Juvenile Court acquits two suspects arrested over Ahusan Basheer murder

The Juvenile Court has today ruled that two minors charged in connection with the murder of 21-year-old Ahusan Basheer are innocent, claiming the state had failed to produce enough evidence to prove their guilt.

A Juvenile Court Spokesperson today told Minivan News that the state produced five witnesses to the court against the accused.

‘’The five of them said they were not sure if the two minors accused were there at the scene of the incident,’’ the spokesperson said.  According to the Juvenile Court, the two minors presented were identified as a male and a female, though further identification could not be given for legal reasons.

‘’The state attorney told the Juvenile Court that the statement made by the witnesses conflicted with the statement they had previously gave to the police,’’ the Juvenile Court spokesperson said.  The court added that no other forensic or digital evidence had been produced by the prosecution.

Ahusan Basheer was stabbed to death on March 17 near his house. Police at the time identified Ibrahim Shahum and Ibrahim Shimaz as the main suspects in its investigation.

Their cases are proceeding in the Criminal Court, which has yet to reach a verdict.

Other attacks

Prior to the attack on Basheer, another 21-year-old male called Abdul Muheeth was also killed in Male’ after being stabbed on February 19.

In addition to these murders, a 16-year-old boy named Mohamed Arham was also found dead with multiple stab wounds on May 30, while controversial blogger and journalist Hilath Rasheed made a miraculous recovery from an attack in which his throat was slit by as yet unidentified assailants.

This year alone, several more victims – including expatriates – have been brutally injured or killed in what are suspected to have been gang-related attacks.

The spate of stabbings and murders have provoked pressures from the public to impose stricter punishments to the perpetrators. Families of the victims have both in court and through public platforms called for justice and the death penalty to be implemented to curb the increasing gang violence.

Though the Islamic Sharia and the penal code states death penalty as a punishment, it has not been executed for decades. Death penalty sentences are traditionally changed to life imprisonment at behest of the president.

The government has meanwhile said it will not hesitate to implement death sentences if the parliament approves it.


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