Adhaalath Party protests decision to mix males and females in schools

The Adhaalath Party is to take urgent action against the government’s decision to provide secondary and primary education at the main schools in Male’.
Mixing genders and various age-groups will lead to social and disciplinary problems, Adhaalath foresees.
At an urgent meeting held last night, Adhaalath declared the Education Ministry’s decision to provide both primary and secondary education at all main schools in Male’ as “wrongful”.

According to Adhaalath, it is one of many such “wrongful decisions” that include “making Islam and Dhivehi optional subjects”, and “differential treatment against Arabiyya School”.

Changing the boys-only Majeediyya School and the girls-only Ameeniyya School to mixed-gender schools is the latest among the line of “wrongful decisions” that, Adhaalath said, involved misleading parents and working against the management of schools.

“Unisex schools and mixing different age groups could lead to potential social and discipline issues”, Adhaalath said. The party has decided to meet the government’s concerned authorities first and issue a press statement using information from surveys conducted by Americans and Western countries on co-education.

Adhaalath’s urgent action would involve bring the issue to the attention of parents and meeting political parties, NGOs and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA).

Deputy Minister of Education Dr Abdulla Nazeer said the ministry has not decided to mix female and male students in the secondary grades.

“But we have decided to establish primary grades in all the schools,’’ Nazeer said. ‘’So Majeediyya School, Dharumavantha, Ameeniyya and Hiriya will no longer be solely for Secondary education.’’

Secondary education will be provided in all the primary schools as well.

‘’It is in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) manifesto to change every school to a place where secondary and primary grades are available and to change all schools to one session.’’

Currently only male students can join Majeediyya and Dharumavantha while only females can join Ameeniyya and Hiriya school. They teach grade eight, nine and ten, the final three years leading up to GCE O’Levels.


31 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party protests decision to mix males and females in schools”

  1. Oh for Godssakes! Give this mob some work to do!

    The last thing this country needs is for these retrograde voices to spew their bullcrap and backward ideologies in the mainstream.

    It's time Maldivians took matters into their own hands regarding the constant salafi FUD..

    Children studying together causes "potential social and discipline issues"?!

    I wonder where the Mighty Seers who can "foresee" this weird theory of theirs actually gets their data from.

    I'm aware the Mullahs are prone to getting creepily excited over the prospect of mixing of genders.. but the last time I checked, the land of the magical segregation - Afghanistan - has been home to the open homosexual tendencies.

    Not to mention the disproportionate prevalence of child-rapists among clergymen of both Roman Catholics and Salafi Islamists.

    Perhaps the Adhaalath party themselves would do well to include some women in their "party" leadership, before they go on pronouncing more of their twisted, misogynistic crap.

  2. bodu baalehnuntha mi adhaalatha ka hedhi. I hope Maldivians dont start islamphobia protests and starts burning quruan in maldives due to this force of suppression adhaalath is imposing in the name of islam

  3. Adhaalath should know these facts: Only four out of hundreds of schools in Maldives are single sex schools. They are Aminiya, Dharumavantha, Hiriya and Majeediyya. All the rest are mixed-gender schools. Including Mauhadh and Arabiyya. So, what's the big fuzz? The handlers in Saudi and Al Qaeda are telling their paid mullah's here to oppose the move, no matter the facts and tradition. How many Maldivians know that Sheikh Baaree, Sh. Shaheem and the likes are paid by Saudi Institutions, which was discovered early on in this administration as they were then being blatantly paid into the Ministry accounts? These Mullahs then changed the lucrative dollar accounts into their private accounts. Adhaalath is rife with Pseudo Arabs fervently doing the bidding of their mid-eastern masters.

  4. god sent natural disasters to destroy worthless evildoers they say. i think god sent the wahhaabees to destroy maldives. sea level rise would probably be cleaning up the mess. surely theyve turned away from allah and started worshiping bearded men. they have made the houses of allah, temples of this cult. and taken priests of this cult as lord besides allah.

  5. Well nothing wrong in mixed schooling as long as discipline is maintained.
    I remember a guy from primary school years who used to flash his lil joe at the girls who were all too keen to ogle.This kind of stuff need to be eliminated by proper monitoring and care of students.Teachers need to do their work properly I guess or the parents..

  6. Adhaalath is actually correct in their position. Change for the sake of change is not what is needed. Majeediyya and Aminiyya just did well for several decades as they are. The education ministry saying that Majeediyya students will lack socializing skills because the school is only for boys is rubbish cos its not like that females doesn't live in Male'. Weather one studies in Majeediyya or Lale' School, boys will ultimately grow up and find their partners. No need to mix them up when young..

  7. I have , for the longest time been having doubts about religion. I have never completely let that idea go, howerver seeing what its doing to our country, I think its time we kicked out this so called idea that god wants you to live like cavemen

  8. this is ridiculous on the part of adalat considering all the schools in the atolls have mixed classes even in secondary grades. Single sex schools are only operated in Male. Surely those in the islands are also Muslims and therefore must adhere to the same code of conduct.

  9. i think this is a great idea proposed by the education ministry. and i'm hopeful it will have a positive effect on the schools if implemented. it's about time we started changing our curriculum and the schooling system of the past, and just move on.

    adhaalath is just trying to create drama out of nothing. as always.

  10. Uhhhhh, there a LOT of mixed gender schools in the Maldives. Even in Male', schools like Ahamiddiyya is mixed. So, what exactly is Team Wahhabi trying to do this time?

  11. Adhaalath should encourage the decision on grounds ... Mixing the genders in these schools may result in lower nn. of homo-sexulas and lesbians.

  12. Adhaalath Party has no right even to raise this issue.

    Can't they understand the situation? Education Ministry DECIDES what and how to plan the education system.

    Adhaalath : Go stick your nose on the mosque floor and keep quiet...

  13. say no to adhaalath and MDP led collision taking Maldives from a liberal democracy to a theocracy by voting no to MDP and adhaalth candidates.

  14. First point to remember, when you consider evidence regarding the effectiveness of gender-separate classrooms: Simply putting girls in one room, and boys in another, is no guarantee of anything good happening. On the contrary: some public schools which have adopted single-sex classrooms, without appropriate preparation, have experienced bad outcomes. Dr. Leonard Sax, executive director of NASSPE, made this point back in 2005 in a commentary for Education Week entitled "the Promise and PERIL of Single-Sex Public Education".

    The single-sex format creates opportunities that don't exist in the coed classroom. Teachers can employ strategies in the all-girls classroom, and in the all-boys classroom, which don't work as well (or don't work at all) in the coed classroom. If teachers have appropriate training and professional development, then great things can happen, and often do happen. On this page you can learn about the experience of schools such as Woodward Avenue Elementary in Deland, Florida; Foley Intermediate in Foley, Alabama; Jefferson Middle School in Springfield, Illinois; the Cunningham School for Excellence in Waterloo, Iowa; and many other schools which have seen a dramatic improvement in grades and test scores after adopting single-sex classrooms. But those schools did much more than simply put girls in one room and boys in another. In each of the schools just mentioned, teachers received training from NASSPE in practical gender-specific classroom strategies and best practices for the gender-separate classroom. For more information about NASSPE-sponsored professional development, please contact us.

    Researchers at Stetson University in Florida have completed a three-year pilot project comparing single-sex classrooms with coed classrooms at Woodward Avenue Elementary School, a nearby neighborhood public school. For example, students in the 4th grade at Woodward were assigned either to single-sex or coed classrooms. All relevant parameters were matched: the class sizes were all the same, the demographics were the same, all teachers had the same training in what works and what doesn't work, etc. On the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test), here were the results:

    Percentage of students scoring proficient on the FCAT

    boys in coed classes: 37% scored proficient

    girls in coed classes: 59% scored proficient

    girls in single-sex classes: 75% scored proficient

    boys in single-sex classes: 86% scored proficient.

    Remember, these students were all learning the same curriculum in the same school. And, this school "mainstreams" students who are learning-disabled, or who have ADHD etc. Many of those boys who scored proficient in the all-boys classes had previously been labeled "ADHD" or "ESE" in coed classes.

  15. In my view, social and discipline issues are created more by strict segregation and unhealthy environments than healthy mixing of the sexes. If children grow up together, learn together and are taught well, they are more likely to have confidence, self esteem, appreciation of difference, and live a lifestyle within healthy boundaries.

  16. "Majeediyya and Aminiyya just did well for several decades as they are."


    It seems that the repeated blunt trauma to your heads have finally managed to convince you to ignore the truth.

    And depending on how you take "well", your mileage may vary. In my opinion, the fact that segregated schools exist here is the reason why there is a massive percentage of sexually repressed youth.

  17. you know the rest of the maldives does not have onesex schools. all islands have unisex schools and does not seem to have any problem.
    In fact it could make some good on us. may help the young generation to understand that women are also human beings and not objects of sexual pleasure.

  18. I call on Adhaalaath to transform all Maldivian schools into Madhrasaas where only Koran is taught.

  19. Segregation is marked by the characteristic of unequal treatment among people according to their ethnic origins, race or religion. Some are given special preferences and all the advantages while some others are treated badly and are down trodden in every sphere of life. These practices have existed in the society since the ancient times in different ways and still continue to exist despite all efforts to create an equal society

  20. There are probably only 4 schools that do not mix male and female students and they are only in male'

    Even Arabiyaa school and Mauhad is mixed. What hypocrisy...

  21. Hopefully this time the Adhalath party will remember they are a part of this government and they will take this matter up with the MDP Council instead of the streets. Interesting how The MDP Council remains silent on the public spats between the MDP and the way the Adhalath party continues to undermine the government publicly. The Council moved swiftly enough against the Republic Party and the QIP.

  22. It would be better just to cancel all education. The more educated the people, the more they make their own decisions. And that can not be tolerated in a true Muslim country. In particular women should not be educated at all. They are only meant to serve the men (and to provide them with free sex and housekeeping).
    Take all women out of schools, ban them from going on the streets or to come outside their house. No jobs for women either !
    Do I understand that correctly from Adhaalath ?

  23. So this means the Adhaalath party's most members and their leaders must have been bad people, because they might have known co-education from Kulliyya and Arabiyya have made them socialpaths, pedophiles and so on if their argument holds true. In fact their behaviour mimicks such atrocities proving their argument. So tell me what is bad co- education or teaching islam?


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