Comment: An Evening with Mrs Naik

Ever since my tenth grade in lower secondary in 1982, I do not remember being in a room full of only women until Wednesday night. And now I have completed my forty-fourth year of living.

Wednesday night was womens’ night at the Islamic Centre. The occasion was a lecture by a Mrs Zakir Naik hosted by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Her husband Dr Zakir Naik was invited by the ministry to the country to deliver Islamic lectures. And the couple, their son and three daughters were also involved.

The local media has over the past three weeks made headlines of Dr Naik’s visit to the country. Many locals seems to believe that Dr Naik, who is the founder of the Mumbai based channel, Peace TV is a renowned Islamic Scholar.

While I am under the impression that he is a medical doctor, one of the senior government officials referred to him as a tele-evangelist.

I believe since the nation converted from Buddhism to Islam in 1153, Islam has been fundamental to Maldivians. But lately, I have been aware that the word “Islam” has a special ring to it that it attracts, assembles, arouses and angers my country folk.

I have been long convinced that the power of Islam as the topnotch political power tool to mobilize the Maldivian masses cannot be overlooked. And while the Maldives struggles to move forward nursing its infant democracy and wounded economy, my eyes are fixed on the hands of the evil but the smart who hold Islam as a weapon as we close on 2013.

I find Islam enlightening, progressive and intriguing. Social justice is a passionate concept to me as much as I believe it is central to Islam. So I was at the lecture venue fifteen minutes before it started to learn from Mrs Naik about Islam.

When I arrived at the venue I was not surprised to be told that the main hall was full. The place was swarming with mostly black figures. Rows of chairs lined up on all possible space outside the hall and women were seated on all of them. Some were climbing up the stairs to the mosque above the hall.

I spotted some nervous officials belonging to the host. Obviously, they expected a large turnout and had made careful arrangements with two screens to display Mrs Naik for the people outside. But this response, I was sure, was unexpected.

I looked around. In addition to some officials from the ministry, the only men were some two dozen seated on the low walls in the compound.

I was lucky to get a seat in the main hall filled with nearly three hundred women. The majority was dressed in black. I counted ten wearing no scarf or buruga. The rest showed only their face and hands. Some showed nothing. I noticed three movie cameras operated by young ladies who I assume were journalists from the TV Maldives. The Islamic Ministry estimated 6000 women attended the function.

The evening began. One of the daughters of Mrs Naik recited Quruan. The next daughter, looking close to ten years recited a poem. It praised the hijab while outrightly insulted those who did not wear it.

Next we heard the introduction of our lecturer Mrs Farhat Naik.
We heard Mrs Naik is from Mumbai and has a masters degree in commerce. We were told she is a well known figure in the Islamic community and has traveled all over the world. We were told she lectured on Islam in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. We heard she is a principal of one of the Islamic schools and Mr and Mrs Naik has even opened Islamic Schools.

What I do not remember hearing was her qualification in Islam and who gave it to her.

Mrs Naik took the microphone, standing in front of me. She was tall and a pleasant lady. She wore a black gown and a dark buruga and her face and hands were the only visible skin.

Hoping for some stimulating valuable information in Islam, I listened intently.

She started saying her topic for the night is “My purpose of life” and not “roles and responsibilities of women in Islam” as displayed behind her on a board.

The lecture went on for over an hour. My expectations turned to disappointment. And then, to concern.

The “academic lecture” that I expected turned out to be a memorized inconsistent contradicting jumble. It contained information downloaded from internet mixed with outdated and inappropriate examples that was pinched with selected verses from different chapters of Quruan and decorated with rhetoric. The “world famous Islamic Scholar” turned out to be a “performer” very suitable to school kids from primary to secondary. I later checked her quotes from Quruan and found they were used indeed out of context.

Mrs Naik first quote from Quruan was 51:56. She said “We have created man and jinn only for the purpose of Ibadhaa (worship).” She interpreted it saying “worship is what pleases Allah and our salvation and success depends on Allah being pleased.”

I checked a translation of the verse. It has “worship” replaced with “service” and the verse had a very strong yet broad meaning that encompass the diverse activities of all human life. To my dismay, Mrs Naik’s entire interpretation was in a total vaccum where human life, activities and times were concerned.

In her speech Mrs Naik preached us to be Allah-centred and said the purpose of a Muslim’s life should be to pleasure Allah. She preached not to have meaningless purposes in life and elaborated it with an example of a dog chasing a car on the highway. She came up with a word for each letter in Islam. She said “I” is for Quruan and Sunnah, “S” is for specific goals, “L” is for lucrative – in this world and afterlife, “M” is to measure how much is achieved and “I” is for intentions – which is to pleasure Allah” and “C” is for consistency. She did not tell us how a Muslim could measure the achievements made toward the goal of pleasing Allah.

She preached the values of having strong desires, having focus, putting consistent efforts, disregarding worldly ambitions and not to let society decide what a Muslim should become. She elaborated it with the story of the 1960 Olympic medalist Wilma Rudolph. But she never mentioned the relationship between Wilma’s success and her worship to Allah.

I wonder whether Mrs Naik, as an Islamic scholar did some research on our 100 percent Muslim country prior to her visit. Obviously, she was not aware that murder and stabbing are nearly a weekly affair which the Maldivians are increasingly getting de-sensitized to. She preached repentance and elaborated it with a story of a man who committed 100 murders and fell dead on the way to repent but went to heaven because his intent to repent preceded his death.

Mrs Naik went on to say “do not judge people on what people think of you”. She said the message given by girls who wear hijab is “We are prohibited” while the message girls who wear skirts give is “You are invited”. Is Mrs Naik reinforcing her audience to harass girls who do not wear hijab? Doesn’t she know that in Maldives there are many women who do not wear hijab? Is Mrs Naik saying that harassment, abuse and rape do not occur in communities where women wear hijab? What data does she have to support her argument? Mrs Naik asked her audience to imagine a world where all women wear hijab saying that there would be no such crimes as harassment, rape, abuse, etc. Does she know that rape and sex abuse often happen within family? As a scholar how did she come up with such an assumption?

Mrs Naik expressed her distaste for western values and said “if we copy the west we have products of the west”. I wonder what she was thinking when she sat watching her two daughters emulate a rap song at her microphone after her talk.

Mrs Naik called the TV an “idiot box”. She urged her audience to throw it and switch on the Islamic TV mentioning Mr Naik’s Peace TV. She said cartoons are made to brainwash the children and spoil generations. She disregarded the positive values put across to children through cartoons and the valuable information received through those such as the National Geographic Channel. Her rhetoric seemed to totally disregard modern technological advances and any child’s basic right to walk the path to wisdom.

She said all TV channels except Islamic ones ‘are designed to stop the (imminent) revolution that Muslim Ummah is going to bring to the world’. I saw this message in the context of her entire lecture that can be summarised as, “Allah created humankind to worship Him and while everyone should have a purpose in life it should be the jihad of converting all human kind into Islam.”

I wonder why Islamic scholars always continue to portray Allah in the image of a human being – a human being who gets pleasure from the praise and deeds of his slaves and rewards in return. I wonder how the audience will perceive the divine when Mrs Naik told a story involving a clash between the Angel of Paradise and the Angel of Curse on who would take out the soul of a dead person. She said to determine who gets the soul, Allah asked them to find out which distance is longer – between where the man was when he decided to repent and the spot where his dead body lay or from that spot to where he was going to repent?

I wonder whether a true Islamic scholar trying to win the hearts and minds of twenty-first century Maldivians should talk in such terms.

The superscript of the Naik’s whole visit was revealed when Mrs Naik answered a question from the audience who asked her where she can provide Islamic education to her children. She answered by telling that if she wanted an Islamic school why doesn’t she get together people who want it and call her husband for it at his lecture following evening.

When I left the hall close to eleven thirty, I saw a state car and two security officers in full gear waiting outside in the drive way.

And my mind struggled to reconcile the cost – benefit ratio of this enchanting evening with Mrs. Naik.

But I know, tonight is an accomplishment for those. They’ve seen the blue print for the transformation they require. And this transformation is the final step to the Rule by the Ulaama.

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  1. @Ahmed Anony

    Artificial gut, you have there my dear!
    It's not within you it's on your skin. In the rain it's gone like the stripes of 'tigger'.

    Pretending not having been DEBUNKED, huh?

    By the way, what's 2+2?!!!? Hehehe!

  2. @heck

    Dude! i am not talking about a controlled human experiment or isolated incident. This world is under normal circumstance and i cant be any normal than this. But suddenly normal circumstance changes in my neighborhood, somebody is stabbed in the back, bombed in sultan park, a couple is caught in live action in Islamic Center etc. Who would have thought all this under normal circumtance? Normal circumstances changes to abnormal within few seconds.

    Hijab is not rape proof or protected by divine power. its just piece of clothe, can be ripped off small amount of man power. Hijab is used wear by Arabian women when they travel cause of sand storms in desert. even they put see through clothe on the eye to protect from sand. Same way rain deer herders live north Atlantic, they wear think clothes with fur to keep warm their body from cold. its how human adopt to its habitat.

    anywayzz whats with you and 2+2, you convinced me with 2+2=4, its internationally adopted system for counting. but you didn't convince me that niqab is rape proof under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE . Normal circumstances, normal dudes dont rape. They seduce

  3. @liberal

    And you think a woman in niqab(veil) is SEDUCING?!

    I have no words to describe YOUR feelings! kekekeke!


    What they are doing in the first place is not right, they should not be allowed to drive around in fancy cars and be accommodated in 5 star resorts. "Thimaameehage gain gui filuvaafa, aneymeeha gain gui filuvaanee.

    I think this new breed of Islamic prospectors are going to establish themselves a new Vatican.

    One for think.

  5. Well... reading the article does not give a good impression about the one who wrote it ...... the author herself seems to be less educated. you dont need an Islamic Degree to speak about Islam.

    You mean to say only if you have a Phd in maths.... only then will you teach your children 2+2=4 ??

    Atleast people are trying to improve the Muslim community.... what are you doing.... demotivating fellow Muslims...just on the basis of your ignorance.....'so called modernism' ...gimme a break......

    The article is senseless and author needs to look before what she writes.......

  6. Forbes 2010 top 5 list is out:
    1- Warren Buffet (leading with $52 billion- Berkshire Hathaway)
    2- Bill Gates ($48 billion- Microsoft)
    3- Dr Zakir Naik ($45 billion - Religion- peave tv, IRF, etc)
    4- Mukesh Ambani ($42 billion - Reliance)
    5- Lakshmi Mittal ($40 billion - Steal)

    Inspiration stories to follow.

  7. I think that the British journalists and 'real' hate preachers such as BNP are such losers that they go to the extent to call Zakir Naik an extremist. The guy would probably not even hurt a fly. Furthermore, what makes me happy with this is that the more they slander Zakir Naik, the more the positive attention will favour Zakir Naik. I guess people like daily mail, telegraphy, BNP etc. are threatened because they know that what Zakir Naik
    speaks is soley on the law of the one true God - Allah.

  8. The brave guys who imagine all negative about islam and naik's family,
    JUST REMEMBER!What ever u think,do and spread to hurt others will be questioning.We all will meet Almighty Allah in the day of judgement.He will decide u enter HEAVEN or HELL.

  9. May ALLAH bless Dr.Naik's family,brothers and sisters who ever support them.Also may Allah give hidayat(good knowledge)to who ever against islam.ALLAHU AKBAR.

  10. Who is making money here...!!! Peace TV is purely a non-profit organization..I am a regular watcher of Peace TV and it doesnt even show a single advertisement! It is purely a channel for Dawah purpose and to educate the Muslims ans Non Muslims on the basis of scriptures..Please dont jump to conclusions without knowing the truth!!

  11. you( writer of these article) you only prove that you are jelous of zakir naik family.

  12. Regarding the atrocious description of zakir naik I came though as I was scrolling down the page I have a simple question to ask....."why are u hiding behind the curtain mocking about him and his family ??????bcoz they don't luk so gud???????y don't u attack him face to face cowards!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Intresting piece of shit....narrow minded article....there is what is called free will which God gave to us 'ol....if you aint intrested in reverting to islam the religion of truth which is better for you, don't brainwash others and sit at home doing Tabloid journalism.....ISLAM 4 LIFE!!!.....PEACE AWT!!!

  14. D quran says Makrom makrom lahu wallahu khairan makirun, they kip plotin and allah also iz plottin allah iz d best of planner, Allahu akbar, they cn nly kip doin dat but it wnt depreciate it rather it prevails it, me dnt knw of dys prsn but 2 me ur article iz pointless and senseless, wit wot u said even logic wont reasn wid u. She iz nt nly tryin 2 ruin her speech but she iz also tryin 2 mis coat da quraan and islam generally. Allah also said in iz words dat we wil surely see ple lyk u. There iz a wrld dat goes lyk dys comon sense iz nt comon dat d prblm wid her i tink

  15. with all due respect to the author of this article and the ones who have put up false allegations on their own brothers and sisters of naik family , as they too are muslims, and as the information written as individual comments and posts is absolutely a lie , the one's who have commented in a negative perspective have shown the filth in their mentality, you all need to actually know the truth by reading the holy quran yourself and the least you can do is to not comments abnormally if you cannot do anything good.
    and yes the author: please understand very clearly first the concept of islam and read through every single verse in the quran with proper sequence, as i can see you feel others who have already done this and are propagating the truth are not liked by you and you feel they are quoting out of its better that you read yourself first understand and than express your reduced levels of stagnant views, if you cant do something good, atleast dont comment nuisance on some people who are trying their best , as yu would also know lying and putting up false allegations is a abhorred act in any religion.


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