Fugitive surrenders himself to police

A man wanted by police regarding an undisclosed investigation has surrendered himself to authorities, the Maldives Police Services has said.

Police Sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that Ibrahim Shahum was a fugitive “sought for an investigation” but declined to disclose on what charges he was sought for.

“We haven’t shared that information because we do not know what will happen at court, and if the court acquits him after we told the press what he was charged for, it wouldn’t be fair,’’ said Shiyam. “He came to police last Monday of his own free will.’’

He said Shahum was now in police custody.

Daily newspaper Haveeru reported that Shahum was being investigated in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 17 year-old in late July.

The 17 year old was stabbed in the leg near the Social Centre in Maafannu, Male’. He was admitted to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and treated for more than eight hours in the Intensive Care Unit, but the knife severed a major artery and despite an emergency blood transfusion he died the following morning at 6:15am.

A person familiar with the case told Minivan News that police had searched for Shahum “based on statements given to police by [gang] opponents regarding the recent stabbing cases. Those cases include the death of the 17 year-old boy as well.’’


5 thoughts on “Fugitive surrenders himself to police”

  1. Police needs to further investigate whether the person is the real murderer. he could be blackmailed or forced by the real murderer so the real one could escape.

  2. i m scared to comment coz these gangs rule the streets while the elected govt. is limited to crap that goes under the banner politics hijacked by people who knows nothing about what real politics is about. sheeeesh

  3. Perhaps a deal was made between police and the suspect. We have a new crime game. "Catch n Release"

  4. Great job Minivan - in a time when most witnesses etc. woudn't dare give evidence (fearing gang retribution), you actually plaster the face of a wanted man who surrendered himself to Police, for whatever motives! As journalists, are you plain stupid, or just want to assist hardcore criminals in this vicious cylcle?


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