HRCM “blind and deaf” over police brutality, claims MDP

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Spokesperson and MP Imthiyaz Fahmy ‘Inthi’ has condemned the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) for being “deaf and blind” to police brutality against MDP supporters.

Speaking to the press today at the MDP Secretariat, Inthi said that the MDP was deeply concerned that while there was a human rights commission to investigate rights violations, it had failed to notice these and instead accepted the police’s actions with their silence.

Inthi alleged that police had attacked MDP protesters as well as journalist during the recent protests over the dismantling of the Usfasgandu protest sight, and provided pictures.

He alleged that many MDP activists had been injured during police crackdowns and that some activists were beaten after being taken into police custody.

‘’They also forced the 56 arrested MDP supporters to give their urine samples to test for drugs, but they were all arrested for a political unrest on not on a drug related offence,’’ he said. Inthi himself was arrested the previous day during the crackdown.

“’I was arrested at the MDP protest campsite and the court released me, after the police told the judge that I had assaulted a female officer at the Usfasgandu,’’ he told the journalist. “Human rights organisations far away from the Maldives have expressed concern over rights violations here, but the Human Rights Commission in the Maldives has not seen or noticed anything.’’

HRCM had also failed to notice that the police had dismantled MDP protest campsite as Usgandu without a court warrant, he added.

‘’Today the police are operating as a gang, they are not police but are a group thugs,” he claimed. “The former commissioner of police has said they are now operating like a gang,’’ Inthi added.

HRCM Presdient Maryam Azra did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Police and army officers dismantled the MDP protest camp after the Criminal Court issued a search warrant following the police allegations of sorcery and other criminal offences being carried out at the campsite.

The Civil Court later ordered a halt to the dismantling of the camp, however police had by then destroyed most of the area.

The Civil Court order came following a case filed in court by the MDP which is still ongoing.


12 thoughts on “HRCM “blind and deaf” over police brutality, claims MDP”

  1. Its funny that everyone else is blamed by MDP.
    Sounds like MDP is the only right one. Everyone else is wrong.

  2. Former Police Commissioner is an MDP stooge and Boduhulhu Anni resigned because of his cowardly actions. The violent MDP mob had to be treated the way they treat our beloved police personnel. They are being abused on the streets and female members of the force are being sexually assaulted and all these violent acts are being committed in the name of democracy. What a joke?

  3. Need to clean the streets from this junk... That guy still have a cigarette in his hand.. See the pic

  4. Who are these everyone else and please specify the violations. HRCM is formed and paid by public funds to look into all violations. Cheap comments like that of Rice will serve no purpose.

  5. You all should understand AZRA is a Gay Yoom goon.
    Her sort of human right is to ass lick people who are in power and money.

  6. Oh come on "Rice, maakaloa and ahmed" You are just making a fool out your selves.Did Your parents send you to school?..If any one is being opressed then it is a Breach of "Human rights" and if the commission cannot act on it ,they are better off selling vegetables at the market

  7. as for your comment on the former commissioner,he is educated and has adequate qualifications,and did not get the post lik baagee riyaz by kissing butts...heheheh...poor baagee s now ur finished

  8. Investigation Department was until recently lead by Abdulla Hameed's Shamoon Hameed.He is Musician ande now he is Secretary General of Commission now.

    Msot staff of Investigation Departmant are Gayoom lovers.

    The only work Commission member Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Karim do is to defend interests of Gayoom and his people. Commission member Docter Shameem also working with sheikh.

  9. Maikaaloa,

    I felt physicall sick when I read your comment. But its good that you wrote this, we can see what we are dealing with.

    I don't know if you are a man or a woman. if you are a man, just hope and pray that your mother, grandmother, wife or sisters or nieces do not get taken by our Police. They get stripped, asked to do sit ups totally naked, yelled at using foul language, sexually assaulted and beaten. they also release hard core criminals into the koshi where they keep the women detainees.

    Whats so horrific is that its women doing this to women and allowing men to violate our women.

    They are doing this for what? To stay in uniform so they can strut around, to get free medical care . to be fed well, to get training free, to get housing?

    Parasites, the whole lot.

  10. Sorry @Riyaz!
    The speaker of the Majlis is on the block with HRCM.
    He needs to be investigated first.
    On the 7th of February, he was reported excited about not receiving the letter!
    He never wanted to know how and through which channel it had come!!!!!!


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