All family members of murdered Ahusan Basheer approve death sentence for minors if guilty

The Juvenile Court has said that murder victim’s Ahusan Basheer’s eight inheritors have now approved a possible death sentence for the male and female minor charged with his murder, if the court finds them guilty.

In May this year four members of Ahusan Basheer’s family were summoned to the Juvenile court to clarify if they had any objection to the death sentence being passed on the two minors charged with the murder of Ahusan. All four approved it.

The Juvenile Court said four more members of Ahusan’s family were summoned to Hithadhoo Court in Addu City to clarify if they would approve death sentence – they also approved it.

Article 88[d] of the Maldives Penal Code of the Maldives stated that murders should be dealt with according to Islamic Sharia and that persons found guilty of murder “shall be executed” if no inheritor of the victim objects, according to Islamic Sharia.

Home Minister Dr Ahmed Jameel has recently told the media that he would not hesitate to implement death sentence if the parliament determines it just.

Dr Jameel told the local media that the sentence for gang related crimes and assaults using sharp objects have to be changed to a sentence that the criminals fear.

He also said it was time the parliament determined appropriate penalties for such crimes and said he would not hesitate to implement any verdict.

Jameel said he will amend parole regulations in such a way that those convicted of murders, gang related crimes and stabbings will not be eligible for parole.

Ahusan Basheer, was stabbed to death in the early hours of March 17.

Although Maldives Penal Code allows death sentence, it has traditionally been commuted to 25 years in prison.


3 thoughts on “All family members of murdered Ahusan Basheer approve death sentence for minors if guilty”

  1. mmmm not too bad maybe - I would guess that death sentence could be applied too for high treason - quite some candidates for that after the coup d'etat against the first ever democratically elected government of Maldives.

  2. mmmm hmmm yummm...burp..excuse me..
    Death Sentence should be executed on me, after all I have bootlicked anni for sometime. The highest of treason.

  3. Why is "coup" brought up for every single damn issue?
    "A man was killed" -idiots go "coup"

    "A woman was assaulted"- you idiots go "coup"

    What happened in 7th february was shady and everyone knows that, but stop diverting attention from a damn murder or whatever else, this has nothing to do with a coup, a human being lost his life, what has the "coup" to do with this?
    and this happened last year, before the "coup"


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