since his political views are differ from the leadership of the current DRP. there cant be a opposition inside a opposition."

    A very good comment, I think, and I agree.

    Any one who thinks he or she has any stock of salable political ideas should make his or her own party and see how many members they get registered and for how long?

    I think, it might take another 50-100 years before our political parties get settled in their own axes. The same goes for a stable government.

    Trying to show off that you have mixed the biggest cake in town is sometimes bound to cause embarrassment.

    The cake has to be baked and decorated according the wishes of the person who placed the order.

    Not according to the taste of all the invitees, which is impossible.

    I think, MDP will also be a very different party, say, in about 3 to five years?

    There seems to be a lot of iron dust attached to the surface of MDP due to the temporary but powerful magnetic field created by around it.

    It's only a question of time when this dust will clear enabling us to see the real shape of MDP.

    The real thing might be smaller than a nail head?

  32. Its time for new names instead of recycling the used politicians. Hope there is a totally new name (not Gayooms+ relatives, Thasmeen, Qasim, 2 Nasheeds, waheed, saeed or shaheed..)

    Aren't we not tired of this routine of hearing the same names. A fresh leader must emerge for 2013.

  33. with umar naseer gone, my source of entertainment is gone 🙁
    he was the comedy show of the century!

  34. Thas, its high time to go to courts against DRP and Gayyoom for bankrupting the business of the family. After sacrificing that much now gayyoom wants to stab from the back. Please gayyoom and family get lost leave our citizens alone.

  35. Quoted text from article: “There will be a split in the party for sure,” DRP MP Ahmed Mahlouf told Minivan News following the disciplinary committee decision. “He is someone with a lot of support in the party, and to date he has done a lot of work for us. He is very loyal to the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.”

    How much does these deceivers think they can deceive ? Umar? Loyal to Maumoon? I don't think so. They think people are nuts. They think that the games they play will be as if just another movie that people will have a look eat pop corn and forget. This is Dajjalism, Satanism, .. total deception.

    May Allah guide Maldivians out of this mess. May Allah bring us closer and united in Truth (Haqq).

  36. btw most of the politicians (Umar, Mahlouf alike) are only loyal to their own cause. Nothing more, nothing less. We can talk of things that we observe AND Allah Knows Best. They too plan and plot, But Allah too plans and Allah is the best of the planner. Allah is the greatest of All.

  37. I am surprised that Gayyoom has still not got the message that Maldivians are fed up of him and his family. Whay does he still believe that he has the ultimate authority over everything?


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