Abandoned baby discovered on Male’ pavement

A baby was discovered abandoned on the side of a road in the Maafannu Ward of Male’ early this morning, police have announced.

According to the Maldives Police Service, the child was discovered at 5:45am today on the pavement in front of a house called Release.

Local media has reported that the child, thought to be female, was discovered by a woman in the house after she had heard its cries. The baby was claimed to have been discovered placed on top of a plastic bag.

Authorities have confirmed that police officers were called to the scene early this morning before taking the child to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in the capital.

A police statement has said that the child was found to be in a healthy condition by doctors at IGMH. The Police Family and Child Protection Department is now investigating the case, while no arrests in connection with the incident have been made at present.

There have been a number of recent incidents reported in the media where pregnant women have been forced to take desperate measures such as self-induced abortions, infanticide or abandoning infants.

Earlier this month, a 26-year old male and 20-year old female were reportedly arrested in connection to the discovery of a five month-old foetus buried on a beach on the island of Maradhoo Feydhoo in Seenu Atoll.

Meanwhile in June, police recovered the body of a newborn infant buried in the outdoor shower of a house on Shaviyani Feydhoo island. The baby’s mother was identified as a 15-year old school student.

Over the last two years, three other newborns have been found dead in the country.  Over the same period there has been two separate incidents where newborn children were discovered abandoned but alive.

Two foetuses were reported discovered during this two year period, one hidden in a milk tin and the other at the bottom of Male’s municipal swimming pool. Another fully-developed baby was thrown into a park having apparently been strangled with underwear tied around its neck.


11 thoughts on “Abandoned baby discovered on Male’ pavement”

  1. And the crazy sheikhs still promote the 100% muslim propaganda while these incidents happen?

    Sex education is taboo or according to many religious scholars, not allowed. Contraception is 'not allowed'. Abortion, which is a right belonging only to the mother, is illegal. Consenting sex between adults is illegal. Why are people still surprised this happens?

  2. @ all the islamophobes.
    This has nothing to do with islam or sheikh or 100% or anything. Why are these islamophobes so thick? cannot these useless worms rationalize anything without thinking about the muck which is forever revolving in their idiotic brains?

  3. Maybe it is time to consider putting in place a "baby box" at the Children's Home at Villingili. They used to have these outside children's homes in Ireland so that the mother can leave the child and ring a night bell so that it is anonymously but safely discarded. Very sad that babies have to die and that the "girls" who are mothers too soon have to carry such a stigma that murder is the only option.

  4. @ the islamophobe who replied to my earlier comment.

    findout who threw this baby and you will find:
    1)he or she is a nonpracticing muslim
    2) he or she would not have good Islamic understanding.
    3) he or she would have been exposed to sex education and unlawful sex many times.

    so this throwing away of baby has exacactly nothing to do with islam but everything to do with the life style of the kuffar. Just come up with one instance (JUST ONE) where a 'haabee' man or woman threw a baby like this in Maldives. Just one would be enough.

    So don't associate every vice with islam. I am not calling you to islam or asking you to embrace islam or to love muslims. Just asking us to let us be. we are simple muslims who love our religion. Is it too much for you to bear? Or does every one have to believe in your conviction? is that your understanding of democracy?

  5. To Wives and Concubines
    You are right
    Sex education is taboo that is why many sheikhs and holy priest visit Thailand or even Europe for sexual tourism.hahaha
    but my question why those very holy people who spend millions of US$ for advertising and web page doesn't help poor children that suffering from hunger and abuse?
    cheating everywhere.

  6. Islamaphobia. A term uses by Muslims to suppress any voices that speaks the truth about Islam.

    I fully agree with wives and concubines. Maldivian Muslims are the best hypocrites in this world. They refuse to admit to any wrong. While insisting to be good Muslims. These good Muslims have sex. Do drugs. Get drunk. But still consider themselves as Muslims. And tries to defend Islam.

    It's such a laugh. Maldives is not a 100% Muslim country. Never was. Never will be. They say that to gain benefit from Islamic countries.

    What Maldives needs it awareness and proper education. Not blind stupid laws. We are living in the 21st century. Act like it. Holding on to Islamic laws only qualify you for stone aged desert dwelling sex deprived Arabic Muslim.

  7. Islam is used as a political tool. To get the airport back for Islam? This how they brainwash maldivian Muslims who are primitive enough to buy this crap.

    This stupid Imran takes full advantage of Islam. They never raised the problems or protested against. Pedophilia. Gang violence. Abuse of expatriate in this country. They use Islam to gain political advantage. This is what Maldives has come to. You are labeled as a kafir for not agree with the Islamic ministries propaganda.

    Wake up maldivians and smell the lies. Get rid of your blind faith and open your eyes for f**k sakes.

  8. Ok, so Minivan now is kind of advertising for Abortions, eh! and i thought Wives and con... was a wanting to be human rights activist but i guess when you want free sex so much then you'll try to legalize such inhumane things as abortions, no wonder Islam bans it altogether.(mother has the right to kill her own children, my god!???

    It's like the silly old Americans saying every country needs to defend itself but then again drone bombs poor old Afghanistani children, what to do, some people are so blind???!!! without faith ehehe!!!

    For all those believing that we, humans came from dinosaur eggs and that our existence is accidental and that our ancestors were Apes with Ape brains(god, i really so truly do not want my ancestors to be Apes with the flea ridden hairy body and dumb face expressions oooh oooh ahhh aaah),

    just let us be simple Muslims who believes in justifiable punishment for such women who have their pleasures and then throws out or kills the end result because they are such cowards.

    PS; i suppose some ape brains here will not call for the death of the people who raped the Indian girl,died yesterday because of the injuries(because Islam calls for that) and i also doubt they have any sympathy for the so many children who were killed in Newtown because Americans allow such deadly things as guns; idiots, but guess people who evolved from dinosaur eggs wouldn't get it, what a shame!!!


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