Criminal Court again orders release of high profile drug case suspect, despite High Court overruling decision

The Criminal Court has last night summoned and ordered the release of a suspect in a high profile drug case, a day after the High Court invalidated a letter sent by the Criminal Court to the police asking to release him under house arrest.

The Criminal Court first asked  police to keep Abdul Latheef, of Gnaviyani Atoll Fuvamulah, in detention as determined by the Home Ministry, until his trial reached a conclusion. However the Criminal Court later sent a letter to the police changing the court’s first decision and asking police to switch Latheef’s detention to house arrest.

The police then appealed at the High Court to invalidate the letter. The High Court judges determined that the order in the letter was not consistent with the applicable laws concerning detention, and overruled it last Tuesday.

Latheef was arrested last year in December, as he was about to drive off in his car after loading some vegetables into the trunk.

Police officers attended the area, stopped his car and unpacked the loaded items in his presence and discovered 1083.4246 grams of illegal narcotics containing the substance Tetrahydrocannabinol (found in cannabis).

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said Latheef was presented to the court prior to the custodial deadline upon a request by the Criminal Court.

‘’We have not noticed anything unusual about it,’’ he said. ‘’The court just requested police to summon him and we did, then the court ordered his release and so we released him.’’


15 thoughts on “Criminal Court again orders release of high profile drug case suspect, despite High Court overruling decision”

  1. This is not a big issue. Rako Moosa manik is also living among us and he is a bigger threat to society.

  2. so they just felt like releasing him on house arrest? oh you whimsical criminal people of the court

  3. @Yaameen

    How very true. Raabo Moosa needs to be prosecuted as well.

  4. I'm surprised that they bothered with a letter. They could have sent an SMS instead! C'mon kangaroo Courts; get on with the digital age 🙂

  5. No need even commenting on such issues as this. Everyone should understand that anything goes in this country as long as you can get it done.

    Only the week and unconnected would ever be prosecuted.

    Have we forgotten Haisham? The "legendary" "asset" to the Maldivian music industry. Nothing personal Haisham. Its just that the steps taken to ensure your freedom were taken too publicly thereby creating a great deal of loss of confidence in the criminal justice system.

    There are more examples from the former governments (always have to remind everyone that there were several) and the current one. The fact of the matter is, this country does not believe in the kinds of justice that certain other comparable "democracies" believe in. Also, its easier to resort to bribery and get away with corruption. In this respect, the lack of an investigative media and powerlessness of the people are the deciding factors.

  6. what an ugly chap. he should be jailed for that reason alone.

  7. @tsk tsk
    you're one of those experts. like Mavota. always got something to say about everything. too much spare time?

  8. Get the hypocrisy out of the system...The thing is we maldvians dont belive in justice....Its al about personal vendettas and being yellow or blue.

  9. "Have we forgotten Haisham? The “legendary” “asset” to the Maldivian music industry. "

    C'mon Tsk Tsk, surely you are not comparing a young chap, a well known musician who had a few gms of weed on him, clearly for personal use and this guy who had kilo of narcotics in the back of his car?

    Both violated the law and should be held accountable but as citizens we should expect justice, not literal interpretations of the written word.

    COnsider if a 17 year old boy who had sex with his 15 year old girlfriend, a 47 year old man who seduced his 15year old neighbor- Both have committed statutory rape.....but deserve the same 25 year sentence?

    This is why we need Judges who can interpret the abstract or the spirit of the written word, as opposed to many of the people who are are sitting in our courts doing a job any half-wit monkey can do.

  10. Come on, let's make cannabis legal. What's the big issue ?

  11. Rule of Law (as it seems) is applicable to some of them who are more equal than the others!

    If elected authority cannot find solution to these actions by the "Criminal Court", peoples should!

    Salutes to the courageous group of Naifaru who almost eradicated the scourge of vandalism and gang activities in the island, even at the cost of breaking bones of loved ones who were in need of discipline and a lesson towards the rights of others!

    Criminal Court, as already commented literally means that and are doing their job at our cost!

    It is sad after forming some sort of policing force, the "HAVARU" was banned, because if it were in force they always have found solution because action always spoke louder than words!

  12. This guy was caught red handed. So whats all the fuss criminal court. He should be placed behind bars immediately rather than house arrest.
    Our courts are a joke 🙂

  13. come on now, make cannabis legal 🙂 like in many countries!


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