MP Abdulla Abdul Raheem quits Jumhoree Party

Government-aligned Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Abdulla Abdul Raheem has announced that he has left the party after having a falling out with the party’s leader and presidential candidate, Gasim Ibrahim.

The Maafannu-West MP, who switched parties twice last year, left the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) to join JP in June 2012.

Raheem at the time claimed that he had been restricted from speaking in the parliament floor after going against the party’s official whip line.

Raheem was originally elected to parliament in 2009 under the ticket of DRP, but later left the party in May 2011 to join then ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), following the footsteps of former DRP MPs Ali Waheed and Alhan Fahmy.

However, he left the MDP to rejoin the DRP again shortly after the fall of former President Mohamed Nasheed’s government claiming that his views did not match those of the MDP leadership.  He again switched parties a month later and joined the JP.

Explaining his reasons to quit the party led by business tycoon Gasim, Raheem said that he was forced to leave the party because Gasim “did not know how to talk politics” and that he was attempting to “defame other political leaders”.

Referring to the speech given by Gasim during campaign rally at Vaavu Atoll last Friday evening, Raheem said that such hate speeches would only lower the support that Gasim had among the public.

Gasim during the rally described Nasheed as a “monster” who had gone “crazy” with his “crazy talks to fool the people” while dismissing the MDP’s new youth policy.

The Jumhoree Party (JP) leader went onto challenge Nasheed’s academic qualifications and described him a ‘Jaahil’ (ignorant) who could not read the cover of the constitution.

“He doesn’t understand what the law says, so a crazy person like him may say that he would give the opportunity for people to limitlessly entertain themselves. Look, it is not something Allah has given us human beings,” Gasim said.

The business tycoon – who finished the last presidential election in fourth place – claimed Nasheed had done every “despicable act ever to be found in the world”.

“He thinks we, the people, are fools to believe such rubbish. Actually, he seriously may think that we are fools. He has now got the mindset of a monster,” said the resort owner.

Speaking to local newspaper Haveeru, Raheem said that making “irresponsible statements while being emotionally charged would not be accepted by the people”.

Raheem added that he had sent letters to both the Elections Commission and the JP office informing his decision to quit the party. He also said that he would join a party after all the presidential candidates announce their running mates.


One thought on “MP Abdulla Abdul Raheem quits Jumhoree Party”

  1. So sad to hear Gasim Ibrahim stooping down to such low levels to blame another candidate of crazy promises where as his own election promises are also so crazy and impossible to achieve. In relation to academic qualifications I believe former president Nasheed is far ahead compared with Mr Gasim. I would like to advise Mr. Gasim to not fall victim to the craze he harbours for his impossible dream of becoming the president of Maldives.


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