Waheed’s “unprecedented” decision to stay “has endangered the Maldivian people’s right to elect a leader of their choice”: US

The US government has said it is deeply concerned by President Mohamed Waheed’s “unprecedented decision” to remain in power past the mandate of his presidency, which expired on November 10.

“This action has endangered the Maldivian people’s right to elect a leader of their choice,” stated the US Embassy in Colombo.

“The democratic process must be supported by quickly concluding a free, fair, transparent and inclusive runoff election that results in the prompt inauguration of the new president. In the lead up to the November 16 second round vote, it is important to avoid violence and for the police and military to show restraint and respect the human rights of all Maldivian citizens,” the US Embassy stated.

Cabinet ministers revealed yesterday that Waheed had arrived at the President’s Office late on Sunday evening prepared to resign and hand over power to the Speaker of Parliament, as stipulated by Article 124 of the constitution, but claimed to have convinced him otherwise. His Vice President, Waheed Deen, had resigned that morning.

Minivan News understands that defence chiefs arrived at the President’s Office prior to Waheed’s address to the nation, initially scheduled for 10:30pm on Sunday. The address was delayed an hour, before Waheed appeared and said he would resign on November 16, the date scheduled for the delayed run-off vote.

“Many Maldivians, international organisations and countries are pressuring me to resign and temporarily hand over the government to the People’s Majlis Speaker. On the other hand, even more citizens want me to stay on, to continue with administration of the country, to carry out my duty,” Waheed claimed.

After making the statement, Waheed and his wife were escorted off Male to the presidential retreat of Aarah, as violent protests erupted in the capital.

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird slammed the Supreme Court’s “disappointing” decision to delay the run-off vote until after the expiry of the presidential term, which he said “undermines both the Maldives’ constitution and the people’s faith in elections.”

“The term of the current government has now expired without a newly elected government to replace it. This is the case despite two free and fair elections over the last two months,” Baird remarked.

Transparency Maldives echoed these concerns, stating it was “deeply concerned that the people of the Maldives have been denied the right to elect a President before the constitutional five-year term of the incumbent government expired on 11 November 2013.”

Transparency conducted the largest election observation with 400 observers across the country and at overseas polling booths, and praised the Elections Commission’s conduct of the revote on November 9 as peaceful, credible and “well-administered despite challenges.”

Terming the Maldive’s current situation a “constitutional crisis”, Transparency said it was “regrettable that political actors failed to find a democratically inclusive solution to the constitutional crisis that respects the spirit of the Constitution. The spirit of the Constitution reflects the basic democratic principle that state power must always lie with the people and their elected representatives.”


16 thoughts on “Waheed’s “unprecedented” decision to stay “has endangered the Maldivian people’s right to elect a leader of their choice”: US”

  1. What a weak puppet! Even when he "intends to say no" he is told otherwise and obeys. He also has no moral compass.

    Someone do us a favour and advise him to go jump off something high. He has no self respect or respect for the constitution and the people. Can not believe that he had an education at all.

  2. At least Deen had some dignity left and acted according to the constitution... Mind you, his wife is not such a dominating factor in the equation.

    Now that Waheed has broken the constitution, this should invalidate his enormous presidential pension of $25,000 per month for life!!! How many families could that look after?? Discuss....

  3. The waters near Aarah where he is in "retreat", hiding or held hostage by the Defence Forces is infested by sharks.

    Waheed should be fed to the sharks.

  4. He is under arrest.Seamless school teacher.How can he govern a Nation.
    Gayooms Puppet.

  5. how does waheed decisions object people votes?

    don't talk bullshit and we have the right to cast our votes and elect the president we want.

  6. @ aliwaleed

    Waheed is probably swimming with the sharks. What about Nasheed? Should people crown him Sultan after that?

  7. The US deserves praise for playing a pragmatic role during the last 2 years. The US have not jumped the gun or shoot from the hips like the Canadian FM John Bird.

    There is no anti US rhetoric in Maldives such as those directed againt UK Conservative Party, whose voice is sometimes represented by India or Canada.

    It has to be noted that both Dr. Waheed and Yameen are US graduates (from top collages) while Nasheed is a UK student.

    Future foreign policy may likely to be Commonwealth oriented (with Nasheed) or US oriented with Yameen.

  8. Defence chiefs meet him delaying the address to the nation. An MNDF General who was suspended from duties is summoned for questioning, lower ranking officers suspended the same evening. Waheed miraculously changes his mind, while he is even unreachable to his family; at one point Defence minister Nazim answers his phone.

    He goes to Aa Rah voluntarily, for his own security, and he voluntarily decided to not to resign - just like another President voluntarily resigned.

  9. Barack Hussain Obama. The leader of the world is a Muslim. President Bush practised, "Whom much is given much is asked for".

    What is Obama doing? I mean to the world as a whole. Shame on him.

  10. Waheed for f sake take your spineless vile ass back to the US, you might be even spared the crimes you committed.

  11. "... it is deeply concerned by President Mohamed Waheed’s “unprecedented decision” to remain in power past the mandate of his presidency..."

    Waheed never had a mandate to be president anyway - he was never elected.

  12. United States has a chance to teach Maldives a good lesson. I hope the United States will not lose this chance.

  13. It is said that Waheed holds a dual citizenship!
    I am sure if Waheed has a US citizenship, he would have signed everything saying he would abide by their rules!
    With this happening, what could happen!
    If they take him in, also they should be careful with this one!

  14. The USA. The first country to embrace the coup government of 7 February 2012. They were not worried about our rights and they are not worried about our rights. When has the USA ever been worried about peoples rights anywhere in the world. Its all about US interests.

  15. If he was going to resign as is being touted, why did he pack so much luggage? Does that mean, him and his wife were on their way to the airport instead of Aa Rah?

    He's most likely to go to the airport straight from Aa Rah on the 16th. Destination?


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