Cases filed with ACC against councilor who led funeral prayers

A man in Thaa Atoll Dhiyamigili has filed a case with the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) against the island councilor Adnan Ali, for reportedly leading a funeral prayer.

An official at the Island Office confirmed an islander had filed two cases against the councilor. The funeral prayer was a Salaat-ul-Janazah bil Ghaib [Funeral Prayer in the absence of the dead body] which is disputed among the scholars.

An official at the island office told Minivan News that the councilor was not certified to lead the funeral prayer.

”Funeral prayers are always led by the Imam or island chiefs who are certified by the Islamic Ministry,” he said. ”I swear the councilor does not even know how to read and write Arabic well.”

He said the councilor led two funeral prayers for a pair of men who died in India.

”One of the men was a man of our Island and the other man was his friend from another island,” the official said. ”There were two island chiefs and an imam present on the island when he did that.”

He said that it would have been fine if all the certified people on the island were not present.

”The Islamic Ministry has said that it was all right for anyone to lead the funeral prayers,” he said. ”But why did they renew all the certificates of all the imams and island chiefs when they came to power and permitted only to certified people to do the Friday prayers? Why don’t they leave it for anyone to do?”

He said the man who filed the case called the ACC last week, who said they would be responding to him shortly.

Adnan Ali had recently ordered the island chief to stay at home while the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has claimed that councilors and ministers can’t take any action against civil servants.

Island councilor Adnan Ali told Minivan News that ”whether I did [lead the prayers] or not, I would not have to tell you,” adding that he did not wish to be advertised to everyone.

State minister for Islam Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said that there was no certain regulation on the matter.

”If no certified person is available it is all right for anyone to do [lead funeral prayers],” Shaheem said. ”We have sent new rules and regulations to the Attorney General, which will include such issues.”

He said that scholars dispute the funeral prayer in the absence of the dead body.

”On both the sides they take the same incidence, the story of Najashi (the King of Ethiopia),” he said.

The ACC’s Vice President Muaaviz Rasheed and Director Umar Rasheed did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


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  1. What an idiot ro report this to ACC! Its not within ACC's mendate and there is no rule saying that a person must have a certain qualification to lead a funeral prayer! please give me a break!!! Crazy Maldivians getting crazier!

  2. ACC checking on Imaams certification. what an idiot. my be he was the certified guy and he wanted that money so badly! crazy maldivians dont understand the mendates of different offices and yet they are talking about democracy.

  3. the mores reasons Maldives should be secular state. such petty things will never be an issue in a secular state where state as no say on whats goes down in ur faith and how its practiced


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