Boy drowns in Male swimming pool

An 11 year old boy drowned last night in the swimming area in south Male’, after he became entangled in some rope underwater.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that police received a report of the incident at 10:20pm last night.

”Police officers were there within five minutes,” Shiyam said.

Shiyam said that police officers noted that the boy was not breathing when he was taken out from the water.

”We provided first aid to the kid before he was taken to hospital,” Shiyam said, “but he dead when we took him to the hospital.”

A person familiar with the incident told Minivan News that the boy went to the sea with a group of children who were of almost the same age, including his own brother.

He said that the kids were playing a game in the sea.

”They were playing a game where each one of them went under the water holding their breath, and picked up sand,” he explained.

He said that when the boy did not resurface for a while everybody started to panic.

”His brother went down to see what happened to him and he also did not come up,” he said. ”The boy’s leg was stuck in a loose rope tied to a stone beneath the water.”

He said the boy’s brother tried desperately to save him, ”but he was out of breath and had to come up. His brother was still under water.”

He said that shortly afterwards two men came and were able to pull the boy from the water and call police.

”His brother who tried to save him is still admitted to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital,” he said. ”He was taken to IGMH because he had breathing problems because he hold his breath for a long time,”

He said the boy who died was a student in Imaduddeen School.

He was buried after the Afternoon Prayers today.


13 thoughts on “Boy drowns in Male swimming pool”

  1. No one commenting on this? Jeffery koba kaley. Only commenting on daddy issues huh?

  2. It is a sad thing a kid is dying like this. It is neglect from the side of the state and the parents. People have been calling out for a lifeguard post to be there for years now but the government has not responded. You can talk big about building harbors and turn to the other side when it comes to small but yet crucial things.
    Happy Childrens Day

  3. what is an 11 year old child doing at 10:30pm doing at the track, together with other kids of the same age?? Maybe some people or better maldivian society should think about their methods of bringing up children....

  4. it is not child mistake it is careless from government swimming sport association! why part of rope was not correct fixed and appear under water in sport zone? where was life guard man?in every swimming pool must be a person who check pool for any object underwater and security before children go swim?just in-front of pool you can see small house for guard too.or because it is so super 100% democracy no need to take care about children's life?in all sector of present Maldivian life we meet one things it is - 100%egoism policy. health sector out of control,crime and drugs traffic too.Total careless and we can see the result/

  5. Hey Mist, you think the govenments at fault here??
    Where the heck us his parents??
    Dosent they check where a 11 yr old goes anymore that too at 10 at night??

  6. What a tragic incident...

    i agree with Zainab...what were such young children doing at the swimming area so late at night?

    Condolences to the family. And i hope the brother gets counseling once he is out of the hospital... cos he wud need it after witnessing his brother's death. Praying for a speedy recovery for the brother. And may the little boy R.I.P...

    i do hope something is done regarding having trained life guards at the area...

  7. Yosuf, What can we say? That more of us should know CPR? That there should be a lifeguard? We've never had any incidents like this before... there is no fault.

    Nothing can change how much of a tragedy this is. Nothing can change the impact this will have on this family. I used to go swimming in Male' when I was his age. Many of us have, and this was an unfortunate accident. And a tragedy.

    There is nothing to say.

  8. they should have a life guard post there , but yeah , u cant man a post like that at 10.30 at night , so maybe better policing should be there making sure ppl get out of the water by a specified time. and also police should make parents answerable to kids under 15 that bum about in male' unsupervised (by paroling the streets and taking them back home ) . , also my condolences to the kids parents

  9. very sad story. may god bless the young lads soul.
    We really shud have life guard posts in swimming areas!!! its a must. Maldivians always take action when shit hits the fan. No life jackets should worn(even when going to airport or vilingili) when travelling on the sea not and NOT stored in in nicely closed plastic bags. I think we should change our attitutde of we are "GADHA" people. The GADHA people might be mocking when life jackets or seat belts are worn, but safety comes first.

  10. Where is rules and regulation..?? is that all finish, he's dead cause of faulty rope? why is that rope been like that ? why parents send out thy children on wild hours ? No one care huh ..!!! parents AND swimming association must be accountable for this in order to avoid future accidental.

  11. Lets not talk about rules and regulations. when have this small society of ours become so much dependent on rules and regulations.

    For God's sake, just think about the scenario leading to the death of this child. Is it a good time of the day for a young child of his age to be out of home? where were the parents of this child? were they under the comfortable AC back at home?

    I would simpley ask the parents to bring up the children in a more responsible manner rather than depending on government to remove pieces of ropes in teh vast lagoons of ours.

    Dont blame Anni's government. Instead learn from your mistakes.

    May god bless the childs soul.... amen


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