Attackers burn sleeping woman with electric wires

A sleeping woman was badly burned after a group of men broke into her house at night and tied live wires to her feet.

Police said the group entered her house in Laamu atoll on Wednesday night and tied the wires to her toes, then connected it with mains electricity.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the 35 year old woman suffered cuts and burns to her legs.

”They used electric wires and live electricity to create the shock,” he said.

Person in-charge of Laamu Gan Regional Hospital, Ali Faisal, said the shock had badly burned the toes on the woman’s left foot. He added that she had now been discharged.

Haveeru reported that the woman was still unable to walk.

Police are investigating the case but no arrests have been made so far.


6 thoughts on “Attackers burn sleeping woman with electric wires”

  1. Would have been more complete if you reported which political party the woman belongs to! This smells like a sponsored attack!

  2. It doesn't seem like a sponsored attack. Don't be silly.

    This just seems like people who are bored and particularly sick and twisted. They need to be caught and made an example out of.

    Burning a sleeping person with electric wires. It's just stupid.

  3. more and more sadism,torture appear in Maldives ,after 10000% democrasy appear in 2008.population become sick from maniacs and drugs addicts but where is brave army or police?.every month we can read about successful training of brave special force teams and inspectors,spidermans , ninja and James Bonds from Maldives,every years many instructors from UK,America etc visit regulary MAldives for same things but result is 0 .crime ,abuse,drugs,tortures more and more growing up in Maldives.where is rehabilitation centers for drugs addict that can heal and healp at least for 50% of addictet peoples?

  4. How can people (above) make comments and assumptions before the police investigations....
    Beats me..


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