Civil Court fines supermarket Rf1 for overcharging customer

The Civil Court has ordered the Mahchangolhi branch of prominent Male’ supermarket Agora to pay Rf1 (US7 cents), after a distgruntled customer filed a lawsuit against the economic ministry and Agora’s owners, the Bright Brothers company.

Hassan Suwad of Sulha in Henveiru sued the shop for selling him a bottle of ‘Biore’ facial foam for Rf1 more than the purchase price mentioned on the product.

Civil Court Judge Hathif Hilmy ruled that Agora pay Rf1 to the Civil Court within five days, so it could be returned to the customer.

Furthermore, Judge Hathif said that according to the witnesses it was proved that Agora had tried to return the Rf1 to Suwad when he purchased the product.

Judge Hathif said that without presenting the economic ministry in court, the Civil Court cannot order on them in their absence.

Agora and Bright Brothers did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


9 thoughts on “Civil Court fines supermarket Rf1 for overcharging customer”

  1. hmmm how naive can some people be.

    never undervalue money, even if its just one ruffiya. most of us never take granted the value of just a one rufiyaa. if you could just save that one ruffiyaa for many years, its still values large in the end.

    this story proves that even if its a sue over just one ruffiyaa, justice can still be achieved at the courts.

  2. how is this an example of how stupid the judiciary is? to date a lot of mdp die-hard supporters have been blaming the judiciary without really explaining (in detail referencing the laws of the nation)how they came to that conclusion. even mps. in this case, the guy went to court to claim the one rufia he was overcharged and court ordered the business to pay. of course he claimed other damages too but the according to the article, the business had tried to correct it's mistake during the purchase. i think its a good rational decision which will prevent stupid lawsuits like in the smart greedy pigs with no ethical thinking whatsoever....

  3. the problem with the article is, it says that the court FINED the supermarket MRF 1, while the court did not FINE the supermarket MRF 1.

    The claimant CLAIMED for MRF 1 and he received his CLAIM of MRF 1

    as usual Minivannews.

  4. this is the first modern case of consumer protection in Maldives. this is a quantum leap in consumer protection in our country and sadly there is always an idiot who just dosent get it :S , its not the 1 RF that was the real issue its anyone marking a price and then charging them more at the register which is illegal in every country. It should be noted that the business did try to return the money to the customer, but they should not have sold it to him in the first place but still they have demonstrated remorse hence , m sure the judge did not see it fit to fine them... why does everything have to be a big conspiracy :S

  5. A little humor never hurts.

    But at what cost?? How much did it cost the civil court to run this case? And the idiot who filed it?

  6. morons. The man sued to get back MRF 1, over charged by AGORA. So, if Agora is "guilty" they have to pay the amount the man sued for or appealed, which is MRF 1.

    So, it is not the stupidity of the judiciary.

    Also Naseer, don;t you know what is a fine. The court didn't fine Agora, istead asked to pay the amount owe to the customer.


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