UN “shamefully silent” on Maldives’ human rights abuses: MDP

The provisional findings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)’s human rights mission to the Maldives should “act as a wake-up call” for other members of the international community, the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said in a statement.

“Sadly, since February’s overthrow of the Maldives’ democratically-elected government, key parts of the international community have remained silent regarding the widespread human rights violations taking place,” said the party’s spokesperson, MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor.

“While the IPU, CMAG, Canada, the Human Rights Committee, the EU and certain international NGOs such as Amnesty International and the International Federation for Human Rights have expressed varying degrees of alarm at the Maldives’ backsliding on democracy and human rights, others including the UN Resident Coordinator and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights have remained shamefully silent. To remain silent in the face of injustice is to be an accomplice to that injustice.”

Following its visit the IPU delegation noted on Thursday that it was “difficult” to believe that the recent series of arrests of MPs were not politically motivated.

IPU delegation member Francis Pangilinan, a Philippine Senator, described the circumstances surrounding the recent police raid of Hondaidhoo in Haa Dhaal Atoll and arrest of MPs on charges of alcohol consumption as “very worrying”.

“An impressive team of unidentified police and an army of officers allegedly carried out the arrests, reportedly without a warrant and ill-treated the MPs,” said Pangilinan.

“We are well aware that the consumption of alcohol and drugs is forbidden in the Maldives, but we find it difficult to believe in light of the circumstances and timing of the arrests that the parliamentarians were not targeted for political reasons.”

The delegation further expressed their concern over the failure to punish the police officers who used “excessive force” against MPs earlier this year.

The delegation stressed that the issues raised were an internal matter, and that the IPU could only monitor and communicate with the necessary authorities in the hope that a resolution will come “sooner or later”.

“The outside world is not going to resolve these issues. Instead Maldivians sitting down, ultimately talking to each other to solve the issues of controversy is the only way,” said South African Parliamentary expert Peter Lilienfeld.

MP Ghafoor, who was one of the MPs arrested, meanwhile observed that “gradually, the international community, which for a while was fooled by the appallingly one-sided report of the so-called Commission of National Inquiry, is starting to understand the true nature of the Waheed regime.

“The truth is this: unless Waheed can be pressed into calling early elections, the rapid encroachment of the police state will continue – until it will be impossible to turn it back. It is time for the UN Resident Coordinator and others to wake-up to this fact,” he said.

Minivan News was awaiting comment from UN Representative in the Maldives, Andrew Cox, at time of press.


17 thoughts on “UN “shamefully silent” on Maldives’ human rights abuses: MDP”

  1. Yes yes any international organisation that does not indulge the MDP's narrative and electoral ambitions are biased, even the UN.

    Maybe the miscreant youth and promiscuous women who compose the bulk of the MDP's support base might be fooled by such allegations but definitely not someone of my age, education and intellect.

    Nasheed is toast. he should give it up.

  2. I am quite the celebrity on this forum aren't I?

    I guess anyone can tell sarcasm from a sincere comment.

    As for the MDP's claims in this regard I agree with them. Their current model is very much based on garnering foreign support to protect their interests in the country.

    However some within the party and several commentators from outside disagree with this approach. The party is fast losing popular support within the country. Hence, their repeated attempts at courting JP and DRP for funding and support.

    I fear more calls for foreign intervention (which have been made after deliberately ignoring pleas from foreign institutions, the IPU included, to solve domestic affairs internally) might alienate even greater sections of the voting population.

    This is my personal opinion. The MDP might have confidence in its plan. However I see great risks on modelling next year's campaign solely on the selling point of getting revenge for an alleged coup. Maldivian voters have very short-term memories. I fear a large part of the population was unconcerned about coup allegations even when the CoNI report came out. Hence, the failure to hold mass rallies and the such.

    Good luck to the MDP though. I sincerely believe in the importance of having an opposition in the country. Joining up with DRP and JP might give the MDP more clout and perhaps save the party from the image of exclusive clique of individuals associated with Ex-President Nasheed.

  3. We maybe promiscuous but yes we are a forceful
    bulk of the electorate! So what are you going to do? Dismiss us?

  4. Yeah! yeah! Brainwashed Mdpians like drug addict Gafoor are the only ones tortured!Everyone should weep for him as he is the all so innocent and drug free saint!

    The glorious UN is also shamefully silent on the events of the "so wanted to happen" Gaza seize killing hundreds by the not so violent and innocent Jews!

    Well, as long as one wants to defend an occupied land expelling and killing millions of Muslims (like in Bosnia)then the UN will remain silent not shamefully but with their hearts and minds shut!

  5. Hey tsk tsk. The UN kept its mouth shut when it came to Bahrain, Chechniya, Somalia and Syria. Are you claiming that those countries are also signatories of the MDP? 🙂

    But in all seriousness, if you think your age, education and intellect can serve Maldives, you should get to it, rather than trying to put down people fighting for their rights.

    After all, when your body dies, all your education, intellect and age becomes meaningless. Tell me - how will you face death? With dignity? Or shot to pieces like Gaddafi? 😉

    Oh and tell your Ablho that he deserves to die for what he did.

  6. So the truth is out tsk tsk, you don't know the meaning of democracy.

    If the majority of voters are indeed miscreant youths and promiscous woman are they not entitled to elect a government?

    Age, education and intellect are not a qualification for democracy. The general consensus is that a democracy is when the majority of voter elects the government, regardless of their background.

  7. In this country , Anni rightly said that " Maldivian are member of MDP" and MDP is Maldives .

    So who ever does not belong and agree with Anni dictatorial rules need to seek refuge in the country or need to leave the country.

    The dictator does not know how democracy works and what democracy is about.

    We the majority of Maldivian never want dictators like Anni to be the leader of our nation.

  8. Human right issues and corruption was much higher when Anni was in power.

    Corruption was happening openly and human right abuses were happening openly and even Anni himself have been telling threatening the public with the words like " I will show my evil side for those who does not agree and listen to my policies"

    What you call this kind of statement coming from the head of the state?

  9. @Tsk... one of the few sensible commenters here

    If MDP hopes to make alliance with DRP and JP then that may just make the elections interesting. However DRP as it is now is only the name of a party. That party is functioning only because of a technicality. The real DRP is PPM and that is where the voter base is.

  10. MDP news is trying to bully UN in telling them that their philosophy isnt working.. im not saying that the top level believes in satanism. i salute your comment abdulla zayyid.

  11. Andrew Cox: Speak up, man. You behave like a minnow hiding under a rock. Speak up or get out of Male. You are enjoying the good life of UN salaries and perks while thousands suffer and democracy is under assault.

  12. "selling point of getting revenge for an alleged coup."

    Hey tsk tsk, you're getting old (as you said). I say you come visit Maldives, instead of living the big life in some western country, paid for by the junta.

    After all, even your beloved ithihaad members are saying it was a coup.

  13. I think there are much more important things the UN has to deal with, than petty politics which happens in the banana republic. Even if the UN says something, do they really think Maldivians would care? Remember Navi Pillay?

    I think this is why Zaki took the India angle, because they would actually care if the LeT got a foothold in the Maldives. He might have exaggerated a bit, but what he said was something which could become reality in a couple of years.

  14. All international community must listen to Anni and those who does not agree with Anni are traitors .

    Maldives is a property of Anni is his associates and UN must protect MDP.

  15. The military and police mutineers who outed Nasheed are planning to pack Waheed off.

  16. The in Maldives troubling the M.D.P regime President Naseen even told me that there is a un representative in Maldives and he is a problem to Him


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