Comment: An Evening with Mrs Naik

Ever since my tenth grade in lower secondary in 1982, I do not remember being in a room full of only women until Wednesday night. And now I have completed my forty-fourth year of living.

Wednesday night was womens’ night at the Islamic Centre. The occasion was a lecture by a Mrs Zakir Naik hosted by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Her husband Dr Zakir Naik was invited by the ministry to the country to deliver Islamic lectures. And the couple, their son and three daughters were also involved.

The local media has over the past three weeks made headlines of Dr Naik’s visit to the country. Many locals seems to believe that Dr Naik, who is the founder of the Mumbai based channel, Peace TV is a renowned Islamic Scholar.

While I am under the impression that he is a medical doctor, one of the senior government officials referred to him as a tele-evangelist.

I believe since the nation converted from Buddhism to Islam in 1153, Islam has been fundamental to Maldivians. But lately, I have been aware that the word “Islam” has a special ring to it that it attracts, assembles, arouses and angers my country folk.

I have been long convinced that the power of Islam as the topnotch political power tool to mobilize the Maldivian masses cannot be overlooked. And while the Maldives struggles to move forward nursing its infant democracy and wounded economy, my eyes are fixed on the hands of the evil but the smart who hold Islam as a weapon as we close on 2013.

I find Islam enlightening, progressive and intriguing. Social justice is a passionate concept to me as much as I believe it is central to Islam. So I was at the lecture venue fifteen minutes before it started to learn from Mrs Naik about Islam.

When I arrived at the venue I was not surprised to be told that the main hall was full. The place was swarming with mostly black figures. Rows of chairs lined up on all possible space outside the hall and women were seated on all of them. Some were climbing up the stairs to the mosque above the hall.

I spotted some nervous officials belonging to the host. Obviously, they expected a large turnout and had made careful arrangements with two screens to display Mrs Naik for the people outside. But this response, I was sure, was unexpected.

I looked around. In addition to some officials from the ministry, the only men were some two dozen seated on the low walls in the compound.

I was lucky to get a seat in the main hall filled with nearly three hundred women. The majority was dressed in black. I counted ten wearing no scarf or buruga. The rest showed only their face and hands. Some showed nothing. I noticed three movie cameras operated by young ladies who I assume were journalists from the TV Maldives. The Islamic Ministry estimated 6000 women attended the function.

The evening began. One of the daughters of Mrs Naik recited Quruan. The next daughter, looking close to ten years recited a poem. It praised the hijab while outrightly insulted those who did not wear it.

Next we heard the introduction of our lecturer Mrs Farhat Naik.
We heard Mrs Naik is from Mumbai and has a masters degree in commerce. We were told she is a well known figure in the Islamic community and has traveled all over the world. We were told she lectured on Islam in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. We heard she is a principal of one of the Islamic schools and Mr and Mrs Naik has even opened Islamic Schools.

What I do not remember hearing was her qualification in Islam and who gave it to her.

Mrs Naik took the microphone, standing in front of me. She was tall and a pleasant lady. She wore a black gown and a dark buruga and her face and hands were the only visible skin.

Hoping for some stimulating valuable information in Islam, I listened intently.

She started saying her topic for the night is “My purpose of life” and not “roles and responsibilities of women in Islam” as displayed behind her on a board.

The lecture went on for over an hour. My expectations turned to disappointment. And then, to concern.

The “academic lecture” that I expected turned out to be a memorized inconsistent contradicting jumble. It contained information downloaded from internet mixed with outdated and inappropriate examples that was pinched with selected verses from different chapters of Quruan and decorated with rhetoric. The “world famous Islamic Scholar” turned out to be a “performer” very suitable to school kids from primary to secondary. I later checked her quotes from Quruan and found they were used indeed out of context.

Mrs Naik first quote from Quruan was 51:56. She said “We have created man and jinn only for the purpose of Ibadhaa (worship).” She interpreted it saying “worship is what pleases Allah and our salvation and success depends on Allah being pleased.”

I checked a translation of the verse. It has “worship” replaced with “service” and the verse had a very strong yet broad meaning that encompass the diverse activities of all human life. To my dismay, Mrs Naik’s entire interpretation was in a total vaccum where human life, activities and times were concerned.

In her speech Mrs Naik preached us to be Allah-centred and said the purpose of a Muslim’s life should be to pleasure Allah. She preached not to have meaningless purposes in life and elaborated it with an example of a dog chasing a car on the highway. She came up with a word for each letter in Islam. She said “I” is for Quruan and Sunnah, “S” is for specific goals, “L” is for lucrative – in this world and afterlife, “M” is to measure how much is achieved and “I” is for intentions – which is to pleasure Allah” and “C” is for consistency. She did not tell us how a Muslim could measure the achievements made toward the goal of pleasing Allah.

She preached the values of having strong desires, having focus, putting consistent efforts, disregarding worldly ambitions and not to let society decide what a Muslim should become. She elaborated it with the story of the 1960 Olympic medalist Wilma Rudolph. But she never mentioned the relationship between Wilma’s success and her worship to Allah.

I wonder whether Mrs Naik, as an Islamic scholar did some research on our 100 percent Muslim country prior to her visit. Obviously, she was not aware that murder and stabbing are nearly a weekly affair which the Maldivians are increasingly getting de-sensitized to. She preached repentance and elaborated it with a story of a man who committed 100 murders and fell dead on the way to repent but went to heaven because his intent to repent preceded his death.

Mrs Naik went on to say “do not judge people on what people think of you”. She said the message given by girls who wear hijab is “We are prohibited” while the message girls who wear skirts give is “You are invited”. Is Mrs Naik reinforcing her audience to harass girls who do not wear hijab? Doesn’t she know that in Maldives there are many women who do not wear hijab? Is Mrs Naik saying that harassment, abuse and rape do not occur in communities where women wear hijab? What data does she have to support her argument? Mrs Naik asked her audience to imagine a world where all women wear hijab saying that there would be no such crimes as harassment, rape, abuse, etc. Does she know that rape and sex abuse often happen within family? As a scholar how did she come up with such an assumption?

Mrs Naik expressed her distaste for western values and said “if we copy the west we have products of the west”. I wonder what she was thinking when she sat watching her two daughters emulate a rap song at her microphone after her talk.

Mrs Naik called the TV an “idiot box”. She urged her audience to throw it and switch on the Islamic TV mentioning Mr Naik’s Peace TV. She said cartoons are made to brainwash the children and spoil generations. She disregarded the positive values put across to children through cartoons and the valuable information received through those such as the National Geographic Channel. Her rhetoric seemed to totally disregard modern technological advances and any child’s basic right to walk the path to wisdom.

She said all TV channels except Islamic ones ‘are designed to stop the (imminent) revolution that Muslim Ummah is going to bring to the world’. I saw this message in the context of her entire lecture that can be summarised as, “Allah created humankind to worship Him and while everyone should have a purpose in life it should be the jihad of converting all human kind into Islam.”

I wonder why Islamic scholars always continue to portray Allah in the image of a human being – a human being who gets pleasure from the praise and deeds of his slaves and rewards in return. I wonder how the audience will perceive the divine when Mrs Naik told a story involving a clash between the Angel of Paradise and the Angel of Curse on who would take out the soul of a dead person. She said to determine who gets the soul, Allah asked them to find out which distance is longer – between where the man was when he decided to repent and the spot where his dead body lay or from that spot to where he was going to repent?

I wonder whether a true Islamic scholar trying to win the hearts and minds of twenty-first century Maldivians should talk in such terms.

The superscript of the Naik’s whole visit was revealed when Mrs Naik answered a question from the audience who asked her where she can provide Islamic education to her children. She answered by telling that if she wanted an Islamic school why doesn’t she get together people who want it and call her husband for it at his lecture following evening.

When I left the hall close to eleven thirty, I saw a state car and two security officers in full gear waiting outside in the drive way.

And my mind struggled to reconcile the cost – benefit ratio of this enchanting evening with Mrs. Naik.

But I know, tonight is an accomplishment for those. They’ve seen the blue print for the transformation they require. And this transformation is the final step to the Rule by the Ulaama.

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  1. I have a feeling that Aniya is trying to misguide Maldivian and she should be not kept free. we will not let her go free...think twise when you say such a thing remember she wrote an article regarding Vail.

  2. aniya i do agree with you in certain things mention in your article. for one i agree Dr.naik's family is not the right people to address the issues of islam in our counrty. for one thing they hardly know what our culture is like and the present issues of politics as well as social problems.
    And second whether the entire event's expenses was covered by sponsors or government budget the money could have been utilized more effectively and must have servered its purpose much better if a maldivian scholar preferably sheik Iliyas has given those dars twice every month for that money.

    just before ending this comment if you really want to criticize islam or argue about the mistranslation of quran then you better study arabic and come up with your translation and be better informed and e than the scholars here so you would have a better ground to argue

  3. one need not go to university of Medina to be educated in Islam. One could read the quran with meaning, sahih hadiths, and various books on islam written by prominent scholars. Our religion do not need chairs, buildings and expensive infrastructure to get educated. All it matters is knowledge and not a fancy certificate from some church.

  4. dear aniya just to conclude my arguement i would like to make few points clear for you. just read the first ten verses of chapter 2 or surathul baqara. It says quran is a guidance for the ( al muttaqin) pious( believers)............. And if you read quran from end to end you will find that before Allah states a law in quran he starts will " O BELIEVERS, O BELIEVING MEN AND WOMEN... ETC"
    So what i meant to say is that Quran is a guidence for the believers and the believing people do not find the laws hard to accept neither they have dispute over the laws in quran and they would not have any difficulty in practicing the laws in quran. Its always the atheist, the christiaans and the jews and people of other religions who question the laws and have disputes over quran not the believers. Its the same about headscarfs the people who believe would where headscarf the people who does nt believe would find a reason not to follow it. right?

  5. ms aniya: can you pls explain me howcome the christian king and prophet Solomon had over 700 wifes and 300 mistreses. Is it true? why dont you write an article about how degrading that guy is to the female species(according to the bible).

    Guys he had over one thousand women for himself, and the bible doesnt have a limmit on the number of women one could marry. be it 700 or 1000.

  6. mariyam: if you love islam, as you say why dont you go to the scriptures the quran and the sahih hadiths, and see how a woman should be dressed.

    if you dont know, dont preach. If you preach say it correctly according to what the authentic scriptures say, for gods sake dont try to change the religion and preach for your own good, which is very very bad. If you dont wear the veil, its fine no one forces you to. But keep it to your self, rather than preach a totally new religion.

    instead of being mad at me, and writing another comment, my advice would be to refer if you dont know. keep your cool. cheers

  7. Well done Aniya, once agains you have displayed your ignorance and hatred towards the accepted norms of a society. No wonder you had to go at length to get a point stated, least of all prove one. You only have proven the deep contempt that you have within yourself towards Islam. Pity that we see so low creat--- in this society todat. Education has definitely not broadened your intellect or opened up your capacity to do some thinking. Please next time you go about writing such an article, do think twice about what your intention is. Anyways I am not surprised that this new "MINIVAN" really loves publishing such articles. Hub of anti-religious indoctrination.

  8. Aniya, I commend your daring and bravery. You are a journalist in the true sense of the word.

    Zakir Naik & co. truly do resemble carnies more than scholars. The project to realign the Maldivian religious sphere to adhere to Medinite thinkin has been long underway.

    The relatively liberal Azharite Islamic politics is more desirable to those of Medina which seek to create a new world order to oppose America with weapons and warfare in the absence of the requisite economic development.

  9. maldivians are stupid. They will follow anything what these beard people say. All these beard people want to have sex with 72 women and drink alcohol.

  10. If one can educate himself or herself in Islam and does not need to go to Saudi, then why don't you? Why do you need someone to teach you? may it be a Maldivian or foreigner.

  11. Aniya you guys will have filed day in this week on Minivan News. I guess now you got a partner to be with the first ever confessed revert Nazim.

    In my opinion if we have any threat for national security, that is Minivan News and it anti Islamic hidden agenda to divide Maldivian communities by provoking small religious issues, to get International media attention.

  12. @liberal

    If the owner of a shop opens the shop wide for people to take goods free, then it's not robbing. Likewise if a woman opens her leg wide apart inviting men, it's not rape. It's a free feast. YOUR LOGIC IS OUT THIS WORLD! MY BEST REGARDS to you!

  13. 1st I have to say Mrs Naik lecture was really worth for the people who went there to know more about our religion not for the people who don't wish to correct their behavior ex: wearing hijab but i think you have gone there to find out her mistake not listen to speech so u dint understand what She meant as i take TV peace TV is not profit making Chanel do a markerting if she do the markating also as u said Mrs naik intention is Muslims who want to know about the religion can know learn lots of things by peace tv if u have listen to her propely you would have understood that she meant tv is haraam when it comes to porn and other things which is not good to watch as teledrama ,movies as the peopl here are adicted to star plus so for your'l mrs naik speech is useless only ....

  14. Ms Aniya,

    I guess even if you walk naked on the streets no rapists would approach you because you don't have a figure nor living being can come closer to you due to the repeliing smell of nicotine.

  15. aaniya. we are proud of the courage you are showing against this fundamentalist who are working day an night to suppress the public. the previous gov. suppressed the politicians but the agenda of the adhaalths and this government is to suppress the public particularly women.

  16. even if an islamic lecture is given by an islamic scholer who have islamic passes from an islamic university of the world, people who critisize will critisize becoz they are critisizing islam..they won't beleive wat they hear from such a scholer and wat they will know to do is critisize. there will b people in this ummah who will follow the steps of the shaitaan and who will try to bring others to their way... my dhu'aa is may Allah give hidhayath to us all. Allah says in the quran (interpretation of the meaning): 'And We have certainly created for Hell many of the jinn and mankind. They have hearts with which they do not understand, they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like livestock: rather, they are more astray. It is they who are the heedless' ( quran, surah al A'raf, verse 179)..... may Allah make us not from such people...

  17. Aniya, why did you announced you also dont believe in islam, its your right and fight for it. but not in Maldives.

  18. We have to do everything to stop people like Nazim, Aniya and Salim Waheed (Joseph) spreading hatred and creating divisions in our community. But we should do this within the boundaries of our democratic system. Majority rules!

  19. High Time one considered quitting reading such "crap" published in this so called "MINIVAN" of a newapaper. Pity for having commented on articles published on this site. But not anymore............. wish not to be a part of hatred breeding cult paper.

  20. Finally, the democracy we all wanted so badly is here. Now you bearded people who only wants to control women for some reason, learn to live with this democracy.

  21. The world around us is filled with so much filth that our minds reject anything pure.
    Y do we ask so many questions? The sahaabees of prophet Muhammad SAW followed him without asking questions. “Adu ahaa kiyamangenfeemey.” But No. Not us. We just have to ask questions. Well people, that’s because our belief in Islam is NOT strong.
    Following Islam to its truest level is difficult to most because it means letting go of something that they love in this life. The thought of having to let go scares them, forcing them to ask questions. This is true to all skirt wearers, music and party lovers, etc.
    All Maldivians are strugglers. Be it for democracy, fairness, justice or Islam.
    Please stop using religion as a tool. Believe in Islam and follow it. If you can’t, make peace with it and its believers. Weigh your actions before it’s too late. This life is just the beginning.

  22. I believe Dr.Naik is one of the most knowledgeable Islamic scholar in the world n he and his family have done so much to inform people around the world about Islam. I think Aniya n some of u who haven't watched Peace tv, should watch a few QnA of Dr.Naik's and maybe one day Insha Allah u too will get hidayah.

  23. Thank you Aniya, for enlightening us on what went on in there.

    See the problem I find here is that the government is creating all this space for extremists to preach and also to incite violence. This is unacceptable.

  24. @enough

    See, you are trying to get enlightended by someone who could not absorb even a photon of light from a lecture by which so many "moomins" were REALLY enlightened.

    This means that you will claim to be enlightened even if the devil just came and asked you to remain naked?

    Bow down your head. I need to crown you with this glowing HALO, so that people will gasp with awe, when they see you a truly enlightended (un)HOLY MINION !

  25. Oh how i miss our previous president on issues like this. His take that buruga is not mandatory and keeping control of the beardies.
    I didn't agree on a lot of things with him but on that he had my full support.
    President Nasheed has given a free reign to all the radicals in this country.

  26. Aniya...i am member of MDPm
    i know who you are and what you do.. you are a person who is trying spread false news always... wether you believe it or not " You cannot have sex with a woman"
    "smoking Ganja is also haraam"

    you shud have asked these questions ?
    i feel that you are one person who is trying to spread other religions in maldives...and about Buruga, woman has to cover their body accept Face and hands...thats in Guruaan....

    dont try to be EXTRA SMART.... Allah will never forgive you if you keep on doing these type of things ...
    you still have time ... come back and choose the right way before its too late.... no one knows wen the call will come .... you can't hang up that call is automatic ....

    My dear brothers n sisters let's not fight among us ....

  27. Ms Aniya, I dont think you went to this meeting with a broad mind. Isnt there anything you heard right from Mrs Naik? All you have done is criticise her in your article. She might not have a degree in religion, but that doesn't mean she isn't a scholar. For sure she has knowledge of Islam atleast far much more than the Maldivians. So sometimes may be we can learn something from these people. By the way do you know Dr Yeganegi who has practised for so many years in Maldives did not have a specialist degree in Gynaecology. But thousands of mothers trust her to deliver her child and visit her for care during their antenatal period. Think!

  28. @Hussain

    Huh! You think ANNI came to power just by the doomed ballots of people who kept their faces glowing like the smooth shell of an egg and those who are fighting for GAY MARRIAGES?

    This shows how much FOOLED and brain-washed you are by the ads of GILLETE and you think just by shaving all the hair on you body will keep you ahead and LEAVE THE REST BEHIND? Pakaaas!

    And while at it why don't you shave the hair on your HEAD also? Why worry only about the beard? Is BEARD the only thing you want to get rid of in order to proudly stand on the top of the EVOLUTION ladder?

    YOU ARE REAL MORONS. Did you know that?

    And in any case, it is a known fact that GAYS like to look really smooth every where!!

    I pray that you may be guided to the right path(ISLAM), not the path of those upon whom Allah had sent His wrath(GAY path, I mean)
    It's a really BAAAAAD path!

  29. @heck
    my point here is anyone can deny any wrong doing regardless what they are wearing unless he/she is willing to open for free feast. That is called "free will". i have seen ex beardies and ex niqabs, now they are hard core party goers. There are followers of Islam and disbelievers. get over it. Dont make too much fuss out of it.

  30. @liberal

    See, you are changing the subject!
    I replied to your comment above in which you were talking about opening something wide apart in a supposed argument on whether dressing in Islamic veil would invite more or less chances for rapists. You were of the view that Islamic veil would not make any difference for a would-be-rapist.


    What are you talking about now?

  31. Aniya :From where did you learn your English? I am sure you did not understand the translation of the Qur'an to which you reffered neither the lecture given by Farahat Naik. I'm challenging all the readers here to tell me the difference between worship towards Allah (swt) and service towards Allah (swt). Haven't you ever heard of the terms 'divine service' , 'voluntary service' etc? if you haven't I suggest you google them right now.
    But then I suppose it wasn't the lecture that attracted you to go... I guess you were too busy eyeing all those other women there!
    Or that you'd run out of 'faults' from Farhat Naik's lecture that you went as far as to display your ignorance of the language that you think you have mastered.
    Why did you not point out those inconsistencies at her lecture during the Q&A session after the talk or were you afraid of displaying your poor english to the audience???
    This article reeks of a bad case of the 'sour grapes'. Have a nice day drowning all your shame in those ciggarettes!

  32. All those in favour of hijab, can we agree that you can wear whatever you want and we can wear/ not wear whatever we wnat...

  33. Hi Aniya
    You are selling Pepsi
    Naik's family are selling Coke
    Lets check who makes more profit
    at the end of the day.
    Dhiraagu vs Wataniya
    Guys please learn to keep your tolerence level

  34. Hey I get the idea you went to Mrs farhath Naik's lecture to eye the cheese but felt bitter cos heavy veils 'and thick garments prevented you from seeing thru.I saw your lot middleaged , loss of gloss n glamour ,eye sunken old maids occupying the front rows yearning for the limelight . your lot is destined to sink real low.

  35. aniya u are pointless.pls dont try to confuse minivan news against islam why are their articles about islam so nega

  36. Aniya, r u muslim or hindu or what? If u r hindu then it is obvious u r attacking Islam in the grab of coomenting on Mrs Naik's talk. have some courage anniya. if u ask questions have the courage to listen to their answers too nevermind however bitter they r. This article is completely anti Islamic in nature and tone. We dont give a damn thought to ur third rate article and to ur third rate opinions. u r simply biased and a fundamentalist radical journalist who has no morals but simply crticizes for nothing. fool.

  37. Aniya

    When I read this article I felt you mission is to spread Anti Islamic views among our beloved Maldivians. People like you are trying to destroy the peace and harmony among this community. You are not convinced because she gave a lecture on the religion of Islam. If she talked about Christianity or if she said it’s allowed to take Ganja in Islam then you would have praised her. Your real concern has nothing to do with her qualification. It’s much personal then that. If she came to lectured as a Christian Missionary, then you might have not questioned about her qualification. First of all, you intention to attend that lecture seems not to learn or listen or achieve anything from her lecture, just to find a way to criticize her. People like you and Jef (Dr.Waheed’s son) cannot digest those lectures given by Islamic scholars because what they talk will be totally against your belief and your mission. When you guys see lot of women wearing hijaab then you mined will start working faster since it will be difficult for you to tolerate since this totally against your agenda as I believe.

    My prayers to Allah Almighty is that to show people like Aniya, Salim Waheed and those unbelievers show the correct path and saved them from hell fire and guide and also those who have you the right path and save you from hell fire.

  38. This article ecos the sentiments of young Maldivians.

    Do not tell us mythical and mystical stories and tell us to follow a certain path. That was in the dark ages. Tell us in plain language with reasoning why we should follow a particular path and we will listen.

    Do not try to interpret for us plain text of religion. You can voice your own opinion but let us use our own intellect as well. If it was as clear cut as your interpretation says, then why wasn't it said that clearly in the first place. And why is it that our own minds don't get those messages the same decisive conclusion? Are we not smart? We are and we do not just believe your interpretaion at face value.

  39. @heck
    From the start, you missed my point. Anyone is capable of having sex regardless to what they are wearing unless they choose not to. All get horny when they hit puberty. I dont think i can make it any clear to you.

    Rapist dont choose girls wearing mini skirts as their victims. There is same possibility any one wearing a niqab would be a victim. Even males get raped. Daughters become victim of their fathers and under aged children to their elders. these things are rare recorded or reported in Maldives. You are telling me rapist are afraid of niqab.

  40. Are u criticizing islam, i seems u dont have appropriate information about islam, Pls learn more and dont confuse others.

  41. No need to bring people from abroad to lecture or confuse many people in our country who have moderate Islamic views. Our ancestors for years lived and practiced Islam and passed it on for the ongoing generations. One cant say they were non muslims and will end up in hell. First of all everyone should try to get the basics right and keep that fullfilled, and that is the five pillars of Islam that all muslims should keep up. If one is sticking to it God will you the credit for all the good you have done in your life pass you in the given tests in order to enter heaven. Do good in every possible way and stay away from corruption and bad doings of every kind. Humans are capable of making mistakes and sins all the time. If a person makes a mistake or do a sin then ask for God's forgiveness and avoid repeating the same sin or mistake. Why do some of these Islamic scholars frighten the people and make Islam appear like a satan's horror in their preachings? That is not what Islam is about, Islam is most forgiving, most peaceful and most harmonius and peace loving,united,generous,respectful, non materialistic etc.. it is better to be like our ancestors and then we will all have a peaceful attitude in our small country. Talk to people who know about that time...that is what we should conform to... not go overboard with what some Sheihu or some preacher importing their teachings.Fr sure this person is not living up to what he/she is saying and doing!!!!

    The 'Five Pillars' of Islam are the foundation of Muslim life:

    * Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad;
    * Establishment of the daily prayers;
    * Concern for and almsgiving to the needy;
    * Self-purification through fasting; and
    * The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.

  42. I lol'd when some of these apologists asked Aniya to pose a question to Mrs Zakir "PeaceTVAdvert" Nike Shoe.


    Remember the rabid morons making fools out of themselves at Zakir Nike shoe's speech? Yes, we do.

  43. Aniya. I would like the motive behind this dialogue. If you are not happy or if you dont agree with the Islamic scholars, then it will be good for you to simply shut up! There is no compulsion in Islam. There are numerous people and major organisation trying to tarnish ISLAM from the very begining. Despite this it is the fastest growing religion on the planet. You can become one of those who are trying this negative campaign but you and your followers will be the losers.

  44. Has anyone ever given thought to what is going on in many of the rich Arabian men and women’s lives in and out of their country where Arabic women with money wearing the hijab are actively involved in. It is quite a well known fact that underneath the long veil women dressed in the most modern and fashionable outfit, go to bars, discos, , hotels and spend their time with their lovers and boyfriends in hotels and do what ever entertaining that pleases them including alcohol drinking, when they get access to it , thi starts already when they are on international flights. As soon as they are in these situations they remove their hijabs, then afterwards wear the hijab and go out dressed as if nothing has happened and walk around in their daily hijabs.
    A persons clothing is not what it matters in the end of the day, it is the person’s actions and what one is thinking and intending in the activities at all times .
    Many people who have taken other people’s earnings, properties, assets, doing haraam activities in drug dealing, living in stealing, killing, raping, attacking inncent citizens, sexually abusing children male r female, and corruption and abusing other people’s funds and rights are living in a bigger haraam activity and sin, than for women not wearing hijab. A preacher should be preaching in Maldives about “cleansing and purity of living a decent life, people should be taught to earn a decent life through honesty, and not making thousands and millions in a corrupt way. I think we need education and improvement on this topic rather than hijab at this moment in time.

  45. Aniya, is just a piece of shit compare to Mrs Naik. What an ugly appearance she has

  46. Aniya.
    Anik is respected around the world. Among muslims and non muslims. I think you are not just criticizing him but you are trying to prove what he has been preaching as wrong. Just like that friend of yours.
    I am not sure of your qualifications. But I am sure you would not last a minute on that stage. Obviously you and your colleagues do not have the capacity even to begin to talk about this. I have seen an article of yours which stirred a bit of uneasiness among the public here. So I think a lot of us know where you are coming from.

  47. @liberal

    You seem to reason with your small head down there! Yes, every body gets raped, men, women, children, mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters. BUT what we are talking about is "UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES" not ISOLATED cases.

    When you hear the word rape, what do statistics tell you? That a man is raping a man?! Which world are you living in??! All kinds of laws and rules are generally made for situations under normal circumstances? If something occurs out of the blue and out of context, it is upto the jurists, lawyers, judges, magistrates to bring out a suitable solution, BUT still you need to learn the word NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, okay?

    UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES THE HIJAB DEFINITELY PRVENTS SUBLTE INVITATIONS TO WOULD-BE-RAPISTS. If you use your head, it's not hard to believe that, but if you adamantly want to believe other wise, and if you deliberately are refusing to be convinced (as Zakir Naik said ) that 2+2=4, then YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! No one can help you.


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