Zaki’s remarks “threat to national security,” claims Defence Ministry

The Ministry of Defence has said widely-reported remarks by Special Envoy of former President Mohamed Nasheed, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki that the previous government would have sought Indian military assistance to protect its economic interests in the Maldives, constitute a “threat to national security”.

In a statement on Friday, the Defence Ministry condemned the remarks “in the harshest terms” and contended that “such actions are very dangerous [threats] to national security and encourage activities that would harm the country’s independence and sovereignty.”

“If we were in the government, definitely we would have done it by now… definitely [asked for] their [Indian forces] to be on the ground,” Zaki was quoted as saying during a recent visit to the country.

The former Secretary General of SAARC reportedly warned India that rising fundamentalism in the Maldives threatened the country’s economic interests.

“Zaki, 67, a former minister in successive Maldivian governments headed by former presidents Maumoon Gayoom and [Mohamed] Nasheed, said he would have called for Indian forces to protect the multi-million-dollar investment by Indian infrastructure firm GMR Group,” Indian media reported on Thursday.

“The attack on GMR contract is an Islamic fundamentalist issue,” Zaki told reporters.

Zaki explained that “many top figures in the Adhaalath Party are educated in Pakistan and draw their philosophy from the hardline Salafist form of Islam.”

“When Islamic fundamentalism takes over the country, if the Lashkar-e-Taiba can take over the country, then I have no choice [but to call in forces from India],” Zaki was quoted as saying, “referring to the Pakistan-based militant group that India blames for the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.”

India’s Daily News & Analysis reported Zaki as saying that fundamentalists in the Maldives “have links with terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba” and warned that if Islamic fundamentalism goes unchecked the country could turn into a terror state that threatens Indian security.

Meanwhile, according to the Indian Express, Zaki’s meetings with External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon and Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai were “a clear signal from New Delhi of its unhappiness with Male’ over its handling of the opposition in that country to the GMR agreement for airport development.”

The Indian Express reported that Zaki received treatment at the Indian Army’s Research and Referral Hospital for injuries sustained during his arrest from an uninhabited island last week on charges of alcohol consumption.

Following his arrest and hospitalisation, former Human Resource Minister and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) lawyer Hassan Latheef tweeted that Zaki was “severely beaten by baton and handcuffed for hours”.

Zaki told the Express that he was thrashed with “boots and electric batons” for hours. “There was no space on my body where I was not hit,” he said.

External Affairs Minister Kurshid and his wife were meanwhile “old friends,” Zaki said.

Earlier this month, India’s Business Standard reported that Indian companies operating in the Maldives were expressing concerns over political interference derailing their substantial investments in the country.

“A recent meeting held with the Maldivian Housing Minister [and a joint venture between developers SG18 and Indian super-conglomerate TATA] is said to have ended abruptly with officials from the firm and the Indian High Commission being asked to leave,” the Standard reported.

“Maldivians’ airport to Maldivians”

Waheed with anti-GMR t-shirtThe Adhaalath Party has been at the forefront of a campaign to renationalise the airport dubbed “Maldivians’ airport to Maldivians” led by parties of the ruling coalition.

Remarks by government spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza at a protest rally by the coalition earlier this month, alleging that Indian High Commissioner D M Mulay has been bribed by GMR, triggered a diplomatic incident and saw the government dissociate itself from the comments.

Meanwhile, Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla said at a press conference last week that there should not be any further discussions or negotiations with the Indian infrastructure giant and reiterated calls for the government to immediately terminate the agreement.

While the head of the religious conservative party had given the government a deadline of six days to “reclaim the airport” at the rally on November 9, the ultimatum was later extended to November 30.

On Thursday, the anti-GMR campaign presented a petition with 35,000 signatures to President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik. The petition was handed to Dr Waheed by Sheikh Imran before a meeting at the President’s Office.

Speaking to press following the meeting, State Minister for Home Affairs Abdulla Mohamed said that the President assured the group that the dispute would be resolved in line with “the wishes of the Maldivian people” and that a decision would be made after a cabinet meeting.

With its second ultimatum, the group warned the government that it would have to resort to “direct action” unless the concession agreement was not terminated by November 30.

“Independence and sovereignty”

The press release from the Defence Ministry meanwhile referred to article 67(d) of the constitution, which states that every citizen has a responsibility “to promote the sovereignty, unity, security, integrity and dignity of the Maldives.”

The Defence Ministry appealed to politicians against making remarks that could undermine “national independence and sovereignty” and “issuing threats of confrontation and the use of force.”

The statement also warned that the Defence Ministry would take “necessary legal action against anyone who commits an act that harms the independence and sovereignty of the nation.”


36 thoughts on “Zaki’s remarks “threat to national security,” claims Defence Ministry”

  1. This guy is crook and he is one of the guy who got a huge kick-back from GMR . This mean that he had to defect GMR at any cost .

    MDP will nerve be able to win any election in Maldives as long as people like Zaki and Anni is in the leadership.

  2. Double standards! It was only a week ago that Sheikh Imran gave the ultimatum to the ppresident that they will storm the Airport with their followers. When such a clear statment of intent is made against the only international airport with the possible arrival and depature of all international flights; if that was not deemed threat to national security what is?
    MNDF is clearly political.

  3. I don't much care for Mullahs and fundamentalists. They've got absolutely zero chance of throwing GMR out. Sure enough, they are a vocal group, but they are a minority. Do the majority of Maldivians who love to fornicate, drink booze and smoke crack want to be ruled by the next Taliban? I don't think so.

    My main concern is the state of mind of Zaki. How much of his brain is actually functioning these days, given his love of a drink too many. Zaki may as well stay in India where he can enjoy the good stuff without getting arrested by the Police.

    Soon enough, people will just ignore what he has to say, since we all know he's pissed out of his head most of the time.

  4. Zaki has gone bonkers. Clearly the effects of alcohol drinking have affected his brain, and he is now imagining that he has been beaten by fictious cops. When did the Maldives police start using electric batons ? The guy has gone mad !

    And now he is calling for Indian army to come and protect GMR airport ? What madness ? If a Maldivian shop in India was being threatened by an Indian would Zaki also call for Maldivian defence forces for goto India with weapons and march around the shop to protect the Maldivians investment ?

    Delusional man !

    Zaki is clearly delusional, and wants to anger the Indian goverment and provoke anger towards Maldivians for his political gain ? What next, he is going to ask for political assylum so he can avoid going to court for his alchol and narcotics possession charges ?

    Dirty politics and politicians. Cant believe that a Maldivian would stoop so low so as to put the whole country of Maldives image at stake, so that this Zaki can hit back at Maldives govt for arresting him for drinking alcohol.

    And im amazed that Indians are putting up with the rantings of a madman such as zaki, who is not even hesitant to label half of his countryman as "Islamic extremists" associated with Lashkar-e-thaibaa.

    Blimey, even i am a Maldivian who doesnt support Waheed but even i am against maldivians having to pay GMR to run our airport, when they are making millions of dollars in profits and we are not seeing any development in our Maldivian Airport.

  5. We have defense minister who defends political ideology of his own. Zaki was expressing his political opinion and what it has to do with the National security of republics of corals and coconut. Does this guy think India has any inters in these corals Islands other than just to get some consoling votes for India may be in UN or in any international forum.

    In my opinion, the Republic of Corals and coconut should be wiped out and if you think my opinion is a threat to your national security than come and get me Mr defense Minister.

    I think the only real threats to your Republic of Corals and coconut are you and your likes, who think you have a country with national interest of pain in the ass of anyone who don’t agree with you. You and Mullash and all moronic of your coral republic think you have wonderful country bestowed by almighty just to be preserved as the only nation of Islam and any threat to this view is your national interest. For sane person your national interest should survival and that threat comes from you and Mullahs. If Mullah and all ignorant like you keep fighting with people who don’t agree with you, your survival is not possible. Zaki was mentioning the real threat for your national interest and that is Mullahs and Adalath and instead of addressing that threat you are branding Zaki as a threat your national interest. If Mullah thrive it mean the end of your republic of Corals and coconut. The rest of the world will isolate you, tourism will come to standstill. You will stop wine and alcohol flow with fresh water, no green bucks for you guys to go Thailand for massage and women. And the irony is no foreign influence will come to colonize brainless zombies or to covert you to Christians or Jews. Wake up Mr. Defense Minister I don’t what you are defending.

  6. @mary

    as stupid as the current governments GMR sentiments are..
    This guy is pushing it.

    Maldives is a naval strategic point against China for India, considering the long standing conflict between the first indian-chinese war in the 60's.
    Some idiot politician begging for India to stand its troops on maldivian soil is nothing short of stupid.

    You and people like you are plain dumb and stupid,
    And us, the people supporting the opposition have to use our brains, and not ramble, making us look stupid

  7. Maldives should find a way to replace its defence minister before talking of defence. The guy has proved himself to be one of the biggest threats to national security.

  8. How is Maldives a strategic point against China ?? Please explain ? China is the other side of the country, do you think India couldn't launch an assault from there own soil, lol, seriously. I have to agree with @Marry, seems to me he/she has it spot on.
    Zombies, love that term, sums it up really well for 95% of the population.

  9. Also if India wanted it's presence here they could do it and there wouldn't be shit you do about it. Your little joke of a military would have there asses handed to them in a mornings work and would be forced to peel coconuts for the cow loving Indians. Boy would I love to see that, lol. I mean seriously lets be honest, a nation of what, coconuts and Tuna ? You don't even have any land to speak of, tourism will be finished the way your country is going. Then you'll all be praying in to hand me down Qurans because you won't be able to afford new ones.
    Sorry for this rant but it was foreigners who brought this country to what it is now and all you do is bite the hand the helped your country. It's disgusting really !

  10. yes if India want to invade they can but this does not mean fool like Zaki need to request Indian Government to Invade the country.

    Zaki and Anni and Raazee had taken huge cut from GMR and they will go any where to defend the GMR even by cutting their " growing" too.

    These few robbers had robbed this country in last three years .

  11. Some times i think you guys forget your history lessons. 3 November 1988 - Help, Help Help shouts Gayoom we are being invaded by 80 Tamil militants, Help, Help , Help. Don't worry Big Brother India is he to help we will send 2000 Indian troops to reclaim your country, Hurray, hurray, hurray. WTF only 80 militants took over your island :O Where were the MNDF hiding? under their beds i suspect or bullying woman and children in the street.

  12. @wake the f up..

    Talking about the damn navy you retard, out of ten global powers in the world, india and china both in the same area, do you really think theyll launch every offensive from land?

    You retard, go kill yourself,

  13. These Maldivains have to learn to respect eminent people like Zaki, who is also an emblem of noble families of Male.

    People are always jealous of Zaki because of his nobility, brilliance, smartness and success with women. He does not drink. The evidence is his wife who wears headscarf. She will would have divorced him if he drinks.

  14. Great. We will soon be beating Pakistan in their self destructive path of Muslims killing Muslims.

    We can bring down the whole nation, the economy, the credibility, the future of the children by our own doing, very fast.

    Thank you dear lord. Thank you.

    That is similar to other countries of the faith and the continuing trend of our beautiful religion. Well done!!!

  15. well well well..... so desperate for revenge huh!!!! now MDP has new policy for revenge. and sadly they dont give a damn about the after effects that the country may have to face. u may try to lie some but not all. its an investment. BUT HOW DID YOU DO IT !!!! tsk tsk tsk ..... zaki sold the airport maybe for a lifetime supply of ''thaadee''... 😛

  16. When did Zaki become the commander of Indian Army?

    Thats getting way too 'high' Mr. Zaki.

    Sober up and throw away that joint.

  17. @Damn, lol ! If China goes to war there is more to worry about than this little piss ass country.

    This is your quote "Maldives is a naval strategic point against China for India", ok, I'm still asking how and why would they need a naval base such as Maldives ? First of all way to close to India to hold, duh ! This would be equivalent to the cuban missile crisis, India will never let this happen.
    Thank god your not commanding any armies, lol.

    back at ya retard haha...

  18. This is a useless bit of discussion from a man who probably does not even pray his prayers properly.
    A man who has been suspected of drinking the mother of all evils(alcohol) has no right to decide what is moral and immoral in the country.
    La Hawla Wala Guwwatha illa Billah

  19. Who is Zaki? Majority of MDP believes he is the real culprit for the failure of Mr.Nasheed!!

  20. Zaki is running away from prosecution and blabbing to get sympathy. Now he will claim asylum not to come to Maldives. Even a kid in this nation knows who Zaki is when it comes to alcohol and drugs. The guy got caught and humiliated so much now he has no way to face ordinary Maldivians. Better he stay abroad.

  21. Zaki , Nasheed , Maria and Reeco are the people who are ruining MDP and people like IBu need to get out from the Anni decease to revive the " real political party " MDP .

    There are many people who have great hope for the party but the cult Anni had hijacked the party for for his personal gain.

  22. Hello Moronic idiots of tiny crab hole country… sometimes I feel you guys have coconut flesh inside your brains. You guys always trying to project these tiny crab hole country to be something important, some time you believe people are interested in zombies like you and they want convert you to other religions, and sometimes you feel your crab holes are important for military power for their strategic war launching pad.

    Have you ever thought why would anyone want convert to you to any other religions, I am not sure why on earth anyone want you guys to convert any other religion. Politically, it is better if people like you linger in the dark ages and live like savages. Human being never will try to give anything good to fellow human beings, if they think their religion is good why they would want you to convert to their religion. And if they think you have a better religion why they don’t embrace you and becomes Muslims. Simple logic isn’t it?

    Talking about strategically importance of tiny piece of corals, this is twenty first century and why ever China and India would go to wars. Do you think the people of these countries are as mad as you who do all thinking from ass? India may go wars with Pakistan because they do their thinking from ass like you. And India doesn’t need a launching pad in these coral Islands because Indian can deal with Pakistan from New Delhi alone. Indian and Chinese want live this life in its fullest and they don’t want die for other imaginary paradise. Probably USA who is trying to do the police work in the world is only power you can contemplate of having any inertest in your tiny crab holes. But USA has warships bigger than your tiny crab hole, don’t you guys read current affairs. They can bring those giant vessel to anywhere in the world and can wipe out any place they want.

    Guys… please come out of cocoon, and get used to real world. Your country has nothing anyone will even take notice of you for any strategic reason. For your information, the people of today are not interested in people like you who are not important. The world gets attention to places where they can exploit economically. You have no market for anyone to sell their product, and you have no human capital or land to use for any industrial purpose.

    I feel sorry for you guys who are trying to be called a people, a country and desperate to be recognized by the world. But sadly this cannot happen because you don’t have anything that people are interested.
    And the funny thing is when a crazy country like India want to help you guys on humanitarian ground, you guys want take advantage of their kindness.

    I think ultimately those white people who normally travel to poor countries to help them will be pissed of with your savageness will slowly stop coming there and this would be the last nail on the coffin of your tiny crab hole. My advice is just be thankful for what you have and accept the vulnerably you have and change your attitude of big and get to your size. Allah is just a fake thing he is not there, if he was there why he settled you guys in the middle of ocean on these tiny crab holes where there is nothing for human to survive.

  23. Maldives has a billion dollar tourism and fishing industry and located in a strategic spot. Maldivian people are peaceful and hospitable people.
    But the most precious asset of Maldives is Islam, which has served as a basis for unity in a country that is spread out in the ocean.

    Without strong Islam, there will be no Maldives sovereignty. And thus no, tourism or economy.

    Every society has drug addicts and psychos and Zaki is one of them. It would be sup rising that Zaki even has passed his O'levels. But, because Zaki is from from the 'Zaki family' Maumoon has elevated him with many posts. But still, that does not makes the man what he is not.

    India has either bought the bluff of Zaki or are using Zaki because they know wheo he is.

    Anni cannot escape from Zaki as they are now conjoined twins in politics.

    Maumoon has cleverly planted the virus of destruction of MDP within MDP. And Zaki is doing to to perfection.

  24. Well well well.....what do we have here ?? A slugfest...go for it guys ...tooth and nail...hammer and tongs!

  25. OOOOOOhhhhh, "Alcohol the mother of all evils", and then spit out some arabic verse (not even your mother tongue), wow ! You religious idiots are so unbelievably f'n stupid. Do you blinded fools even realize that if we all lived like the Taliban wanted there would be no internet, no planes, and boats without power. What i'm trying to say is you probably wouldn't even know about Islam or it's existence. Accepting a religion is like going around to the car dealerships and listening to salesmen spew their BS. Maldives bought the car and the insurance and all the extra's that they make there money on.

  26. Mr. Zaki Singh,
    This is Dhiveheenge Indian Ocean. so tell the Gandhi boys to lay off.
    Ret. Col. China Karanka Baghee (unconditional)

  27. i loved wat nasir and Damn talked bout. beautiful points. but i would like to oppose to something. India is the second largest army in the world. And it has more reserve soldiers than u guys have a population. Quit takin India into your discussions. If india wanted to protect their assets and cared a bolloks bout maldives like Some Madmen talk, they could have done it long before. Duh!

    And using maldives as a base against China?? hahahah please!! India has got better interests. So guys dont pull India into talks and then talk stupidity as you like it! Besides, Zakis statement has gone to the extend of hype that people talk think he actually called the indian army in! Pleeeeasseee!!! And Maldives paying GMR to run the airport?? get your facts right! If you think this Bucket Airport is a diamond mine, and these politicians knew how to mine it, Maldives should have long ago settled its deficits. We commoners fight over words from these filthy rich businessmen who doesn not care a dime about us all, while they live on the laps of luxury and women while we riot and protest against a company that could do the company good!

  28. correction to the last line, "protest against a company that could do the country good"

    and please please use sense to understand indians especially from "new delhi" are not so interested in Maldives politics to put absurd comments like "maldivians smell" etc etc. It could very well be an Adalath activist using the hilarious name of 'Indira' or 'New Delhi' to foster hatred among people towards indians!! Duh!!

  29. To all those raving like nuts about Islam,

    Ehheehhe, you people are pretty scared of Islam getting the better half of this country , aren't you?

    This is the biggest fear of the west and the atheists and alcohol addicts like the buffoon Zaki here!That's why they are clouding our thoughts and actions!

    That's why while having the richest of resources and the highest in numbers, Muslims are on the down fall!We believe in the west more than God and our own brothers.

    Why do the west fear something so much when it is false, eh! It only proves that Islam is the truth and people like Dr Laurence brown found it through wisdom and when god willed!

    And what is this all hate matter with Indians. The biggest stars of Bollywood are Muslims, aren't they? and millions of Hindus and Muslims in India love them so why are we so divided?

    Remember, the west does not know anything besides division and that is what they are doing from the time of colonialism, the establishment of Israel, 9/11(an inside job to blame and wreck havoc between Muslims and other faiths). but in the end truth will always prevail! You wait and watch!

  30. Speaking about police brutality is indeed a security threat to the enemy. Thus, this weakness must be exploited; victims of police brutality must speak out, and provide evidence against their oppressors.

    And like in Somalia, when the oppression grew intolerable, the people will rise up in a storm of blood, rage, hatred and thunder, and slaughter the imperialists.

  31. I think obliterating the enemy's army will be a simple matter. After all, they did get routed by a mere 80 tamil tiger mercenaries... which were hired by Maumoon on the behest of India.

    India gets to assassinate a certain LTTE commander, and Maumoon gets to silence any dissent and drum up sympathy for himself, using the bodies of dead Maldivians to justify his bullshit and blame it on what he perceived to be his enemies.

  32. 'Go to India not Pakistan' Indian FM to Maldivians: Also Tata being kicked out!!


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