Government can’t restrict judges from entering Supreme Court: lawyer Shaheen Hameed

Prominent lawyer Shaheen Hameed has said that the government did not have the authority to restrict judges of the Supreme Court from entering the court, reported radio station SunFM.

Shaheen Hameed is the nephew of former President Gayoom, and has represented current President Mohamed Nasheed when he was arrested by the former administration.

SunFM reported that Shaheen claimed he had lately noticed the armed forces and power of executive attempting to work beyond the laws.

Moreover, Shaheen Hameed claimed the government was influencing the juducial system, an institution stated as independent in the constitution of the Maldives, and that the attempt was “against the spirit of the constitution.”

The government contends that the Supreme Court and the interim judges ceased to have legitimacy on conclusion of the transitional period last Saturday, with the annulment of Chapter 14 governing transitional matters, and has urged parliament to legislate the appointment of a new Supreme Court as a matter of urgency.


4 thoughts on “Government can’t restrict judges from entering Supreme Court: lawyer Shaheen Hameed”

  1. Guess who is claiming!

    Shaheen did not see NOTHING or the "spirit of constitution" or "spirit of humanitarianship" at the time when peoples were beaten, killed and XXX criminal tortures were carried on

    For the sake of heavens Shaheen shut up!

  2. Bombardier---well said my friend!!! where were these people caring people wen, they were needed most, during toture in jails, killings etc..!!

  3. It's really good to see unbiased lawyers speaking up. Really is a pity that the majority of the highly qualified and experienced lawyers in the country have become politicians, and therefore not really credible in the eyes of the public. Kudos to Shaheen Hameed for remaining outside the political sphere despite his family relationships.


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