Comment: She finally killed him

She finally killed him.

Which means she will face a life sentence in prison. Which also means her little son will be orphaned in a sense. Much worse, he will grow up in the arms of a woman who is very likely to hate the offspring of her own son’s murderer. What will become of the child in a few years time? What led her to stab the man to death?

Possible cause?

Family and friends confirm that Hassan Shahid (the deceased) used to be married to Mariyam Nazaha (the accused) and had continued harassment and violence against her even after the couple separated. Nazaha was reportedly harassed and threatened over the phone, in her house, and severely beaten in her home and place of work in the presence of several witnesses.

Steps taken by the victim to stop the violence?

Nazaha filed several reports of harassment and violence by Shahid with the Maldives Police Service.

Result: Nothing. Not a single witness was called for investigation.

Nazaha also filed a case of violence by Shahid, at the Gender Department at the Ministry of Health and Family.

Result: Nothing happened.

What could have been done?

The Maldives Police Service could have carried out a thorough investigation, and forwarded their findings to the Prosecutor General for prosecution, which would likely have resulted in the Criminal Court removing this violent man from society.

The Gender Department could have moved their backs rather than sit on the complaint, and at least worked towards a restraining order so that a violent man did not have the opportunity to bother his ex-wife and also did not have access to a young child.

The State and the System missed several opportunities to protect both the deceased and the accused and prevent this sad outcome.


The State has failed miserably in this instance. Domestic violence, child abuse and violence in general is rampant on every island, and it seems that the State simply has more important issues to handle.

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20 thoughts on “Comment: She finally killed him”

  1. a clear case of having to take justice into your own hands because of failure of the system! such a shame!

  2. well, it is not just the state's responsibility. The society at large also has some responsibilities. What about the the parents and family and friends and neighbors. My close friends even sometimes comment on the way I dress to make sure I abide, the society's norm. So where were the friends of this guy and family. State also has some responsibilities but society also should take responsibility and we should follow the brotherhood of Islam in advising our friends and family.

  3. so true. I know a lady who is being harresred by her ex husband in hulumale,. he beats her up even on the street. she goes to poice and now she says she is tired of going to them. they require eye witnesses. they cant be bothered about the bruises she shows to them.she is also helpless. now she says, the only choice availiable to her is to marry the guy, so that the beating and torture could stop and she could see her kids. i t bring tears to my eyes everytime i see the helpless woman. why wont the police, the court, the gender ministry help?

  4. As is usual in such criminal cases the murderer is not to be blamed. It is all the fault of society, police, courts, schools, and above all, the 30 years of Gayoom's rule. The poor murderer! What can she do except kill the ex-husband? And how can she be put in jail? She has a child whose rights supercedes everything else. Never mind she has told the ex-mother in law not to bring the 'bakari gandu' to her house. (the bakari gandu in question being the child, according to the mother in law.)

  5. well ... theres an easy way out from justice ..just show yr blue DRP card to the judges. its a green ticket out from the justice system.and one shall work above law if a person holds such a card.

  6. I personally know several cases where battered women were ordered by judges to go back to their husbands, or where police has simple ignored or been helpless to intervene. We as a society needs to seriously look into the way we treat such crimes. This murder could have been easily prevented had the authorities acted responsibly!

  7. This argument of self defense cannot be upheld as the so called "violent man" was bending down away from her, which is not a life threatening posture, was unarmed, did not see nor suspect that the murderer would stab him in the back. In other words, he was not in a violent situation, did not have a lethal weapon, nor had he instigated or provoked a fight, not a single reason that would lead on to an act of self-defense. This was cold blooded, pre-meditated murder, pure and simple.

    The message in this article is very disturbing and tantamount to fomenting the rationale that people should "finally kill" should it be perceived that the state had failed to rid you of people that you find undesirable. The state cannot foresee a disgruntled widow coldly planning to murder her former husbansd because he had become a nuisance.
    This can lead to all sorts of scenarios.

  8. i think waheed got the point, women killing men to goto other men is nothing new in Maldives, she calls her son a "bakari gandu" and kills someone to make her point, she should be the one removed from society.

  9. Excuse me DaMax...

    Can you prove that Nazaha actually said 'Bakarigandu' in the first place?

    Would you mom call you bakarigandu? How dare you underestimate mothers! Have you ever let a human being grow in your body and you give birth to them?

    Shame on you! Pretending as if you know everything in this whole wide world.

    Shahid's mother is trying to protect her own son here. Don't you see it? How can any woman disregard a man treating in such a way that Shahid did to Nazaha? Shahid's mother is only trying to defend her son just like any other mother.

    You better shut up if you can't follow the issue here because I can easily see that you are half dead around here.

  10. Violence can have devastating effects on a human being, both physically and mentally.

    Domestic violence and the abuse of women by men is a common occurence in the Maldives. Less common is harm done to men by women as in this case. What we have to look at are the underlying causes which lead to such extreme behaviour. To get a flavour of the extent of MALE ABUSE, we can refer to documented information.

    A study published in November 2007 by the then Ministry of Gender and Family showed that in the Maldives, 1 in 3 WOMEN aged 15-49 have at some point in their lives experienced physical and/or sexual abuse, including childhood sexual abuse.

    The same study also showed that MALE family members and acquaintances were identified as the most common perpetrators of girl child sexual abuse.

    As this article highlights, in this country there are no effective social or state support mechanisms available for abused women or children. We have ineffective social protection services. Our justice system is not capable of providing judicial redress. In other words, justice is not available in this country because we have neither the legislations in place, nor qualified judges to implement such legislations. In such an anarchic society, where normal standards of human dignity seem neither valued nor respected, one cannot perhaps even expect law abiding citizens.

    The abuse of women is a common problem worldwide, even in some countries where systems are in place to protect citizens. In the United States, it is reported that every four hours, a WOMAN dies at the hands of her boyfriend or spouse. I would recommend all women out there to refer to the website below to learn a little more about combatting this problem.

    Preventing abuse, preventing harm to others is every individual's personal responsibility.

    Teach your children to respect others. Teach yourself to respect others.
    Take that personal RESPONSIBILITY.

    Respect the humanity of the other person, as you would want yours to be respected by others. Then one day we might find ourselves living in a more peaceful and humane society.

  11. asking a women to wash the husbands clothes is also a harassment in some cases...better study the case, wish he is still alive to tell the readers what was the harassment...

  12. Well, she may be a victim of violence. And you can blame the family, friends, gender ministry, police, courts and anything else too.

    But she has no right to KILL him.

  13. Geythereygai libey aniyaa thakakee public health issue eh.Namaves varah madhu faharaku mikan report kurevenee. Dhemafiri eh ge thereygai higaa masala eh gai meehakah echcheh buneveynee varah bodah dhiraasaa koffa. Komme gothey vias maraalaigen nuvaane. Police adhi Gender Ministry mi kamaa alhaa nulikan e ee dhera kameh. Alhaalinama mi haalathah nugos hallu vedhaane. Varah madhu meehaku hekkin baithibaigen meehaka aniyaa kuraanee. Raajjeygai mihaaru siyaasee kankan fiyavaa ehen kamakaa ulhey than nufeney. Anhenun ge self esteem varugadha kuran, e meehunnah khaasa program thakeh hingaa thaneh nufeney. Beyru meehun mihaa gina vaairu dhimaa vamun anna evves social issue akah hallu genaumah maa bodu masakkatheh nukurevey.Rulhi akee insaanaage halaaku. Rulhi madu kuraane goiythah TV/Radio in medhu nukedi fonuvun feney.

  14. She should seek not guilty of malicious intent to murder and seek defense of insanity, battered wife's syndrome.

  15. @Ayya. I notice that the men commenting here think only in terms of physical violence. Why is it that verbal abuse and emotional violence are not given due consideration by men? Is this a gender difference issue in the Maldives?

  16. bulshit, that son of a gun women was a bitch! she beats their son who is only about 2 years old..she beats shaahid, and shaahid also beats nazaahaa. they both are assholes, if only it was a duo murder, where both killed each other it would have only been fair, now nazaahaa will have to face the consequences of life of a murderer!

  17. She has killed a man, whether it is her ex-husband or not, it was a murder. And yes I do accept that we have serious deficiencies in our justice system, especially when it comes to women. But when Nazaha married this man, I am sure she knew how this guy was, he was married a few times before. I hope Nazaha receives a fair trial, but a fair trial means appropriate sentencing for the crime and if it was really an act in self defence, that too should be taken into consideration. My heart grieves for the child caught in between this mess. Sad incidents like this shows our failure as a society! Waiting for that day when our judges will be mature enough to uphold the rule of law and the authorities (including the Police and the Gender Min) to carry out their duties.

  18. a wrong software installed in the brain as usual...parents..neighbours...government and total society is accountable


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