65 year-old man murdered inside his house on Manafaru Island

A 65 year-old man identified as Hassan Abubakur was found murdered inside his own house yesterday at around 6:00pm on the island of Manafaru in Noonu Atoll.

‘’Neighbors living near his house noticed that he had not been coming out at all, and went in to see what was going on and found his dead body,’’ said Ahmed Shareef, President of the Island Council of Manafaru.

“Our estimation shows that the incident might have occurred on Sunday night, because that was the last time anyone saw him,’’ Shareef said. “The Island Council records show that he came to the council office to receive something on Sunday and islanders have said they haven’t seen him since.”

Shareef said there were different rumours spreading on the island about Abubakur’s death, although there have been no confirmed reports.

“I got to see inside the house after the incident, it seems that some people have tried to steal something in the house, because the things inside his house were not arranged as they usually were,’’ he said. “Some cupboards doors were opened and some things supposed to be kept on the table were dropped on the floor.”

The body was handed to the council last night at 10:30pm after police finished examining it, he said. The body was laid to rest at 3:15am.

Head of the Island Health Centre Ali Shareef told Minivan News that the body was not brought to the Health Centre but rather a doctor from the Health Centre was sent to see the body.

The doctor estimated that Abubakur might have been dead for more than 48 hours,’’ Ali Shareef said.

The elderly man’s legs were tied and a pillow was on his face when his body was found, Shareef said, according to islanders who witnessed the body.

“People said there was blood spilled from his nose and mouth when people saw the body,’’ he said.

Ali Shareef said according to rumours, the man has received a large amount of cash on Sunday through the elderly person’s pension scheme, because he had not been received it for a long time.

“It is said that the assailants went to his house in search of the money,’’ he said.

He said that it took a long time to realise Abubakur was missing because he was lived alone in his house and ate in different places.

“Neighbors living nearby noticed that his house door had been left open for days and that he had not been coming out,’’ he said. ‘’So they went to check on him.’’

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef did not answer calls at time of press.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning a 16 year-old school boy was found killed inside a park in Henveiru, Male’.

According to reports, the boy was stabbed to death while he was asleep in the park on Tuesday night.


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  1. Outrageous and barbaric act carried in cold blood. Why can't these greedy pigs take money and leave this helpless old man alone ? Morality of this poor man's relatives , neighbours , Island authorities and islanders are questioned since it tooks three days to notice his missing in such a small island.

  2. Noonu Maafaru not Manafaru. Tragic, absolute failure of human values especially in a place so proudly calls 100% muslim and muslims as the most pious of all.

  3. Who cares..! Government is more interested in condoms....sorcery etc. Hundreds of Police men are protecting the Bhagees.....! It does not matter to them if an innocent School Boy or an Old Man's life is in danger.

  4. Ah yes, Maldives is a 100% muslim country. Maybe the killers were led astray by the jews, christians, hindus, buddhists etc. who are now evangelizing the country - Idiots


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