Businessman robbed of Rf435,000 in gang attack

A businessman has been attacked and robbed of Rf435,000 (US$33850) and US$7100 in the latest of a series of gang attacks in Male’.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the incident occurred last night around 12:00am on Janavary Magu near Sonee Hardware.

Shiyam said the man was carrying money belonging to a company when the gang approached and stabbed him.

The man is currently being treated at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) “and his condition is not very serious,” according to Shiyam.

An eye witness told Minivan News that the 41 year old victim was stabbed in the back and robbed of Rf435,000 and US$7100 during the incident. He said the man was taken to ADK Hospital around 12:30am.

Police did not know whether this case was related to other recent similar cases, Shiyam said, in which business owners carrying large amounts of money after closing their stores are attacked by gangs.

Last year on 28 December prominent businessman Ahmed Ibrahim Didi, known as ‘Campus’ Didi, was stabbed and robbed of almost US$300,000 in cash by unknown assailants. He was badly injured during the incident and was flown to India for emergency treatment.

Two days later, the manager of the Sunfront store, Mohamed Rashaad Adam, and an employee of the shop were attacked by a gang when they were on their way back to home with the day’s takings in cash with them in a small bag. The employee was badly injured but no money was stolen during the attack.

Vice President of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce Institution (MNCCI) Ismail Asif said the organisation had held a meeting with police to make businessmen aware about these sort of incidents.

”We are trying to make Male’ a peaceful place for the businessman,” Asif said.

He said it was bad for businesses to face these kind of challenges “especially during a time of economic crisis like this.”

He such crimes could be prevented if people became more aware of the dangers of carrying large amounts of money.


7 thoughts on “Businessman robbed of Rf435,000 in gang attack”

  1. asif, are you making any sense here? do you really believe there should be gangs in male? and we should be aware of that? is that it?

  2. so maldivian brave police again do nothing, as usually, because heroic policemans can arrest only Sri lankas prostitute,take bribe and torturing ordinary peoples, but when you need help they run away and never protect peoples from real gungs attack.hehehe

  3. This is shameful. We need to be able to protect our businessmen. We need to be able to protect everyone. We are such a small community, why is it the attackers have not been caught and made an example of?

    There needs to be more transparency in how the armed services are run. We need to have Parliamentary oversight.

  4. parliamentary oversight my shit? salim have you ever heard any Members of parliament from either condemning any attacks like this? NO .. but even a garaaru is enough to keep these people behind bars if the police have authority.. but these hypocrites which we call MPs are much bothered about party politics not the people, you know these people might have been caught by the police several times but the qaazies leave them free, but it's time to parliament to do something and give police there powers to isolate these psychopaths from community or else this country will be more like Salvador ..

  5. It is difficult to understand that we still need to move so much cash around. Why can't we purchase things with credit cards like it is done is most developed countries! I understand that the cheque system is a failure, but credit cards are more transparent and traces are kept. Easier for accounting etc...but SBI will not give them and BML makes it as difficult as possible...

  6. It appears crime rate in this country is above what can be considered an average level for the population. One of the main reasons for increasing the number of crimes is because of the slack judicial system in the country. Its the perception of the public that criminals will easily escape after committing these crimes.

    Judiciary will easily blame the legal system saying that there are not sufficient laws (sufficient evidences are neither produced nor considered and witnesses are not protected).

    Police have been on the reactive gear to attend crimes. They dont seems to be out there to monitor, and deter crimes. When people report crimes, they could be attending some of them but follow ups and investigation appears to be insufficient. Police will also blame the laws saying that they dont have enough powers.

    At rare times, when criminals are convicted, Human Rights Commission (or maybe the Criminal's Right Commission) will ensure that they are served better then the average citizen of the country. The president of the nation has once said it cost more to keep the criminals inside then it cost for tourist to spend a holiday in a tourist resort.

    In rare cases, when these criminals are convicted at court of law, DPRS, Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service, seems to be always trying to get rid off the criminals that they have to keep watching by sending them back to the society in the name of house arrest.

    Have all these institutions failed to do what they are supposed to do?

    Are we on the making of Criminal's Paradise?

  7. This is the result of our porr and irresponsible Judicial system. The Judiciary is still under the controll of the former regieme and they are releasing these thugs saying that there are not enough evidences. doesnt these brutal incidents sufficient to be considered evidence??

    I want to ask the Judges in the Judiciary: What would you do if it was your brother, sister or wife that has been stabbed? would you still say that there is no evidence and just simply let the culprits disappear from court and release back in to the public.

    These unacceptable verdicts from these Judges are encouraging these gangs to commit more and more crimes. They know very well that eventhough they get arrested, they will walk out from the doors of teh jail as soon as the matter is taken in to the courts. at the end, they get rich from these stolen money and lilve a very PROFITABLE life, taking advantage of the Political unstability and the Poor Judicial system here.

    MH - Addu


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