Maldivian scientist recognised for achievements in digital knowledge transfer

Maldivian Scientist Professor Hassan Ugail at University of Bradford in the UK has received the ‘Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award’ for developing cutting-edge methods of defining and manipulating complex digital data.

Professor Hassan Ugail is the Chair of Visual Computing at the University, and has developed research ideas into a business in the UK and potentially into Europe and USA.

His two patents have led to his development spin-out company, Tangentix Ltd, which is currently developing technology for digital distribution of computer game content.

Tangentix is already growing rapidly in the region is predicted to grow rapidly over the next few months and create a significant number of new jobs.

The other shortlisted candidates for the award included Dr P B Anant, Reader in Development and Economic Studies, Professor Andrew Day, Automotive, Modelling and Optimisation Research Group Leader, School of Engineering, Design and Technology, Paul Edwards, Head of training and Practice Development, Dementia Studies, Dr. Qun Shao, China Programme Manager, Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation.

Secretary General for Maldives Science Society and founding member Ajmal Shaheed said the award received by Professor Ugail was “very valuable.”

Ajmal said that the science society and all the people of Maldives should be “very proud” that a Maldivian has received the most prestigious award.

”His achievement will would encourage those Maldivians who work in the field of science,” Ajmal said. ”Scientists are very few in our nation.”

He said Professor Ugail had done much work that had been recognised worldwide.

”He has designed a space shuttle for NASA, and he is trying to develop a facial recognition system, ” Ajmal said. ”We hope this will encourage Maldivian scientists to work in the research science field.”

He said most of the scientists in the Maldives were marine biologists, and that the number of scientists working in research fields was very few.

He said the MSS was discussing how to recognise Professor Ugail for “the beautiful name he has brought the country.”

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair said the government congratulated Professor Hassan Ugail for the success he had achieved.

”President Mohamed Nasheed also describes it as a very happy news for the country,” Zuhair said.

Zuhair said that the success of Hassan Ugail showed that Maldivians could achieve international awards if chose to go forward in the field of science.


8 thoughts on “Maldivian scientist recognised for achievements in digital knowledge transfer”

  1. Surly he is a great man, for much honor is brought to this Nation of ours.

    Here is another news article about he "passive lie detector" he worked on.

  2. Congrats to Professor Ugail.
    You are a Maldivian and I am proud of you.

  3. More evidence of an impending brain-drain looming on the horizon.

  4. here is a piece of news to actually be talking about. to recognize and to learn from.
    its strange that individuals have achieved such a great knowledge of science and its products while rest of the population is almost indifferent to it.
    Ugail sir, i am happy for you and proud as a human being for each achievment scientists are making. i wish you good health and prosperous future and award winning results in future as well..

    i just wish we had more scientists working on research and study with full support from the stat (at least half of what they spend on military).

  5. Ajmal, Ugail did not design any spacecraft for NASA... If you don't know what he actually did for NASA its better not to talk about it.

  6. Huusain Wisaam: True. what i meant was "A new space shuttle design" based on the following reference

    "Previous studies have demonstrated how the PDE method can describe the surfaces of a variety of objects such as aircraft (e.g. Efficient Parameterisation of Aircraft Geometry, NASA grant NAGW-3198), mechanical designs (e.g. Automatic Design for Function, EPSRC grant GR/L11366/01), and thin walled structures (e.g. The Optimal Design and Manufacture of Thin-Walled Structures, EPSRC grant GR/M73125/01)."

    I suppose its a misinterpretation of what I have said.


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