GIP ‘not informed’ about termination of coalition agreement

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan said this morning that his party had not been officially informed of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s decision to tear up its coalition agreement with Waheed’s party, the Gaumee Itthihaad Party (GIP).

Twenty-one members of the MDP’s national council voted in favour of the move, out of 23 present. The council also called on President Mohamed Nasheed to remove all GIP members from ministerial positions. Vice President Waheed and Education Minister Dr Mustafa Luthfy are the only two GIP members remaining in Cabinet, after Nasheed dismissed Minister for Economic Development Mohamed Rasheed several weeks ago.

“We no longer trust these guys,” Haleem said. “Our coalition partner is working with the opposition – I think [Waheed] will be joining [the opposition] Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) very soon. I hope so, it would be best for him.”

Haleem added that he hoped the president would “obey” the MDP Council and remove the GIP members from government: “I hope so. MDP’s national council is one of the most powerful arms of the MDP,” Haleem said.

Dr Waheed recently raised the ire of MDP supporters when he held an apparently clandestine meeting with senior leadership of the DRP, including Umar Naseer and MPs Ali Waheed, Ahmed Nihan and Ahmed Mahlouf.

“I think the political sitaution requires that we talk to each other and work together,” Dr Waheed told Minivan News today. “There are bills we have to get through [parliament], especially revenue bills to address the deficit. I believe it is important, and I think I am in a position to speak. I met with opposition MPs partly at their request, and I indicated I would meet them.”

He said he was surprised at the inflamed response from MDP supporters – “I did not realise this would attract so much attention from the press and MDP activists,” he said.

Dr Waheed said the reaction of both parties following the meeting was “not helpful.”

“Under the current circumstances everyone is trying to score political points,” he said.

GIP had not been formally informed of MDP’s decision last night to sever the coalition, he noted.

“If this is true then of course we are concerned. We believe we have a valid agreement to work with MDP together until the end of term.”

The removal of GIP members from government would be an “unfortunate” outcome, Dr Waheed said.

“I had expected some kind of discussion. Since we were not consulted when the Economic Development [Mohamed Rasheed] Minister was dismissed, I felt I had grounds to talk, especially since no reason given except ‘political circumstances’.”

Dr Waheed called for discussions, concluding that “we can’t go on pretending the country has no problems, because that will not solve them.”

The President has not yet said whether he will take the advice of MDP’s national council. Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair was not responding at time of press.


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  1. The President has no choice but to obey the MDP national council. This is the highest authority in the very party who elected Nasheed as its Presidential candidate. End of Story!

  2. What will be the legitimacy of this presidency now, if GIP is out? I mean even on first round people voted for Nasheed as he has a running mate from GIP. The minute it is no more there, the questions are the mandate for people has voted also gone. I think its a case for supreme court to decide, the legitimacy of this president now.

  3. Dr.Waheed has no real plan..he is simily a puppet of DRP and his wife's Ilham's family! Do somebody remind him of his oath to the public..he was not told to cry loud like a baby of how MDP treats him..he promised to deliver public the key pledges! Grow up Dr.Waheed!!

  4. Education Minister Dr. Mustafa Lutfi has brought much needed changes into the education sector which as a person in the education sector for more than 15 years feel is for the best of the students and the nation in whole. Dr. Lutfi's ideas and policies are the best for the academic status of the country, but the population in whole cannot see or accept due to some people at the top levels of government. I say Dr. Lutfi is a wonderful educationalist and I greatly appreciate the hard work he has done and is doing for the children of our nation. Thank you Dr. Lutfi.

  5. Shame... Point of clarification: the meeting between DRP MPs and the Vice President was not a clandestine meeting. There was nothing secret about it, especially considering the fact that at least one of the participants of the meeting notified the press before hand.

    The Vice President has also met with Thasmeen, Hassan Saeed and Gasim. He maintained contact with them before his estrangement with MDP and has always extended his good wishes and warm regards to all opposition candidates. It is in his nature to be conciliatory, and to try to work with others to get something done.

    Even now that MDP has blatantly disrespected GIP and tried to shove a supposedly irreparable wedge between the two parties, GIP will continue to advocate and support the change that we campaigned for.

    The Vice President will not resign and give in to those leaders in MDP who looks upon his office with lustful desire. He was voted into office by the people of our Republic and he will be ready to do his job the moment he's given the opportunity to do so.

    This is a blatant violation of the MDP Itthihaad Coalition agreement as was the sacking of Mohammed Rasheed. Any action predicated on it must be met in kind, with every legal recourse explored. We campaigned together, worked together and now are being hung up to dry. It is not only offensive to GIP but the Maldivian people who have been effectively duped by MDP as a result of this decision. And if it comes into effect, MDP will have officially hijacked both the election results and the government itself.

    Mr. President, you know that GIP has always had an open hand extended. Are you really willing to brush it aside without at consulting the people of our nation, or at least the membership of MDP itself and not merely the overly egotistical,irrational leaders.

  6. I will not say President Nasheed will approve MDP's national council vote and kick QIP out of the coalition. I expect him to be smarter than that.

  7. MDP is shooting itself in the foot by these moves. When they face the public in the next general election, they will surely learn the cost of these arrogant actions.

    Like most of us, I had high hopes in the Presidency of Nasheed. However, those hopes are fading, due to a lot of immature decisions he has taken.

    What we are seeing now is a joining together of forces of the opposition to oust the incumbent government. It's not a question of if, but when. Actually, the sooner that happens, the better for country.

    We need a party that commands a majority in Parliament. Only then, can we have a functional government. Whether that government will deliver what's good for the country remains to be seen.

  8. Ekalo- What do you expect when he doesnt want to continue and goes on criticising his own government. He should walk out and migrate to USA once again.

  9. Luthfy will be sacked President has no choice if he were to listen to MDP council. Well ofcos if President really has more national interest then he would choose a wise decision.
    VP should remain and continue his work and keep the public informed of the issues. VP cannot be sacked so keep it going.

    Once Koli Ali Maniku has been labelled as most corrupted man in Gayooms 30 years by MDP specially by then Anni. There was so much things said about him. No doubt he has done a great deal to this nation and I would always respect him.
    Recently things have been twisting. When Ali Maniku was in Male during late Dec 2009 President Nasheed made a personal visit to Palm Court where Maniku was residing.
    Just few weeks ago President Nasheed was transiting Singapore for just 1 day and yet he was visiting once again in Maniku's resident at International Plaza.
    There is definitely secret talks going and I wouldnt be surprised if Koli is his new advisor.

    There a lot more things that public is not aware things go behind the curtain.

  10. MDP national council was not elected for the presidency of the country. Mohamed Nasheed is the president. And it is stupid stupid council is doing nothing but harming it's already fragile president.
    Look at Reeko Moosa, One day he is bashing at Adhaalath and the next days he is saying sorry a slip of a toung.

    MDP national council has got to get more mature. This is not a single party they are trying to play now. It is affecting the entire country. Vice-president meeting with DRP parliament members is not illegal. When will these MDP activist leave their childish behaviors??

  11. this presidency is legitimate..only one nasheed cannot remove is VP Waheed...everyone else can be kicked right NOW...except inaz ofcourse...

  12. Reminds me of the episode of Yes Prime Minister where he is discussing with Chief Scientist what the last resort is before the UK pushes the nuclear button against the Soviet Union. “The Russian army ‘accidently’ on purpose cross the West German frontier. Do you push the button? Suppose Russians have invaded West Germany, Belgium, Holland, France. Do you push the button? Suppose their tanks have reached the English Channel and they are poised to invade. Is that the last resort?” When the PM says no, the Chief Scientist explodes “Well what is the last resort? Piccadilly?”

    You can imagine a similar conversation taking place in MDP these last few weeks. “The VP goes on TV and condemns government. Do you push the button? He has a rally in Ghiyasuddin School with DRP supporters and ridicules the government. Do you push the button? He secretly meets with Hassan Saeed to get legal advice at his legal chambers. Do you push the button? He conspires with DRP MPs in his residence and gets caught at it. Do you push the button? He goes on a picnic to Dhoonidhoo with Umar Naseer and gets advice on prison management. Button??!”

  13. Can someone with legal background answer me..what if?

    All agreements with GIP are thrown out.

    1. Will Dr Waheed still be VP or he can be fired by Presdient.

    2. Dr Waheed dissolves his party and joins DRP. He will still be VP?

    3. In the first round of General Election, the people rejected MDP. After the coalition, in the second round Nasheed/Waheed ticket won the election. Once MDP scratch the coalition agreement..what is the legetemacy of this pair?

  14. Indeed, the MDP national council doesn't really know what's good for them. They seem to very small minded and petty.

    Kicking Dr Waheed out of government will really reduce the legitimacy of Nasheed's government.

    MDP is acting like it's a party of majority support which it clearly isn't. Just look at the make up of Parliament where they're a minority. If elections were held today, MDP will have even fewer MPs and that's undeniable.

    MDP is on a self destructive path. It's always been known that President Nasheed is an authoritarian and not a man capable of listening to his coalition partners. The legitimacy of his Presidency are really open to question if DQP leaves the coalition. In fact, if that happens, Parliament should force a vote of no confidence in this government, since it will be ruling without the support of the people.

  15. Should have said that the legitimacy of Nasheed's presidency will be in question if GIP leaves the coalition (not DQP).

  16. Reminds me of the episode of Yes Prime Minister where he is discussing with the Chief Scientist what the last resort is before the UK pushes the nuclear button against the Soviet Union. “The Russian army ‘accidently’ on purpose cross the West German frontier. Do you push the button? Suppose the Russians have invaded West Germany, Belgium, Holland, France. Do you push the button? Suppose their tanks have reached the English Channel and they are poised to invade. Is that the last resort?” When the PM says no, the Chief Scientist explodes “Well what is the last resort? Piccadilly?”

    You can imagine a similar conversation taking place in MDP these last few weeks. “The VP goes on TV and condemns government. Do you push the button? He has a rally in Ghiyasuddin School with DRP supporters and ridicules the government. Do you push the button? He secretly meets with Hassan Saeed to get legal advice at his legal chambers. Do you push the button? He conspires with DRP MPs in his residence and gets caught at it. Do you push the button? He goes on a picnic to Dhoonidhoo with Umar Naseer and gets advice on prison management. Button??!”

  17. This is just another way of tightening the reins on Waheed and possibly his party members.

    MDP will not kick Waheed's party. They cannot afford to do that. But, this decision may have consequences that are not necessarily helpful for Waheed.

    What MDP is showing is, in my mind, how mean they can be. I would not say this image that they are projecting is helpful to them one bit.

  18. Salim Waheed, You are very wrong in assuming your dad and your uncle Mohamed Rasheed is working for producing result for people. But the unforunate TRUTH is that they are simply crazy for POWER!!

  19. I would not presume to imagine, for a moment, that the President has the legal authority to sack the VP. Since, both Anni and Dr Waheed was elected on a ticket, directly by the people.

    If Anni wants to kick out the VP, he would have to call in fresh elections and run on another ticket. I doubt he would do this.

  20. "stray that broke.. ",

    The Vice President never condemned the government but merely asked to be included and have his 16 years of international development experience be included when making national decisions. A lot of things were simply being messed up, and he was getting the blame for them without any input. If he's getting blame, he should at least be allowed to have some input in how our national development programs are instituted. Especially since he has a better idea than most people about the most effective way of doing so.

    Furthermore, he never met with anyone for legal advice. He met with Hassan Saeed and Gasim Ibrahim and Thasmeen because he is the Vice President of our nation. And he was doing what he can to reach out a conciliatory hand towards them. It is simply not his style to turn people away, to insult, or to close doors when our country is in desperate need of opening them.

    And the meeting with DRP MPs was not the least bit secret. The media was informed that the meeting was going to take place before it happened and that is how the MDP leadership found out. The leadership saw profit in trying to grow the gap that had grown between the President and Vice President and send those activists there to ensure that happened. To rile tempers, and they played directly into DRPs hands.

    to "DRP Thugs",

    Mohammed Rasheed is not my uncle. But he is an absolutely amazing man regardless. He did a very commendable job as Economic Development Minister, but I have always felt that he should have been made Health Minister. He has decades worth of experience in the field. Its just that MDP felt as though that Ministry was too powerful for GIP to have, so at the expense of what was best for the country they gave us the Economic Development and Trade Ministry. Look at the Health Ministry today, and tell me that this was a good decision!

    Both the Vice President and Mohammed Rasheed are sacrificing everything to be in the Maldives and contribute to the wellbeing of their people. That is why are in Maldives.

    They are not there to have a government car, or government housing, or to have government employees working underneath them. They did not come back to the Maldives to stay quite and lounge around while the country goes to the dogs. They are here to to help their people. To try and use their decades of experience for the benefit of the Maldives. They've already done much to help humanity, now they are trying to help their people. Its that simple.

  21. VP cannot be sacked bcoz he was elected with the president..he goes only wen the government goes or if he resigns...all other political appointees can be sacked weneva president thinks he shud...

  22. According to Dr.Munavvar's interview on Radio Atoll. The legitimacy of this government is in question now, the minute Nasheed declares the ownership for "Canareegey Muhammad Nasheed's government", because this Government is elected on the pledges they made from a coalition platform, otherwise its Maumoon and DRP will be still in power probably.

    Where is Moosa Anwar to take this issue to Supreme Court, to see what Abdulla Saeed say about this issue.

  23. President Nasheed is a very inexperienced man. He has never held a fulltime job in his entire time. And this is showing and manifesitng in many way. It happening much sooner than we expected. Imagine a man who has never held a fulltime job being given the top job in the country. It is certain that he will make blunders that will lead to his own downfall. Here is President Nasheed doing just that. He is shooting his own 'thing'. I'm no fan of GIP. But as someone who worked with so many highly placed people at MDP it saddens me to know that President is listening to the loud-mouthed activits of his party. Its a sorry situation. This country is in deep sh##.

  24. Salim's comments are quite similar to Press Secretar and Doc Shaheed statements LoL.

  25. Salim whether VP likes it or not, no matter how experienced he has got, he is truly the personal secretary of the president. Do what President ask him to do. If President say keep his mouth shut then he should do same...unless otherwise VP has his own interest for 2013. I am 100% sure thats what in his mind.If not we will see Waheed GO once again...hahaha.

  26. Radhun,

    What are you talking about!?! The Vice President of our country is not the slave of the President. He is not the President's personal lapdog. Neither here, nor in another democracy around the world.

    When we campaigned, we told the country of the agreement MDP Itthihaad was founded on. That every national decision will be made with the guidance of the Vice President (after all it was the Vice President's experience coupled with the President's vision that people voted for).

    My father, Our Vice President, Dr. Waheed, has sacrificed more than any other member of this government to come and be in the Maldives. He has dedicated his life towards helping humanity and now come to help his own people. He did not enter the country to just sit in his house, be driven around in his car, and watch this government flounder in impotency.

    Even now, he stands ready and willing to work with the government. To pick up and fix all the mistakes that are being made and to work together to actually getting our pledges implemented.

    He has absolutely no intention of running for election in 2013 as of this time. If you look at the situation, nothing he has said or done is for his own gain, but rather as a desperate plea to actually change the course of our government and work towards being more productive and supportive of our people.

    He is the only person willing to work with everyone. Who is offering a conciliatory hand towards all parties, groups and individuals.

    Can you say the same of anyone else?

  27. Salim its your father and you have all the right to compliment him as much as you can. But there is no denial no one else sacrificed for this change as much as President Nasheed has done. What sacrifice Dr Waheed did he didnt even dare to fight back during his time serving the govt. He simply left the country.Waheed came Waheed went back and came back with a deal that Nasheed offered otherwise he wouldnt have. People knows and need not change the facts. Do you think people choose to change bcos yr Dad was nominated for VP. No my friend. Infact people didnt even vote for Nasheed, people simply voted for a change. People cannot accept Maumoon any more.
    Anyway whether people voted for Ithihad or not, its MDP's Govt not Ithihad. Ithihad was just mearly a side kick.

  28. Randhun,

    You're so misinformed on so many things.

    He was never arrested in the early 1990s because Gayoom never had the guts to arrest him. After the 1989 election, he was widely popular and he was not someone who insulted or agitated but rather tried to work within existing frameworks for change. He is the first person with a position who stood against the Government. He was the one who launched the original Black Ribbon campaign when President Nasheed was first arrested to have him released from Jail. He was the one who put forward the first Human Rights bill in our nation.

    And how did Gayoom retaliate? Not by locking him up, but arresting everyone (who was male and over 18) in his entire family. In addition to brother-in-laws and brothers, his campaign supports like Nazaki (Sandhanu) Zaki was also arrested. And they weren't released until he agreed to leave the country. He could have easily stayed, and aggitated, but he was barely suffering. A couple trips to the police station, what is that when your loved ones were being tortured?!? He left for the sakes of those who cared about him. And MDP now tries to use that as a blemish on his record. It isnt.

    In 2008 when Dr. Waheed came back for the election, he did so without any guarantee or support from any other party but GIP. He came to the Maldives, formed a political party, and was then courted by New Maldives, Jumhooree Party, and MDP when the election date was announced. We did not have the money for a national campaign. We chose MDP because that was the party/group that most aspired to our values and because we believed that they would always protect democracy. We've now seen its not true of the leadership, but I still believe better of the President.

    Even in the first round when people voted, they voted for MDP Itthihaad. The GIP and MDP coalition.

    Get your facts right before you spread propaganda first brought about by and then propegated by those who hate democracy, freedom, and our national betterment.

  29. Salim whether VP likes it or not, no matter how experienced he has got, he is truly the personal secretary of the president. Do what President ask him to do. If President say keep his mouth shut then he should do same...unless otherwise VP has his own interest for 2013. I am 100% sure thats what in his mind.If not we will see Waheed GO once again...hahaha.

  30. I have a lot of respect for Dr Waheed. He is a far more educated and tolerant and wise man than most senior figures of MDP including President Nasheed.

    For that very reason, MDP brass might be feeling threatened, and like all small minded people they're trying to get 'rid' of him.

    Probably better for the country if MDP actually did break with GIP. At least, then MDP will get totally marginalised and that would give them a chance to re-focus instead of continue with their current arrogance.

  31. Salim,

    Radhun is absolutely right. The Maldivian people voted to kick out the Former Dictator Gayoom who had been in power for 30 years.

    Most people in this county never really believed that it would be possible to change the former government through a peaceful election. Yet it was the dynamic leadership of Anni and MDP that gave some hope to the public and gave them the courage to vote out Maumoon.

    The public voted for change. They voted for President Nasheed instead of Maumoon. People didn't really care whether his VP was Dr. Waheed or Reeko or Mariya.

    It's understandable that you being Dr.Waheed's son would try and kid yourself that somehow the public for Anni and Dr. Waheed. That's not the case. The people of this country voted for President Nasheed...Period!!

    Why? because we were sick of Gayoom. Sick of his 30 years and fearful for the country's economy which was being ruined under his last few years (as proved in World bank reports.)The People were desperate for a change. And that change was President Nasheed.

  32. Ilyas,

    Of course the voted for change, but they also voted for a kind and type of change. They had their choice between Anni, Gasim, and Hassan Saeed. Each of the three opposition figures who approached GIP. It is not a coincidence that the group we went with came in with the second highest number of votes to the previous administration.

    Of course people voted for a change. But is your memory so lacking that you do not remember the campaign at all? People supported a team against Gayoom, one that they thought would provide results. And I don't mean just the President or the Vice President, but the technical team behind them that was supposed to guide our cabinet.

    If this government becomes a place where such guidance is blatantly neglected, than we are in fact going directly against what the people voted for.

    I'm not the one here kidding myself.

  33. Salim Waheed,
    Your father may have lots of international experience ...BUT no political maturity! I am sorry to say this..BUT THIS A FACT!!!! he no match for any of the Maldivian politicians of the day! the best job for him would be to SHUT UP and WORK HARD FOR THE GOVERNMENT! or leave to UN again!

  34. MDP is moving in the right direction. MDP made peace with Red Wave Saleem. (labor party) Dhonbiley must be saying Saleem is an OK guy. This makes Saleem and Abdulla Hameed safe.

    Dr Musthafa jumped the ship and got on board MDP ship, he has a choice? NO. (This is ademocracy, President says, Hey I have no problem with these people, they are good people, but those actually who are ruling the country, Reeko, Maria, Afeef, Zaki put their fists on the oponents and send a shiver on their spine, so weak people like Mustha Luthfee (oops I mean those who understand what democracy really is) bow their head and go with the wind.

  35. Salim Waheed, looks like this is the end of your Dad's political run!. Why dont you help pack the bags for him! Your father will be best served somewhere else and he has shown again and again that he is not a real politican.... A man who thinks he is a politican!

  36. DRP Thugs,

    In democracies, we don't force people into silence. We don't intimidate or force people to comply with our wishes. The Vice President will not leave. He will serve out his term regardless of what happens because he has a mandate directly from the people of our country.

    As far as politics goes, you're probably right. The Vice President believes in principles and standing up for what he believes. That doesn't make him a very shrewed or effective politican, all the more so because it is somewhat predictable. But the fact remains that he does work hard, not just for the Governmentm but for the Maldivian people.

    His boss is the President and the Maldivian People. His mandate is from the people and not the President. And he is willing to be utilized - though the fact remains that he is not.

  37. Salim Waheed,

    No body will force your father into silence. It is not worth the hassle. I do not believe he has any credibility or support to be in Maldives politics. The reason he got this so called mandate is joining the MDP coalition. So get real.....

  38. Salim,

    You claim that Anni, Gasim and Hassan Saeed "approached" GIP! What exactly are you trying to say? That all of them "approached" your Dad requesting him to be a running mate? Rubbish! I know for a fact that it was Dr Waheed (your Dad) who approached Anni and Hassan Saeed and not the other way round!

    Hassan Saeed declined to pick your Dad as a running mate. But Anni did so only because Hassan Saeed declined the offer from Anni for dr. Hassan to be his running mate. These are facts my dear. If you don't believe me ask your Dad.

    During the second round of the Presidential elections the opposition (to Maumoom) came together and brought about the change. Dr. Waheed was not a factor at all! I mean what exactly did he represent? What is this "international experience" that you keep talking about that's so important for the government? This is a joke! It's not "international experience" in the United Nations that one needs to solve the problems that this country faces. It is the smart and forward thinking political leadership that's required. Only Anni can offer that.

    One last word. Dr. Waheed has no meaningful political future in this country.

  39. Salim waheed,
    You say your father believes in principles?? Bullshit! Ask why he gave the few political post which GIP had to your mom's brother Ali Rasheed, Ilyas Hussain and many other housemates? Ask why your father refuse to work hard as any other member of the government and simply demand baseless issues? Tell me think your father has principles? He only believes in geting presidency ..and nothing else!

  40. I have a question? Did Dr Waheed consult with the President or MDP before he began the talks with DRP? Since DRP top leaders were present it was assumed to be official at least from DRP side, right? Then where is the governments official say in regards to this. See, this is where the problem comes. For if Dr Waheed did not then I have to admit that his action will not be welcomed by majority MDP members and rather seen as a betrayal if MDP/President was kept in the dark. Guess this is whats happening already.

    The reason for the meeting as per Dr Waheed was to hear out and find a peaceful pragmatic solution for the various problems amid society in a civilized manner with the opposition. Its already been rather late for this and I'm all up for it, finally, and praise him that he took the initiation. I see in this particular action a great leader's quality but this whole thing should be spearheaded by the Government collectively, as an official policy, from top and within, not just one politician or coalition partner arbitrarily engaging in secretive meetings (since no details on the talks were given to media) with the opposition behind the back of the other partner, compromising the trust and good will between each other to the dismay and revolt among layman party members whose pondering what the hell is going on.

    The protests in front his residence and the sound bites from the two parties in the aftermath makes it quite clear that there were not much or none at all, any discussions among the coalition partners to engage in political discussion with the opposition. So, I guess Dr Waheed decided on his own and moved ahead? Someone of Dr Waheeds caliber should know better and think twice before attempting such a leap the way he did especially in this politically charged atmosphere. I dont know, maybe I'm wrong. The way many aspects of the current government functions is unbecoming of a coalition government.

    Anyways, I for one dont want the GIP/MDP coalition to break but sad enough, guess its too late since the cracks have slowly crept on the pillars.

  41. Moosa,

    You are entitled to your opinion, obviously I do not agree.


    What you are saying are straight up lies. Whatever you claim to know, I was in those meetings where Jumhooree Party, New Maldives, and MDP asked for a coalition with GIP. In fact, those people who remember the news, there was one day where each group literally came to my father's house within minutes of each other and the film crew caught them walking in and out of the building.

    The fact is that the Vice President does have more leadership experience when it comes to development. When it comes to producing results. And he has stood ready to offer that assistance. People care about their lives and livelihoods, and there is no one who could possibly affect that better and more effectively than the Vice President, if only he was given the support to do so.

    He is here in Maldives for the people of our country. Not to sit on the sidelines and play politics, but to help make our nation better.

    DRP Thugs,

    Misinformed as always and propagating misinformation. My uncle, Ilyas Hussian was given the position of Immigration Controller by Gasim against the implicit wishes of the Party who wanted him to run for Parliament.

    You go and ask anyone in the President's office how hard the Vice President works! They will all tell you that he is impeccable when it comes to his work and that if you put aside his criticism of the President not using him enough that he has done a fantastic job. Even the President admits being "satisfied" with what he does assign him, but still chooses to not consult him as agreed in the Coalition Agreement.


    DRP MPs coming over was not some sort of official negotiation, or the formation of a memorandum of understanding or anything of the sort. The Vice President was maintaining a relationship with the opposition so that they might relent on some economic development issues. He has met with Thasmeen earlier, even well before having ever criticized the President's unwillingness to utilize him fully. Maintaining a relationship, appealing for cooperation is not something that should be reproached. However, in this instance, the Press was notified, and because MDP's leadership saw this as an opportunity to further their goals, they jumped on it. There was nothing secret about it. And it has been no secret that this was just short of a courtesy call - one that MDP will never engage in because of the continued antagonistic attitude towards the opposition, which still controls Parliament.

    GIP still stands ready to support the government, even though are members are now being directly threatened one by one to join the "official" ruling party. We still stand ready to support the development framework that we campaigned for.


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