20 year-old man found dead after attempted robbery of Baros Island Resort

One person is dead after an attempted robbery of Baros Island Resort and Spa early this morning, after a group of Maldivians arrived in a boat and were confronted by staff.

Police spokesperson Sub-Inspector Ahmed Ali confirmed that police were called around 4:00am this morning and are investigating the incident.

“A group of people went to the island and had a confrontation with staff. Staff at the resort held the suspects,” he said, confirming that they were Maldivian nationals. “When police arrived there was a body in front of the jetty.”

Sub-Inspector Ali declined to provide further details until the conclusion of the investigation.

General Manager of Baros, Jonathan Blitz, said the resort could not comment on the matter as it was under police investigation.

Minivan News understands that the deceased is 20 year-old Ali ‘Immortal’ Shafiu.

According to sources familiar with the incident, Shafiu was among a group of four masked men who arrived on the island at 3:30am.

He allegedly drowned while attempting to escape in one of the resort’s vessels, after security staff spotted the intruders.

One of the suspects was apprehended by resort staff, while the remaining two were arrested by police when they were found hiding in a resort boat in the lagoon.

It is not known if the men were armed, however no staff member or guest on the island was harmed during the incident, Minivan News was told.

Friends of the victim in Male’ who were present when the body was brought to hospital claimed Shafiu was dead when he was pulled from the water. The body appeared to have three head wounds, one of them “one and a half inches deep”, the source claimed.

The three remaining men are now under police custody.

Baros is the second Maldivian resort this year to suffer an attempted robbery by people from outside the island.

In Janurary, staff at Kihaadhuffaru in Baa Atoll were threatened by a group of masked men brandishing machetes and swords, who escaped in a dingy with the resort’s safe.

A receptionist was reportedly gagged with tape and restrained with a cable tie during the incident.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said at the time that he did not believe resorts would need to review existing security measures in light of the Kihaadhuffaru theft.


23 thoughts on “20 year-old man found dead after attempted robbery of Baros Island Resort”

  1. I believe Maldivian pirates are more dangerous than Somali pirates since they know the locality well and speak the language of the natives. Also when arrested they are more likely to be released for unknown reasons.

  2. Judges, they are just passing by.

    I say, release them all and dish out a court order to arrest the tourists in the island.

    Either way you would not comprehend, realize the right or the wrong of it, anyway.

  3. Poor state of affairs in a poverty stricken nation.The youth resorting to such levels for easy money.

    This appears to be a fabricated story anyway..How are the police claiming the death of this young man be a mere accident..There might be more to this story,how does one explain the wounds on his head?Whatever the case maybe they should investigate for the cause of the young man's death..Everyone deserves dignity in death.

  4. Whar a pity. Poor fellow didn't know how to swim when he went on to an island to rob. He must have felt very shit when he was drowning, "Oh lord,i just robbed an island, Please forgive me one last time and save me from drowning", but the god must have said "No way, you deserve it" .Funny ending for a young man who could have lived a descent life.

  5. Why Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said at the time that he did NOT believe resorts would need to review existing security measures in light of the Kihaadhuffaru theft. Is he crazy??

  6. Not satisfied caz only one died. I wish all four died so that way others will learn a lesson. All the blame goes to the families of those robbers, sometimes the families encourage them to do it. We need to implement Sharia and Law otherwise this country is going to be doomed....

  7. if police cannot protect civilians in the society, law abiding, decent Maldivians have the right to demand gun license to prevent burglary and robbery in broad daylight.

  8. @msrashyd have you gone mad. Is he died while he was doing a very noble act, then that must be investigated. I guess you were raised in a very bad environment where robbing, piracy are just part of the life. If so I feel sorry for you.

  9. thugs, drug addicts, robbers and murderers are roaming free... police and the courts in this country are saying they are trying to protect citizens. How funny..

  10. capitalism, where those who first venture into businesses accumulate all wealth and conquer resources, and rest is left to venture into such jobs like this..

  11. This is the second good reason for avoiding the Maldives like the plague. The first is Vilu Reef.............

  12. i think people dont want to work they want easy ,money and the law is lax they will not do anything the way if it progress soon every resort will leave then what to do die in poverty where is the income what economy we have we want investment who will invest in maldives we are a small nation we must respect others

  13. Well done the good and vigilant staff of Baros, let's appoint them Police officers straight away and bring them to Male'

    They should be applauded, whatever was in the safe should be divided amongst the participating staff as a reward for their bravery over these criminals.

    This is how you do it, take out the criminal element and refuse to be bullied by thugs, hell let's stick em in the Majlis, we may even get law and order!

  14. An act of extremist fundamentalists. Is this not an act of terrorism?? Maldives tourism is going to be affected if we dont take dramatic action.

  15. dont really wanna make a comment about wether he deserved it or not until the investigation is complete.
    but if this in fact was a robbery the scumbag deserved everything he got.
    Ammadey, if you want to live in a communist state go live somewhere else and see how you enjoy it, some people just expect everything given to them.

    Maldives needs a witness protection program, or a security procedure whereby their identities remain hidden. this way we can prosecute these people without fear of reprisals

  16. We have been reduced to this state of lawlessness because the Head of law enforcement, President Nasheed is not interested or incapable of enforcing law and order.

  17. What a sad situation our country is in. All the illegal south asian people are her looking for and eager to work while our own people are out on the road and sea looking for robbery, murder, gang violence and crimes.

  18. @musician that's the problem with Maldivians..you start judging so early ,you guys don't need the legal system,Oh you of bad grammar, kindly note that until proven guilty you can't say such insensitive things..And that's why killing is so common in this country,people like you don't value human life.And how do you know that I am not from a very stable background?just because I said that a man can't be called guilty...had he murdered anyone?Do you know the exact truth about what happened?or were you also involved in the conspiracy?For all you know, they must have been poor young people who had gone night fishing and just for fun wanted to check out the island..If you can label anyone bad so fast try to see the other side of the story also!How dare you speak so ill of a dead person..go talk bad about those who are murdering people on the road in broad daylight!!!

  19. Ali "IMMORTAL" Shafiu..! my ass!! 😛 heheheh pakaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.... this is the funniest name a person could have.. no wonder Allah gave him such an embarrassing death.. IMMORTAL veema gadda vegen vakkan kuran resort a gossa maru vefa ovva fenuni.... lol 😛 the 21st century joke... i wonder what he would have been thinkin while he was dying?? "yo i wont die man, i'm immortal yo" !! wt a wannabe... whether he drowned or whether he was killed by someone.. fair enough... cos he went to rob !! nt for a pilgrimage anyway... just 20 yrs old!! what were his parents doing???

  20. @msrashyd

    WOW!!!! I applaud you, caz u r foolish. They went night fishing wearing face mask, carrying sword. Perhaps you could explain that a bit more on that subject.

    "kindly note that until proven guilty" why perhaps you can explain that also. What if someone commits a murder in front you and was not proven guilty. Also note there is so many cases like that, still cant you say stuffs to him.

    "go talk bad about those who are murdering people on the road in broad daylight!!!" Aren't you doing the same thing. "Until proven guilty they are innocent" LOL

    In the end you are agreed what i said right.


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