Protests planned as Umar Naseer called to face DRP disciplinary committee

Opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Deputy Leader Umar Naseer accused the party’s Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali of attempting to dismiss him from the party today, after the DRP council voted narrowly to recommend Umar to the disciplinary committee.

With five absentees, the 33-member DRP council voted 16-11 against the former presidential candidate of the Islamic Democratic Party.

“I know that the disciplinary committee will decide to oust me from the party, that is very clear to me,’’ Umar told press after the council meeting, adding that the committee was “full of Thasmeen’s people who would do whatever he says”.

Umar told the press this evening that he was unfairly targeted as MPs Ilham Ahmed, Ahmed Mahlouf and Ali Arif were also involved in announcing a protest for Friday night, which the party’s secretariat claimed had not been approved.

“The sincerity of our leader Thasmeen is questionable,” Umar said. “Some of our senior officials are known to be involved in secret deals with the government.’’

Umar declined to go into any further detail on the alleged deals.

Flanking Umar at the press conference, MPs Ilham Ahmed and Ahmed Mahlouf condemned the council’s decision as characteristic of a “dictatorship.”

Ilham said the council’s decision was “regrettable” as he and Umar were “guilty of the same crime.”

“I signed the same letterhead sent out to the media announcing the protest, but the decision was made to take action only against Umar,” he said.

According to the party’s charter, said Ilham, the only measure that could be taken against deputy leaders was a vote on a no-confidence motion.

Galolhu South MP Ahmed Mahlouf said tomorrow night’s protest, which the DRP Deputies plans to go ahead with in defiance of Thasmeen, will prove that the party’s 40,000 members were with them.

Mahlouf revealed that the children of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Dhunya and Gassan Maumoon, as well as MPs Ahmed Nihan, Ali Arif, Abdul Muhsin Hameed, Abdulla Maseeh and former Attorney General Azima Shukoor voted against the motion.

“We are happy that they were with us,” he said. “Gassan himself will take part in tomorrow night’s demonstration.”

He further revealed that council members voted unanimously in favour on a motion by Azima Shukoor on whether members had confidence in Thasmeen’s leadership.

Shortly after the Deputy Leaders met the press, Thasmeen called a press conference to defend the council’s decision.

Thasmeen stressed that the issue was not holding demonstrations, insisting that Umar had defied and ignored a directive from the party’s secretariat.

“I welcome the council’s decision,” he said. “What I want to say is that the council’s decision today was not based on whether to protest or not to protest.

While it was important to plan protests to hold the government accountable, said Thasmeen, DRP should ensure that its activities are disciplined and organised and mindful of “the big picture.”

Meanwhile, Umar and Ilham signed and issued a press release late afternoon announcing that the postponed protest will take place at 9pm tomorrow night.

Thasmeen however denied that the party had planned a protest.

“I do not have to comment on a protest that anyone conducts,” he said.


24 thoughts on “Protests planned as Umar Naseer called to face DRP disciplinary committee”

  1. It is understood by now, Umar is a failed person in politics (He doesn't deserve to be called even a politician). He has his own agenda in everything he does. First he tried to sink his party, so far he hasn't succeeded in that. Then he jumped ship to DRP and is trying sink it. Looks like he might get drowned this time. Wonder what ship he will try to sink next. It sad young naive less experienced politicians like Mahloof and Ilham get caught in the middle of these things. But I think this will strengthen the party eventually than splitting apart.

  2. Umar is the person who tries to capsize the current regime. He has the courage to face every problem. He was the leader and the contester in Presidential Election from Islamic Democratic Party. He elected as a Deputy Leader of DRP.
    Where’s the first president of MDP? Where’s the second president? [reply may be that they were power hungry or corrupt]

  3. @Haseen perhaps Umaru will try to sink Ilham next. Ilham does look like an out-of-control barge.

  4. Hello Haseen...I think first he sank his submarine and then, his DRP

  5. Thasmeen should resign from DRP with his 450 million rufiyya baggage.. DRP could stand up with clean people... if not I call Mahloof, Nihan, Arif, Muhusin ..etc to join MDP

  6. It is understandable that Ilham the ignorant may join hands with Umar the joker, but Mahuloof too??
    Thought he was better than that.

  7. Signs of weakness in opposition. The ruling is so weak, system has failed and so is the opposition. This country is heading for a disaster.

  8. Non of these jokers who call themselves DRP leaders are sane! The biggest joker of them all is Umar Naseer. Wonder why DRP let him inside their loop in the first place. He is a failed politician!

  9. This is a Golhaaboa "grand- plan", While on the one hand he gets Chasmin to seemingly cooperate with the government, on the other, the Muzaaharaa must go on. When it turns ugly and government complains, Chasmin can keep saying it was not DRP, while he would himself be secretly funding his own majority to join up, keeping a small group with him to keep "cooperating" with government. Both factions are DRP. Central control is Golhaaboa. This actually is the same accusation Golhaaboa had against MDP activists who rallied near Alivaage. The government kept saying all official protocols and respect were being accorded while Baikandi and Aslam Shakir were shouting their guts out near Alivaage. well, this trick wont wash with MDP mainly because its a page from their own book.

  10. Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka, knew exactly what to do with General Sarath Fonseka, Thasmeen take a hint from his actions and treat Umar Naseer in the same way, he is a bloody pest in DRP and in Maldivian Politics.

    This is what happens when people who worked in the forces join politics, people who worked in the forces, all they know is how to keep beat and obey orders, apparently Umar Naseer hasn’t learned that much either.

    Then again you can’t because you have no back bone, Umar Naseer and Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has broken it into so may little bits.

    All you can do is blame His Excellency President Mohamed Nasheed for everything, include common colds that run within your party.

    For god sake grow up, you are the leader of DRP now don’t act like a spoilt brat. Acting, speaking and sounding, even dressing and walking like your gran old Zaeemu, be your own man for once. You don’t have to worry about that old man, I know you have enough amunition to thrash him in a court of law when ever you want with regard to Bank of Maldives.

    DRP sound like a kids play school lately. Yamin is laughing his butt out,hahaahaha hahhahahah

  11. "Grand Plans"!
    What Golhaa cannot and will never understand is that "his days are over"!
    It is he who said that leadership is a gift from Allah Almighty! But now when it was wrenched out of him, it seems otherwise! I am sure this guy will end up like Moyamohodhey at Chandhaneemagu juction!!!!!

  12. All the media frenzy about the recent drama within DRP indicates only one thing: Gayoom is coming out of the cold to kick out all opposition so that he will be positioned to challenge the MDP in 2013. Yamin, meanwhile is believed to be helping the DRP faction in favour of a return of Gayoom to power.

    Recent history also reveals the failed attempt of Gayoom's faction to topple the elected government halfway through their first term in office. Having to come to terms with this defeat, Gayoom's siblings and his cronies are preparing to defeat everyone and anyone who may stand in their way to a win. They seem to believe it is their birth right to rule the Maldives.

    The drift coming from DRP smells foul play at the top. This indicates that Thasmeen is also preparing for a showdown with Gayoom.

    The stage is set for an interesting theater piece, I hope would outshine any Bollywood production to date!

    Gayoom's deranged mental state is anyone's guess..He is a classic study for any behavioral analysis unit. The 'stresser' in his case was the defeat in the 2008 presidential election, I think.

  13. I think Umar Naseer wants fame for himself only. Drp was not a party that solved its internal problems on national media until Umar Naseer came into the picture. The only thing he knows is Muzahara and whether its against mdp or against his own party doesn't matter. Anybody who wants what's good for DRP wouldn't try to cause internal problems within DRP. DRP members should realise this sooner than later.

  14. The fatty versus the criminal!. Hoo boy, this is gonna be good.

    I like the way Umar Naseer thinks. He protests a lot - and that is akin to painting a huge bullseye on himself and offering himself to those he wronged, as if he was shouting "Here I am!. Please break my back!."

    I'm sure some local patriot will soon take him up on his offer.

  15. Umar is a stupid person. DRP memebers should not follow a person like that. Dont forget that DRP is there to Sarukaaru Zimma kuruvan. If DRP dosent realize this then all DRP members are stupid like umar.

  16. What ever happens, I pray that DRP will get rid of the corrupted ones and slowly become a party based on honesty and transparency. Anyone can change if they are really sincere. People are sick and tired of politicians from all sides that has done so little in such a long time. They have used the peoples money and done maybe 10 things out of a 100 which they should have done by now. Most of them deserve to be behind bars, but sadly the Judges are as corrupt.. so real constant honesty and less backbiting can really go a long way.

  17. Feel sorry for that poor guy... who have trusted Mr. Golhaaboa. Golhaa always takes revenge for opposing him. Now this time it is UMAR.. Kuda Golhaa and Anhen Golhaa backs his Mr. Golhaa.
    I really think its time for DRP council to take action against Golhaa as he has been involved in active politics, by lobbying and bribing DRP council members. Someone who is sincere to Opposition should start advocating against golhaa. in order to make public aware that it is not a TABOO to talk against golhaaa.
    I would rather leave this to DRP.
    DRP split is not imminent, even though there are clashes due to power struggle, as that has happened previously in MDP and DRP too. All Deputy Leaders left DRP and with some active ministers during their regime. But still they are surviving in politics with reasonable arguments. Reason is very clear it is because all politicians do not travel in same boat. Opposition will always will be there.

  18. he is a leader trying everything in a democratic way which others are not familiar with yet. I stand with him.

  19. @luthfi,
    If you can understand; PR is correct!
    It do not appear that you know this Golhaa!
    It is a peculiar type of democracy he would like to adopt!
    "Di muguraa thee" would be it; which would not require transparency or nothing comparable to what democracy the common person speak about!

    If he, any of his siblings or even a blood relative come to power, it will be shown to the peoples. Revenge for opposing will never be forgotten!

  20. Exactly what did DRP thought when they brought Umar Naseer in. If nothing else, then the laughter of MDP should have signalled DRP that Umar means trouble. But then DRP's only concern is to make life as difficult as possible to MDP period. So for that Umar was of some use.

  21. Umar Naseer is the laughing stock of the Maldivian political landscape. He is a loser. Go get a life Umar!!


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